March 4

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To be Let. To Let, in a flourishing market town in Kent, a Grocery and Pork Butchering Business, corner shop, with plate glass front, incoming moderate - for particulars, apply to J Chittenden, Auctioneer, Ashford. Stamp for reply.






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The Bankruptcy Act 1869.  In the County Court of Kent. Holden at Canterbury.  In the MATTER of proceedings for liquidation arrangements or composition with Creditors instituted by John Chittenden of 82 High Street, Ashford in the County of Kent, Furniture Dealer. John Henry Bayley of Ashford in the County of Kent, Auctioneer, has been appointed Trustee of the property of the Debtor.  All persons having in their possession any of the effects of the Debtor must deliver them to the Trustee and all debts due to the Debtor must be paid to the Trustee.   Creditors who have not yet proved their debts, must forward their proofs of debt to the Trustee.   Dated this 3rd day of March 1882.    Walter FURLEY, Registrar.   HALLETT, CREERY & FURLEY, Ashford, Kent. Solicitors for the above named Trustees






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Sale of Shop Property.  On Feb. 27th Mr Chittenden offered for sale, at the Market Hotel, the leasehold shop and premises 33, Bank Street, a butcher’s shop and eating house.  The frontage is wide, and at the back is a large building suitable for stores or workshop.   The property was bought in at 800 Pounds.






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Petty Sessions Bearsted - On Monday. Edward PEARCE was summoned for stealing a portion of a fence, belonging to Mr Andrew Chittenden, at Debtling, on the 28th February. The defendant was seen by a policeman to pull stakes from a hedge.   He was taken to Mr Chittenden, and on the road there he threw the stakes over a hedge.   The Bench fined him 10s, costs 9s, and the value of the wood (2d) or fourteen days’ hard labour





March 11




Extract:   “At the Assembly Rooms Dr Cock presided, with the worthy Master (Mr W. D. Walker) on his righthand, and the Mayor of New Romney (Mr J. Humphrey) on his left. The company included the Rev. W. C. L. Wingate (Rector of Ivychurch), the Bailiff of Lydd (Mr E. Finn), Messrs. H. B. Walker JP., E. B. Walker, H Stringer, J. D. Walker JP, H Cobb, JP., J. Jones, JP., A. J. Burrows (Pluckley), R. Jones, A. S. Jones, JP., Dagleish, Wilks (Ashford), Tassell (Hythe), H. Cobay (Hythe), J. T. Butler, B. Hobbs, senior, Hobbs, jun, G Ovenden (Hythe), T. Edwards (Ashford), - Bullman (Ashford), G Anderson (Old Romney), F. Sladden, T.  Orger and Crooks (all of Hastings), James Chittenden, sen, Adolphus Finn, J. Finn-Kelcey, Burkett, and Raynor (Lydd), - Lester (St Mary’s), S. Millen, Chittenden, jun, W. Samson, G. Samson, Gravett, Watt, &c.





March 18

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County News:-   The Sevenoaks Highway Board had demanded 63 Pounds from Messrs Chittenden & Co., for damage done to the roads by their traction engine while carting chalk from Westerham Hill to Dunsdale






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Blean Highway Board:-   The monthly meeting of this Board was held on Saturday, the chairman (Mr George Hammell) presiding.   There were also present Mr Wotton, Mr D Young, Mr Solomon, Mr D Brice and Mr Wilks, and the Clerk. (Mr James Burch).   The Surveyor submitted his estimates for materials for the ensuing year, and it was accepted - A letter was read from Messrs Chittenden, Knight and Co.,  Sittingbourne, in which they denied that they were liable for damage done to the roads belonging to the Board, caused by their traction engine conveying manure by order of Mr Wooton, Ramsgate, who had also written, stating that he did not consider himself responsible.   The Board decided that Mr R M Mercer, of Canterbury, should be instructed to take proceedings in the case,






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Maidstone County Court:-  On Tuesday before J J Lonsale Esq, Judge, the following cases were heard:-   Emily Chittenden, Staplehurst v Alfred Bartholomew, farmer Mereworth  Mr A J Ellis for plaintiff, who sued as Administratix of her husband’s estate goods sold and work done.   The case was solely one of accounts, and in the end the Judge found for defendant for whom Mr T Goodwin appeared.





March 25

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Miss A Chittenden’s Registry Office for servants, 34 Queen Street, Ashford.   Ladies and Gentlemen may be suited with any description of servants






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Hollingbourne Highway Board:-   The monthly meeting of this board was held on Thursday at the Star Hotel, at Maidstone.   Mr A Chittenden presiding.   Mr Roper, the vice chairman asked the surveyor whether the employment of traction engines had effected a saving in the cost of carting materials and whether such engines had caused damage to the roads generally.   In reply Mr Marley said there had certainly been  a saving in the cartage expenses, and as to the damage done to  the roads the benefit accrued to one part was counter balances by the damage done in another part.   Mr Roper mentioned that  his object was to obtain the opinion of the board on the subject and Mr Bensted proposed “That it is the opinion of this board that its interest have been advanced by the use of traction engines”.   This was seconded by Mr Harman and Unanimously agreed to.






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Snodland.   Fatal Accident:-   On the 16th inst, an employee at a Halling chalk pit, Horace Chittenden by name, and 21 years of  age, was digging chalk near the top when he stumbled forward, and fell a depth of 30 ft, where his head came in contact with a stone projection.   From thence he fell to the bottom of the pit, 200 yards below.   He died half an hour after being picked up.   An inquest was not deemed necessary the sad occurance being purely accident.   The funeral took place on Sunday, when the body was followed to the grave by many members of the Halling Court of Foresters.




April 1st

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Extraordinary Traffic on Highway:- see copy at end of file





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Three advertisements for Mr J Chittenden, he is selling property, etc, for others.   He is an Auctioneer and Appraiser, Shipping and Insurance Agent, 82 High Street, Ashford






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Herne Bay…….local Board.   At A meeting of the board, on Friday, there were present…… etc.   A letter from Messrs Chittenden and Knight, in reference to damage done to roads by extraordinary traffic, was ordered to stand over for the present





Apr 22nd

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Five advertisements advertising auctions, similar to those in the previous editions.  All are Mr J Chittenden of Ashford






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Maidstone Farmers Club & Chamber of Agriculture. Mr G Marsham presided at a well attended meeting of this club, held at The Star Hotel, Maidstone, on Thursday evening….etc. Mr C Whitehead then read a most interesting paper on ‘Fruit growing and its prospects’. A discussion followed in which Messrs J H Hodsoll, H Levey, L A Killick, H Stonham, F Pine, A Chittenden and others took part






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Canterbury, Blean Highway Board - The monthly meeting of this board was held on Saturday at the office of the surveyors, in Canterbury, Mr G Rammell presiding.   From the Minutes of a Special Meeting, on Thursday, it appeared the board had decided to accept a sum of seventy pounds, with fifteen pounds as legal expenses, in settlement of their claim against Mr Thomas Wotton (Ramsgate) and Messrs Chittenden & Company (Sittingbourne) for damage to roads in the board’s district  by traction engine traffic