Parochial (Girls)  Admission Register.  1868-1  Ref:  C/ES 112/8/6. No. 899.  Chittenden Holly.  D of B: 6 Jan 1880. Admitted 30 Mar 1891.   Parent:  Mr. Chittenden.  140 Middle Street.   Last School:  Brighton.   Chittenden Ivy.  D of B: 19 Feb 1882.  Admitted 30 Mar 1891.   Parent:  Mr. Chittenden, 140 Middle Street.   Last School:  Brighton.   Admission Register.  1899. Ref. C/ES 112/4/2/  Chittenden Emma.  No. 526.  Date of  Admission:  16 Jun 1903.  D of B:  16 Dec 1894.   Parent:  William.  Address:  5 Douglas Terrace.  Partial exemption - Religious Instruction.   Last School:  Wesleyan.   Standard: 1  1  1  03.  IV  04.  V  05.  VI  06.  VII  07.   Date of last attendance at this school:  23 Jan 1908.   Cause of Leaving:  Labour exam.   Chittenden May.  No. 570.  Date of Admission:  1 Jun 1904.  D of B:  19 Dec 1895.   Parent:  Robert. Address:  The Grove.   Exemption:  None.   Last School:  Infants.   Standard:  II  04.   III  06.   IV  09.  V 10.   Date of last  attendance at this school:  21 Jul 1911.   Reason:  Exempt by age..   Source: Centre of Kentish Studies.   Maidstone.


Haileybury College

1871 - 1874

Chittenden, Francis Grant Faithfull

b 10 Mar 1856

d 12 Feb 1884

1874 - 1876

Chittenden, Charles Grant Thomas Faithfull

b Oct 1860

d 17/5/1905

1876 - 1878

Chittenden, Arthur Grantham Faithfull

b 10 Oct 1862

d 21 Dec 1904

Sons of Rev. C. G. Chittenden   “I went to a ‘Public School’ (i.e. a fee paying private, non government school) called Haileybury College, near Hertford, just north of London.   I was there 1972-77.   Each house (~50 boys) had a “house servant” - an archaic term used to describe the cleaner. My house, Edmonstone, had a Mr  Chittenden (Percy?).   He was affectionately called “Chitty”.   I believe he started work at the College in ~1904, , as a young boy.   He was the house servant when my father was at the same school in the 40’s, and finally retired in the 80’s (I think).   He was very deaf, but one of the most delightful, humble and discreet men I have ever met.   He was deaf even when my father was at the school. Chitty died a few years ago, but before he did, he was made an “Honorary Old Haileyburian”   Might sound silly, but such an “honour: was _very_rare, and he was obviously most touched.     When I was at Haileybury, Chitty remembered my father very well.   Chity lived in Hertford Heath with his wife.   I seem to remember he had at least one child, a son.   Chitty being deaf, it was always a joke for new-boy “initiation” (From my father’s day and mine!) to say that Chitty had_very_sensitive hearing and so don’t SHOUT…. Boys will be boys ;-)

St Caths:   Births: 1899 Jun Qtr  Percy Albert @ Portsea.   1904 Jun Qtr Percy 1904.  Rev. Charles Grant Chittenden, The Beeches, Hawkhurst died 21 Aug 1895 - left his estate of twenty thousand and twenty pounds, fourteen shillings and sixpence to the Rev. James Arthur Faithful Chittenden.

Newlands mourns death of  Founder:   It was with profound sadness and loss staff and pupils heard of the untimely death of David Chittenden on Easter Saturday.   There was nobody who cared more passionately about Newlands - past, present and future, than David and his life was intrinsically interwoven with the school.     Five generations of the Chittenden family were proprietary headmasters of what was then Newlands Preparatory School, for boys only.   David attended the school as a pupil when his beloved father was headmaster.     With no secondary schooling available at Newlands then, David went to Eastbourne College before returning to Newlands as a teacher and then as headmaster in succession to his father.   This role he carried out in his own inimatable manner.   He was a great visionary as a headmaster, seeing the need, years before it became the major growth area in independent education, for a nursery and a pre-prep school as a natural feeder into the prep school.   He also founded Newlands Manor, when Sutton Place Prep School closed down, ensuring continuity of education at Newlands from two-and-a-half to 18.     A tribute to David Chittenden from headmaster Oliver Price appears in tomorrow’s Seaford Gazette.     A memorial service will be held in St Leonard’s Church on June 25 at 11.30 am. Eastbourne Herald Friday 25 May 2001


A Miss Chittenden taught in a school at Seaford, Sussex in the 1980s’.   I think she could have been married and may have had connections with Newlands Manor Boys School, Seaford as well as Micklefield School for Girls.


National School:-  Boys Prize List.   Class !V.   Frank Chittenden.   For general proficiency

Sheerness/Sheppey - These are children connected with the Garrison School:-

1892 Feb 4th

St Pauls Garrison School,

Sunday School Prize

George Frederick Chittenden

1892 April

St Pauls Garrison School

Scripture Prizes

Ernest Chittenden

1893 January

St Pauls Church, Bluetown.

Sunday School Prizes

A and E Chittenden

1894 February

St Pauls Garrison School


A Chittenden E Chittenden. Both boys.  E Chittenden, a girl