1595 Jul 29th


File - [? John Taylor] against Robert Chittenden of Hawkhurst, woollen weaver, for receiving John Potten as an apprentice, Hawkhurst not being a town corporated or market. [mutilated]

1598 May 18th


Recognizances. File - Edward Austin of [High] Halden, tailor, in 20 pounds to appear and to be of good behaviour to alice, wife of Geoffrey Clarcke of the same, tailor: surities, Simon Chittenden of Smarden, yeoman and Thomas Bygges of Ulcombe, tanner.

1601/2 Jan 3rd


Victuallers Recognizances. Group of original recognizances taken before William Sedley, Justinian Champneis and Edmund Cook. File - Walter Butcher of Smarden, tailor; sureties, Simon Chittenden of the same, yeoman and James Henman of Pluckley, yeoman.

1601/2 Jan 4th


File - Henry Page of Egerton, labourer; sureties, Simon Chittenden of Smarden and Robert Spice of Egerton, yeomen. In 20 pounds, to appear and to be of good behaviour; surities, John Waddell and Robert Chittenden of the same, yeomen.

1607 May 5th


File - Edward Clarke of Horton, in

1609 Apr 8th


Indictments. File - File for Easter Sessions 1609. Item: Since Zachary Scott, Samuel Boys and Edward Henden, esquires, three justices of the peace, at Biddenden on 29th [omitted ? Feb.] 1608/9, issued a warrant ordering the churchwardens and overseers of the poor of Yalding to receive George Pamperne and Parnel, his wife, who were vagrants and beggars in the hundred of Marden, “to be settled” in Yalding, as George Lamperne had been born there and on 8th April 1609, at Yalding, was delivered to Richard Ittenbury, and Nicholas Knight, both of Yalding, yeomen, churchwardens of Yalding and to Edward Chittenden and Richard Greensted, both of Yalding, yeomen, the aforesaid warrant, yet they refused to receive George and Parnell. [Fined 12d. each, 17th Apr 1610. Attachments against the churchwardensa of Yalding]

1609/10 Jan 5th


File - John Pope of Hawkhurst, yeomen , in 20 pounds, to appear, answer and to be of good behaviour; surities, Mathew Reede and William Chittenden of the same, clothiers.

1611/12 Feb 6th


File - Thomas French of Smarden, yeoman, 10 pounds, to keep the articles in his licence; sureties, Samuel Owen of the same, carpenter and Daniel Chittenden of Headcorn, clothier.

1613 Oct 24th


File of indictment,? Easter 1614 [all ignoramos] - ref QM/SI/1614/17 - ? May 1614. Item: Stephen Weller of Cranbrook, broadweaver, stole four quarters of wool of “damesine Colour” worth 40s. belonging toWilliam Chittenden at Hawkhurst.

1613 Oct 26th


Sessions Papers: File - Information of William Chittenden, sen. Of Hawkhurst, clothier, against Stephen Weller of Cranbrook, Broadweaver, for stealing ‘damasine coloured wooll’, and examination of Weller.

1617/18 Mar 5th


File - Anthony Pigott and John Tucker, clothiers, and John Shaw, wiredrawer, all of Biddenden and John Chittenden of Horsmonden, broadweaver, in 10 pounds each. To appear to prosecute and give evidence against Josias Beale.

1691 Jun 3rd


Item: Depositions 1. (from Scope and Content) (b) Of Elizabeth, wife of Mathew Chittenden of Goudhurst, carpenter, lost at the latter end of April from her husband’s house a new linen dressing and an old handerchief. Katherine Morris has confessed to the theft. The handkerchief was found in Elizabeth Craddock’s house.


Thomas Chittenden




Sarah Chittenden




Mrs Elizabeth Chittenden