William Chittenden & Mary Dunster

Prepared by Telephone. Date 27 Sep 2002. Robert J Wilmott, Unit 9. 4 Briar Road, Felixstowe. 5070 SA. Australia 5070. SA. Australia. 0883654533

William Chittenden

b 1808 Barming, Kent, England m 1835 d 1878 Provo, Utah, USA

Mary Dunster

b 29 Jul 1808 Barming, Kent , England. d 29 May 1878, Provo, Utah, USA. m William Chittenden Abt 1835 Kent, England

John Chittenden

b 24 Jun 1759 Ruckinge, Kent, England. d 13 Nov 1829m Elizabeth Jordan 25 Feb1796 Lympne, Kent, England b 3 Apr 1768 Bilsington, Kent, England. d 17 Apr 1836, Lympne, Kent

James Chittenden

b 31 Jan 1730 Rucking, Kent, England. d ? m Elizabeth Pellatt 15 Jun 1756 b Abt 1734 Ruckinge, Kent, England d

James Jordan

b Abt 1737 Bilsington, Kent, England. d 27 Feb 1780 Bilsington, Kent, England mMary Hobb or Hobbs 30 May 1762 Aldington, Kent, England. b Abt 1741 Bilsington, Kent, England.d

John Chittenden

b 30 Oct 1687 Ruckinge, Kent, England d m Elizabeth Woodburn 14 Dec 1714 b Abt 1691 Ruckinge, Kent, England

James Jordan

c 14 Mar 1708 Bilsington, Kent, England d m Ann Spain 16 Jul 1734 b Abt 1710 Bilsington, Kent, England d

John Hobbs

b Abt 1720 Kent England m Mary b Abt 1722 Kent England d

Daniel Chittenden

c 5 Sep 1656 m Sarah Janns 6 May 1685 b Abt 1658 d

Elizabeth ?

b 1636 Kent, England

John Woodburn

b Abt 1670 m Elizabeth Davis b Abt 1672

William Jordan

b Abt 1682 m Ann Lake 16 Aug 1705 b Abt 1686 Bilsington, Kent, England

William Spain

c 15 Mar 1687 m Mary Pantry 2 Aug 1707 b Abt 1689

William Spain

b 1660 Kent England m 1681 William Spain c 1687 Wye, Kent, England m 1707

Ann Wiles

b 1663 Kent, England


The Chittenden’s originate from Saxons or Jute invaders.   They were sheep breeders, wool merchants and weavers, first appearing in the parish records of Romney Marsh and southern parts of Sussex: Circa 1600, a Chittenden was a nominee for the position of Archbishop of Canterbury.   Another record is to be found in the Parish Church of Rye dated 1637 and relates to two brothers who were hanged for sheep stealing.  One William Chittenden left Cranbrook in 1639 to settle in Connecticut, USA.   This chronology details the descendants of Edward Chittenden of Ashford, Kent… (Note - Chittendens’ are listed in Benenden, Kent, from 1558, Biddenden from 1554, Brenchley from 1580, Canterbury from 1536, Cranbrook from 1559, East Malling from 1579, Horsmonden from 1581, Eghtham from 1585, Little Chart from 1588, Maidstone from 1565, Sandwich from 1546, Staplehurst from 1571, Snodland from 1568, Stone from 1567, Tenterden from 1577, Tonbridge from 1590, Willesborough from 1573, Wye from 1592, London from 1512, etc.   Maidstone, Kent 25 Jul 1815.  Thomas Chittenden, age 22.  “Charged with stealing @ Higham one fat sheep”  Death penalty reprieved - put on board “Retribution” a hulk @ Sheerness.   Transported to Australia on the ship “Atlas 3” arrived Sydney 22 Jul 1816.)


Edward Chittenden marries Lydia Odden in Westwell, Kent.   There is an entry in the Ashford directory of traders and professionals that list an Edward Chittenden as an ironmonger and furniture dealer of High Street, Ashford in 1824, 1839 and 1832.   Edward’s son Daniel Chittenden is first listed as an ironmonger and furniture dealer on High Street, Ashford in 1832 through to 1855, and his son John appears from 1855 until 1891


Thomas Chittenden, son of Edward and Lydia, is born in Westwell, Kent.

1795 Apr 11th

Daniel Chittenden, son of Edward and Lydia is born in Westwell, Kent.


Mary Ann Highstead is born in Mersham, Kent.

1820 Circa

Daniel Chittenden marries Mary Ann Highstead

1821 - 1841

Daniel and Mary have eleven children: Lydia b 1821, Daniel b 1826, Edward b 1827, Jane b 1829, John b 5.11.1831, Kate b 1832, Sally b 1834, Henry b 1836, William b 16.6.1838, David b 1839 and Alfred b 1841.   First son Daniel is believed to have been a black sheep and to have emigrated to America.   This is supported by the fact that John, the second son, became a partner and inheritor of father Daniel’s business in later years.   Daniel is believed to have prospered leaving a lot of money upon his death to “Happy Valley”.


Entry in the Ashford Directory (of traders): Daniel Chittenden is listed as a furniture broker and in other extracts is also listed as an ironmonger, auctioneer and appraiser to the County Court.   He has premises at High Street,Ashford that circa 1862 becomes No. 82.   The seventeenth century house eventually became occupied by Woolworth’s pre-war who demolished it in the 1950’s and built their new premises on the site where they still trade today.

1845 Mar 19th

Harriet Gaunt, daughter of John and Mary is baptized in Hothfield, Kent.   Her father is a labourer.


Lydia Chittenden, eldest child of Daniel and Mary, is listed in the Ashford Directory as a dealer of Earthenware, china and glass and appears in the available extracts until 1895.   She is unmarried throughout and resides at the premises next door to father Daniel, No. 84.


Census record: Daniel’s household includes Mary, Kate, William and Alfred: Edward Dryland, a 29 year old journeyman/carpenter from Wye, Kent, John Curtis, a 30 year old engineer from Newcastle and Mercy Miller the 18 year old servant born in Willesborough.


John Chittenden, son of Daniel and Mary, appears for the first time in the Ashford Directory as an agent to the Athenaeum life assurance company.   There is also now an “& son” listed for father Daniel’s business which is presumably also John as he will take over upon his father’s death.


Census record: Lydia is head of a household which currently sees brothers’ Henry,a carpenter and joiner. William, a plumber and painter, David, a wool sorter, cousin Agnes, a servant and uncle Thomas, a carpenter and joiner, living with her.   Thomas is a widower and brother of Daniel born in Westwell.   Daniel’s household includes daughter Kate and her husband John Staples, a 31 year old attorneys clerk.

1861 Dec 29th

Henry Chittenden, aged 25, marries Harriet Gaunt, aged 16.   Both reside at 104 Bethnal Green Road, Bethnal Green, London: Henry is an ironmonger.

1862 Dec 11th

John Chittenden marries Emily Frances Kingsland.


In the Ashford Directory under Commercial is listed, “Dryland and Miles, Builders and Carpenters, Windmill Street”.   Sally Chittenden (sister of John and Henry) was later to be remembered by John’s granddaughter Joyce as Aunt Sal Drysland.   It is possible that she married Edward Dryland whom is listed in the 1851 census as a carpenter living with Daniel and family.   He is known to have had a successful builders business so it seems probable that this is the trader in the directory.   Sally, who died in the 1920’s spent her last days in a three storey house with a companion/housekeeper in Church Road, Ashford, which was considered a good part of the town.   Obviously she must therefore have been well off in her younger days, further suggesting a connection with Edward Dryland.   Sally had no children.

1864 Aug 11th

Arthur John Chittenden, the first child of Henry and Harriet is b at 16,  Hampstead Place, Ashford Kent

1866 May 27th

Second son of Henry and Harriet, Charles Henry is born at 60 Hampstead Street, Ashford, Kent (whichno longer exists, its northern end being part of the High Street and it’s southern end par of Godinton Road

1868 May 23rd

Last son of Henry and Harriet, William James, is born at 23 Park Street, Ashford, Kent.


Census record: Daniel Chittenden has retired and lives with wife Mary and son Daniel at 74 Hempstead

Street, West Ashford.   Son John now resides at 82 High Street with wife Emily, born 1839 in Wye, and children Emily b 30.5.1864, who was to marry and have a daughter, Kate Kingsland b 7.8.1866 who would remain a spinster.   Mary Jane b 19.91868 who would marry Fred Smith and have seven children.   Finally John b 22.5.1870 (who moved away from Ashford as a young man and is believed to have died in the war) all in Ashford.   Also residing with John and family are neice Gertrude born 1867, brother William and servant Jane Summers.   Lydia now resides alone bar three lodgers who are not family members.

1874 Sep 25th

Daniel Chittenden dies at 74 Hempstead Street, West Ashford aged 79.   Son John is the informant

1877 Jan 3rd

Mary Ann Chittenden (formerly Highstead) dies.


Census record:   Henry, Harriet and their three sons live at Verum(?) Terrace, 7 Hunter(s) Road, RoseFarm, Willesborough, Kent and have one lodger.   Both Henry and Arthur John are carpenters as is Henry’s eldest brother, Daniel.   John and Henry still reside at 82 High Street, Ashford and now have more children: Edith F. born 17.6.1873 who would marry William Bendall and have three children.  Edward Kingsland born 28.6.1875 who married Helen Florence Rose and had children: Keith Kingsland born 24.8.1910 who married and had three children.  Margaret Mary born 1910 who had two children and Joyce born 1916 who remained a spinster.  Eldest daughter Emily is a milliner.   David is a general trader residing at 37 New Rents, Ashford (See 1882 Ashford Directory) and is married to Charlotte born1848 from Romford, Essex.   They have children Mary Ann born 1875, Frank born 1877 and Sarah born 1879.Edward is a plumber and is married to Mary born 1827 in Willesborough.   They live in a shop at 27 Commercial Quay, Dover, St. Mary, Kent and have children:  Charles born 1849, Kate E born 1852, Sarah A born 1862, Elizabeth born 1865, Edward born 1869 and Emma born 1870, all in Hythe, Kent.  Kate is married to James C….? (illegible) and has a son named George.  Charles is a widower.   The final two residents are grandson Percy Chittenden aged 7 and his father James Chittenden aged 38, who is Edward and Mary’s son-in-law.   Both were born in Littlehampton, Sussex.   This seems to suggest that one of Edward’s remaining daughter’s married a Chittenden.   However, those living in the household are all stated as unmarried?   (It should be noted that errors and subsequent corrections in the ledger make details uncertain and some assumptions have had to be drawn.   Although the conclusions are accurate as to that which is printed, the ledger compiler cannot be considered competent and, as such, the relevant details have been omitted from the family tree until such time as confirmed as fact).Lydia is absent from her shop.   However, one Lydia Chittenden appears in the 1881 microfiche record, a spinster born in Ashford and visiting Charles Rogers in Cheriton, Kent.   Her age is 62, not 60 as our Lydia should be, but this would seem to be one in the same person as her death certificate also being two years out.   Lydia is again present in her shop in 1882.   Sisters Lydia and Mary Miller and Henry Hill are still lodging, further suggesting that Lydia is only away at the time of the census.

1884 Sep 29th

Arthur John Chittenden, now a carpenter/joiner (aged 20) marries Amelia Elizabeth Roberts (aged 19) in Eastbourne, Sussex.   They live at numbers 1 & 6 Park Terrace, Eastbourne respectively.   The address no longer exists.

1886 Apr 4th

Charles Henry Chittenden, a smith, marries Annie Cole at the Congregational Chapel in West Ashford. Charles stated age is 21, although he will not be so for a further 13 months.   Possibly a wedding without parental consent?   Charles and Annie live at 44 and 11 New Town, Ashford, respectively.

1888 Feb 19th

Ruby Lillifred Amelia, first child of Arthur John and Amelia Chittenden is born in  Eastbourne, Sussex.

1890 Jun 14th

Mabel Hilda, second daughter of Arthur John and Amelia is born at 10 Westfield Rd, Croydon, Surrey.

1892 Aug 25th

Hilda Eunice, third child of Arthur John and Amelia is born 10 Westfield Rd, Croydon, Surrey.

1895 Jun 15th

Howard Leslie Chittenden, fourth child and first son of Arthur John and Amelia is born at Grange View, Albert Road, Croydon, Surrey.


John Chittenden is no longer listed in Ashford Directory and last appears in the previous available extract of 1891 as an auctioneer when he would have been 60 years of age.   Lydia does appear but is absnet in the next available extract of 1913 which is of little surprise as she would have been 92 years of age.   Their shops 82/84 High Street was bought by Woolworth’s around 1928 and the front of the building altered.  Later the entire building and it’s neighbour, 86 Pilcher’s, were demolished and the current Woolworth’s building constructed.   Parts of the original wall remain to the right of the shop as you enter from the High Street


Ward’s Directory of Croydon Street Arrangement lists Arthur John Chittenden as the head occupant of Grange View, Albert Road, Croydon, Surrey.   There is building work noted in the street and no door numbers suggesting  this is a new development of houses.   By the 1902 edition Grange View becomes number 230.

1904 Aug 22nd

Daughter of Walter Seabourne Bustin and Ada (formerly Cliffe) Mabel Dorothy is born at 15 Fellbrigg Road, East Dulwich.

1905 Jan 19th

Lydia Chittenden dies aged 86 of heart disease at Tate House, Boughton Aluph near Ashford.   Brother William of the same address was the informant.

1906 Apr 10th

Maurice Arthur, second son and fifth and final child of Arthur John and Amelia is born at Grange View, 230 Albert Road, Croydon.

1913 Jun 26th

Harriet Chittenden dies aged 68 of dropsy at 40 Lower Denmark Road, Ashford, Kent.   The death is witnessed by daughter-in-law Elizabeth of 143 Perry Rise, forest Hill, Lewisham.

1918 Feb 3rd

John Chittenden dies at 140 Godinton Road, Ashford.

1919 May 10th

Henry Chittenden dies aged 83 of senile decay and gangrene of the feet at 143 Perry Rise, Lewisham where his son probably cared for him after the death of Harriet.   Again, Elizabeth witnesses the death.

1924 Dec 20th

Maurice Arthur Chittenden marries Mabel Dorothy Bustin at Woodside Parish Church, Croydon, Surreyand both reside at 31 Alderton Road. Croydon.   Maurice’s stated age on the marriage certificate is 21 when in fact he is 18 and his parents are not present at the marriage.   It is obvious that the deception is so that Maurice can wed without parental consent which is required until the age of 21.   The reason for this unorthodox wedding is probably due to the fact that Mabel is pregant.   Maurice is a carpenter.

1925 Jun 24th

Thelma Pauline Chittenden, first child of Maurice and Mabel is born.

1929 May 1st

Roma Doreen Chittenden, second daughter of Maurice and Mabel is born.

1933 Apr 4th

Mavis Marjorie Danzelman, daughter of Stanley Baker, a bricklayer, and Lilian Maud (formerly Bolslin) is born at The Firs, Wyncote Way, Selsdon.

1933 Jun 8th

Douglas Raymond Chittenden, third child of Maurice and Mabel is born at 31 The Mead, Wallington.Surrey.   Mairice builds the house with money put up by father Arthur John.

1937 Mar 23rd

Amelia Elizabeth Chittenden dies at 31 The Mead, Wallington, Surrey, aged 72 of syncope (a faint). Hyperpesia (?), chronic rephrites (?) and gout.   Husband Arthur John was present and the informant.

1940 Oct 31st

Hilda Mabel Chittenden, a Sister-in-charge nurse, is killed at the age of 50 by shrapnel from a bomb at The Downs Hospital for Children, Sutton, Surrey during World War 2.   The death certificate states the cause of death as “Due to war operations”.   Brother Maurice Arthur is informant.

1943 Feb 16th

Raymond Maurice, last child of Maurice and Mabel is born 31 The Mead, Wallington, Surrey.

1945 Feb 2nd

Josephine Olive Armstrong, only child of William Thomas and Rosina (formerly Tuckey) is born at 150 The Glade, Old Coulsdon, Surrey.

1950 Jan 19th

Arthur John Chittenden dies in St. Hellier Hospital, Carshalton, of broncho pneumonia and senility aged  85 years.   His occupation is stated as a retired master builder and his address 31 The Mead.   Son Maurice is the informant.

1953 Oct 11th

Maurice Arthur Chittenden dies at Mayday Hospital, Croydon of a heart attack aged 46 (49 on death certificate)   His occupation at the time of death was builder’s manager.

1955 Sep 10th

Douglas Raymond Chittenden, a store keeper living at 4 Willow Close, Thornton Heath, Surrey, marries Mavis Marjorie Danzelman, a spot welder of 5 Kennelwood Crescent, Addington, at St. Mary’s Church, Addington, Surrey. 4 Willow Close is the address of Mabel Chittenden.

1956 Jun 13th

Janice, first child of Doug and Mavis Chittenden is born.

1958 Dec 2nd

Margot Christine, second daughter of Doug and Mavis Chittenden is born at St. Mary’s Maternity Hospital, Croydon, Surrey.

1965 Mar 20th

Raymon Maurice Chittenden, a transport driver, of 4 Willow Close, Thornton Heath, marries Josephine Olive Armstrong, a shorthamd typist, of 150 The Glade, Old Coulsdon, Surrey at St. Johns Church, Old Coulsdon, Surrey.

1966 Aug 16th

Mark Chittenden, first son of Raymond and Josephine is born in Redhill General Hospital, Redhill, Surrey. The family resides at 67 Cromwell Road, Caterham, Surrey.

1969 Apr 12th

Paul Chittenden, second and last son of Ray and Jo is born at the Armstrong residence, 150 The Glade, Old Coulsdon, Surrey, where Jo is currently living.

1970 Mar 1st

Angela Joy Johnson, second child and only daughter of Peter Roy and Honorine Patricia (formerly Burge) is born in St. Hellier Hospital, Sutton, Surrey.   The family resides at 56 Robin Hood Lane, Sutton, Surrey and soon moved to 152 Stanley Road, Carshalton Beeches, Surrey.   Parents: Peter and Honor emigrated to England having been born in India and are Anglo-Indian by birth.


Ray, Jo and sons move to 158 The Glade, Old Coulsdon, Surrey.

1971 Jun 22nd

Mabel Dorothy Chittenden of 4 Willow Close, Thornton Heath, Surrey dies aged 66 of lung cancer. The death is informed by son Douglas who resides at 10 Willow Close.

1973 Apr 28th

Janice Chittenden marries Paul Burston in Purley, Surrey.   They later move to Petersborough.

1997 Aug 12th

Mark Chittenden and Angla Joy Johnston of 28 The Rise, Pound Hill, Crawley, West Sussex, marry at The Little White Chapel, Las Vegas, Clark County, Nevada, USA.   Mark is an Assistanct Immigration Officer and Angela an I.T. Support Specialist.   They have three dogs, Benson, Harry and Scruffy.

1998 Mar 10th

Rosina Armstrong dies, aged 82, in Mayday Hospital, Croydon, Surrey.   Following a short illness, the cause of death was a pulmonary embolism, diabetes melitus and renal failure.

1999 Apr 1s

Daughter of Doug and Mavis, Margot marries Peter Wallace at Croydon Registry Office, Croydon, Surrey and becomes Margot  Chittenden-Wallace.

2000 Jun 3rd

Douglas Raymond Chittenden dies of cancer after a long illness, aged 66.   He is cremated at Croydon Crematorium on 12th Jun and his ashes spread over the grave of his parents, Maurice and Mabel, at the Banden Hill Cemetery in Boddington a short time later.

1822 Oct 12th

Stephen Chittenden married Mary Dryland in Hinxhill, Kent.   Stephen signed and Mary made 'x' her mark. Witnesses: Anne Dryland and Thomas Culver.  Banns read on 8, 15, and 22 Sept 1822.   They had children -   William* b 15 Dec 1922  Sarah b 7 Apr 1825.   Ann 30 Sep 1827.   Mary Ann 25 Apr 1836.   Daniel  16 Dec 1832.   George 16 Oct 1836.

William, born 15 Dec 1822 who married? Mary Ann Barton (d 1921).    Children:  George b 21 Sep 1856.   Ann b 11 Jul 1858.   William b 10 Jun 1860.   Harry  b 10 Jun 1860.   Kate Elizabeth b 2 Jun 1865.   Sarah b 8 Sep 1867.   Susan b 8 Feb 1873.   Alice b 10 May 1874.   Stephen* b 1 Jan 1879 (died 15 Oct 1944).

Stephen Chittenden married Amy Jane Terry on 26 Dec 1899 at Lydd.   Children:  Alice May b Sep Qtr 1901.   William James*  b 2 Jun 1903.  Stephen  Jun Qtr 1906.  Winifred  ?. Kate Ellen Jun Qtr 1907.   Hilda Mary Mar Qtr 1909.   Florence Elizabeth  Mar Qtr 1911.

William James Chittenden born 2 Jun 1903: died 5 Jan 1973 married Edith Mary Hadlow, 31 Aug 1924 at Cheriton, Folkestone.   Children:  William Harry (aka Bill)* 1928: died 1995.   Stephen 1929. Peter James 1933.



1919  Dec. Catherine Chittenden, age 22. And Celia Helden, age 34, caravan dwellers, were granted pedlars certificates in Folkestone, Kent on the same day.