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Feet & Fine (sale of land)  1536

Thomas King and wife Alice sold to Matthew Chittenden a messuage and 7 acres of land in Cranbrook.   Ref:  CP 25(2) 21/130/11

Calender of Quarter Sessions -  1596 - 1605

Chittenden. Edward 205. Simon 99. Symon 85

Calender of Quarter Sessions -  1574 - 1622

Chittenden. Daniel 591. Edward 256. John 647. Robert 327. Robert 525. Simon 391, 690, 691. William 96., 308, 434, 556

Calender of Quarter Sessions -  1639 - 1677

Chittenden. John 99. Richard 87. Robert 93


Canterbury Cathedral Archives - Title Deeds  & Other Documents

1631    U101/11/B2/8

File - Bond John Hart of Smethe to Thos Reder of the same & Abraham Chittenden of Horton in 100 pounds to convey land in Bilsington & c

1633    U101/11/B2/9

File - Bond Abraham Chittenden of Horton to Thos Reader of Smeeth


1662 Sep 10th Q/SB/8 Session Papers

File - Richard Chittenden of Wormshill for allowing his hedges to overhand the road at Frinsted, leading from Ringlestone to Doddington


Q/SB/9/76. Recognizance

File - In 40 pounds for Thomas Jenkin of Stowting, and in 40 pounds for John Chittenden of Great Chart

[1673] - 1832.   FRE/835.  East Sussex Record Office  File - Family papers and memoranda collected by Thomas Frewen in the course of his genealogical research [Scope & Content] Includes a copy [from the original in possession of Philadelphia Frewen of Northiam] of James II’s  commission to Sir Edward Frewen appointing him Major of the 1st Regiment of the Cinque Ports and Captain of a Company of Trained Band Soldiers at Tenterden, Kent, notes on Richard Frewen, Commissioner of the Customs, and on Benjamin Simpkin, father of Esther Simpkin, (John Frewen Turner’s mother], extracts from various title deeds relating to the Scott family of Conghurst, Kent, copy certificate that the Rev. Thomas Frewen of Northiam had received communion according to the rites of the Church of England in June 1673, memoranda of the families of Springett, Chittenden and Harvey of Northiam, copy of obituaries of Thomas [II] Frewen taken from The London Evening Post and Gentleman’s Magazine, 1738, plan of projected additions to Brickwall House.

1788 Nov 14th Hill Coll. 2.28 Natural History Museum:    Joseph Banks Research Project.  File - Correspondence to Banks from Edmund Chittenden.

1824 - 1829, 1827, 1812.   Q/CI/42.   Clerk of the Peace Office.   Court of insolvent Debtors.           File - Acct Books, Promisory note, abstract of probate of will of James Chittenden [from Scope & Contents]  Name: Thomas Chittenden

Hampshire Record Office: Carnavon of Highclere Papers

1847 Nov 15th 75M91/E26/27. (from Scope & Content) Business matters of one, Chittenden, who is in Debt.

1848 Dec Third Earl of Carnarvon (1800-1849) Family correspondence Letter from his children. 75M91/E18/3-4. File - Letters converning Lady grace Herbert, who lived for only a few hours [From Scope & Content]  Invoice of Chittenden & Arnold [undertaker] for coffin, with covering letter from John Sayer, parish clerk of Dulverton

Kent Quarter Sessions

1486 – 1631 U24/T288.  Title Deeds.  Sissinghurst Estate.  Cranbrook.  File - Single deeds for messuages and lands upon the following dens:- Omynden, Begynden, Brenden, Tylthe, Hartley, Fystinden, Hall, Carkaredge, Haseldens Wood, Chittenden, Crendley, Swattenden, Batynden and Lofield mainly purchased by Baker family.

1537  1549 Ref: DAN.   Estate Archives. Title Deeds: Kent.  Hawkhurst: Hartnop. File  -  Deeds of the following premises. III Messuage called Hartenope with buildings, 2 gardens, 1 piece of water-land adjoining the gardens called the Stewe, 1 lane leading from the messuage to Hook, 7 pieces of land [24a.] called Cheasemans garden,  Smythes Towne,  Hawle Croft, Kytchen  (Crofte,Barne Croft,  Poale field,  and Barnsses Crofte  all in Hawkhurst and in the dens of Hartenope and Basden, i.e. the messuage, 2 gardens lane and first 5 pieces of land are in the den of Hartenop abutting to a lane leading to the old flling mill on the E., to the lands of Richard Wells and of Alexander Dence on the n., to the lands of Richard Atkyne N. and W., to the common river to the S., and the other two pieces of land are in the den of Baseden. i.e.  to a certain pond N., to the lands of Andrew Pyper E., to a certain lane there leading to Pypsden S., and to lands of Robert Danyell and Thomas Gyrdler to the S. and W., all in occ. Of Thomas Chittenden and Thomas Atkyne.

1558 - 1563 U24/T293.   Title Deeds. Woodland called Luckas Plot on den of Chittenden, Baker family

1601/2 Jan 12th Q/SR/3/m.2d. 4. Henry Page of Egerton.  Surities, Simon  Chittenden of Smarden, yeoman, and Robert Spyce of egerton, yeoman.   5.  Robert Butcher of Smarden, tailor.  Surities, Simon Chittenden of the same, yeoman, and James Henman of Pluckley, yeoman.

1601 Jul 21st Q/SR/2/m.9   Sessions Rolls at Canterbury File - Writ of venire facias  to the sheriff, John Smythe, esq returned defaulters’ fines assessed at 13s. 4d. Certain of the jurors, that is [missing] Croft, gentleman, Richard Best, Robert Stretfeild, Richard Peckett, Thomas Tunbridge, Thomas Halliwell, William Gyllett, William Bogherst, Richard Stanford, John Maynard, Richard Stretfield, Walter Kyppynge, William Denn, William Austin, John Furner, Symon Chittenden and John Langley, present.

1604 Sep 25th Q/SR/5/m.2/ Session Rolls at Maidstone 25. The same against Edward Chittenden late constable of the hundred of Aylesford and Rugmorhill for non payment of [blank] to Arthur Frauncys, gent.Receiver, for one quarter of a year to the feast of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist.

1639 U1107/E21. Estate Papers: Bonds, letters of attorney etc. File - Bond. Richard Chittenden of Pluckley, yeoman to Sir Edward Dering regarding land in Betherden

1679 GIL/1/3/   East Sussex Title Deeds. File - Stream House in Eastbourne, leased and then purchased by Thomas Gilbert from James Moore.   In 1804 a freegold messuage and 5a land called Stream House, late Penny, before Osborne, Grisbrook, Chittenden and Crunden, held of the manor of St. John Ocklynge, was engranchised to Charles Gilbert [see GIL/1/31].   That transaction however seems likely to relate to the freehold messuage and 5a purchased by Nicholas Gilbert IV from Bartholomew Penny in 1781.1764 QS2/6/1764/Eph/10.  Surrey Quarter (Epiphany Sessions.   Item:  Removal Order - Sarah Chittenden [wife of Thomas Chittenden gone away] and child, St. Mary Magadalen, Bermondsey, to Portsmouth, Co., Southampton.   Item:  Information: Notice by the churchwardens and overseers of Portsmouth, Co., Southampton, to the Churchwardens and overseers of St. Mary Magdalen, Bermondsey, of their intention to prosecute an appeal over the removal of Sarah Chittenden and her child to their parish

1781 QS2/6/1781/Mic/8. Surrey Quarter [Michaelmas] Session. Item: Petition of Dionysius Bosten of Tooting, Taylor, and John Boston, his son, that John may be discharged from his apprenticeship to John Chittenden of Tooting, surgeon and apothecary on the grounds of ill tretatment [details given].

1788 Nov 14th Hill Coll. 2.28 Joseph Banks Research Project File - To Banks from Edmund Chittenden

1796 Apr 1st FRE/7144. Title Deeds - Sussex and Kent. Additions to the estate: properties purchased by Thomas [IV] Frewen - messuage and tanyard called Morley, Northiam. File - Copy will of Elizabeth Cooper of Lewes, (sister of Robert Chester of Lewes, brewer, deceased], . Bequeaths Wellhouse Farm in Northiam, messuage called Brahans in Ewhurst and other premises in Ewhurst to son Robert Chester Cooper; messuage called Cold Hodges or Frosts in Warbleton to grand daughter Sally Cooper (daughter of Robert Chester Cooper); land late Chittenden’s at Swale’s Green in Sedlescombe and Whatlington to son William Cooper.

1827 -1841 EK-U1453/B2/40/120. File -Margate Brewery correspondence: J. S. Chittenden, Ramsgate.

1834 Dec 4th Rm/JQ/r/23/56. Item: Justices’ Licence to George Chittenden, surveyor of the highways of Burmarsh, to accept money composition in Lieu of 3 days statute duty.

1836 Jul 6th Rm/JQ/r/24/13. Item: Information of James Chittenden, grazier of Romney Marsh concerning the theft of his duck.

1836 Jul 7th Rm/JQ/r/24/7. Item: Depositions by Henry Kennett, George and James Chittenden concerning the killing and attempted theft of James Chittenden’s duck.

1836 Jul 7th Rm/JQ/r/24/8/ Item: Conviction of Joseph Punnett labourer for stealing a tame duck from James Chittenden.   List of witnessess.

1836 Jul 7th Rm/JQ/r/24/11. Item: Recognizance for James Chittenden for his attendance at sessions to give evidence against Joseph Punnett for felony.

1836 Jul 7th Rm/JQ/r/24/12. Item: Recognizance for George Chittenden and Henry Kennett for their attendance as sessions to give evidence against Joseph Punnett for felony.

1864 HL/PO/PB/1/1864/27&28V1n361. Records of Parliament Office, House of Lords. File - Private Act. An Act to enable John Chittenden, Clerk, to exercise his office of a Priest, and to hold any Benefice or Preferment in the United Church of England and Ireland.

1886 – 1908 DR 197/143.  Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office: File - Forty letters concerning Tom Chittenden, mostly written by him and addressed to G. F. Kendall, 1886 - 1908.

1893 May 24th DR 149/157/126  Shakespeare Birthplace Trust Records Office: File - Miscellaneous. From Thomas Penney, Chittenden, of……, commercial traveller, to George Frederick Kendall of Stratford upon-Avon, chemical manufacturer: life assurance policy.

1897 Mar 16th K61/16/228. Surrey History Centre:  Title Deeds. File - Part of Tillingdown Farm; Counterpart lease for 14 years at 100 pounds p.a. for the first two years and of 150 pounds p.a. thereafter.  2.  Robert Mulholland Arnold of Chittenden, Edenbridge, Kent, farmer.

1905 – 1927 MS.2885. Wellcome Library for the History and Understanding of Medicine: File - There is a letter and a post-card addressed to the compiler by [Albert Davidson]  Michael  [1836-1927] and [Frederick James] Chittenden [1873-1950]’

1906 – 28 705:35/8851/22/iv/1-40. Worcestershire - B.R.A. No. 2039: File - Sale contracts and agreements with plans, fire inurance policies and particulars and conditions of sale relating to land adjoining Albion House, Lyttelton Road, St George’s Square, land adjoining Wesleyan Chapel, Falsam Pitts Sling, Tagwell Lane, Severn House stables in Corbett Avenue, Hartlebury Field, St. Andrew’s Street, land fronting Droitwich Canal, land in St. Nicholas,all in Droitwich, Field View, Shaw Lane, both in Stoke Prior, land at Astwood, at Rashwood, Bowling Green Inn, Stoke Works, Brinepits Farm, Impney and elsewhere, all in Dodderhill, and two substations in Stoke Prior and Dodderhill.   Campbell, Price, Male, Calder, Chittenden, Jones, Gittus, Lewis, Mooney, Ward, Howard, Harrison, Blake, Kempson and Talbot families, Droitwich St. Andrew P.C.C, Shropshire, Worcestershire and Staffordshire Electric Power Co., Trustees of the Charity of Dame Mary Yates and Kay and Co.

1922 -23 EE/16/2/4   Mount Everest Committee: The 1920’s: Expedition - - 1921, 1922 & 1924 File  -  Typed letter from F. J. Chittenden, Director of Royal Horticultural Society. To Council, RGS of 4th Jan 1922, offering a contribution to Expedition funds and making suggestions about seeds and plants for collection. 3 pps.

1926 Mar 3rd WHD 903.  Birmingham University:  W.H. Dawson Correspondence. File - Typed letter, signed from G. M. Chittenden, publicity agent of South African High Commissioner, about articles in “Contemporary Review”

1937 May 6th & 7th W.L. Bragg/77K/77 & 78.   File  -   Research Correspondence. Item: Royal Horticultural Society 77. [F.J. Chittenden] to William Bragg. 78. [F.J Chittenden] to William Bragg. Thanks Chittenden for Letter.