William Cobbes of Sellendge, County Kent, Esq (Date 13th March 1619 -20).   My Wife: Son James Cobbes:   Only Daughter Margaret Cobbes (under 18). 2nd Son thomas Cobbes of Chilham: Cousin John Finche of Grovehurste, County Kent, Esq:  Sister Mrs Elizabeth Collins, Wife of William Collins, Gentleman, One Dozen Apostle Spoons to be kept as an heirloom.   Godson and Nephews, William Collins, elder son of said Sister:  Exor:  Son James, Cousin and old Servant John Edwards:  Cousin Mr John Wright of Allington, gentleman and his Wife:   Cap Mess known as Goldwell in the Parish of Allington, in tenancy of John Wright, Rd Brambly.   George Bealings, Robert Hope, Widower, Jeckey, John Friend, George Spurling, William Chittenden and Thomas Colman:   My Manor of Hody Ford in the Parish of Selenge: Cottage where Widow Duckett now dwells: One Demense called Southerendge, in Parish of Lympne in tenancy of Thomas Redsole:  One Demense called Cobbs or Cobbs Marsh, Cratherne Gt Fragges and Gates Leaze in Parishes of Ivychurch and Newchurch in the level of Romney Marsh, County Kent.   Marsh one Demense known as Lamdeyes in the Parish of Allington.   One Demense near Allington Fryth in the said Parish Wood called Lamdry Wood in the said Parish; House in High Holborn in suburb of London.   Manor of Heyton.   Cousin George Smythe of Standford, County Kent (no Sig) (no Will).