1691  Jun 3rd “Deposition of Elizabeth, wife of Mathew Chittenden of Goudhurst, carpenter, lost at the latter end of April from her husband’s house, a new linen dressing and an old handkerchief.   Katherine Morris has confessed to the theft.   The handkerchief was found in Elizabeth Craddock’s house and Katherine Morris stole the items at the instigation of Sarah Craddock who gave her food or 2d or 3d in money”.


Proceedings of Old Bailey:   Mary Chittenden, appearing in trial of Thomas Glover, offences  against the King - Tax Offences.  12th  Oct 1748.   517.  Thomas Glover, of New Inn Green, in the County of Kent, together with divers other persons, to the number of fifty, on the 24th Oct 1746 at the Parish of St. Margaret’s, in the County of Kent.   “The Certificate was produced by Mr Foreman ‘Thomas Glover was married on the 22nd Oct 1746 at Goodneston, near Faversham, in the County of Kent, to Mary Chittenden. It is signed by the Parson and me’.”   Charged with smuggling.   Acquited.

Tunbridge Wells


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Ellis Watkins Chittenden