Auckland Directory 1912




Suburb of Pakuranga.   Chittenden Chas.   Creamery Manager.


First Generation:

1.  George Lewis Chittenden was born about 1880, Nelson, New Zealand.     George married Beatrice Charlotte Burrell on 13th Oct 1904, in Greymouth, New Zealand.   Beatrice was born about 1882 in Kumara.   Children:  + 2 F.  i.  Edna Alice born 4th Apr 1912, died 24th Jul 1988.

Second Generation:

2.  Edna Alice Chittenden (George Lewis) born 4th Apr 1912, in Cobden, New Zealand.   Died 24th Jul 1988, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.   Edna married Ronald David Greenwood ‘Ron’, son of  Joseph Henry James Greenwood and Annie Iremonger on 11th Feb 1935, in Wellington, New Zealand, Ron was born 7th Feb 1911, in Wellington.   Children:   +  3  M  i.  Warrick John Greenwood, born 15th Mar 1941.

Third Generation:

3.  Warrick John Greenwood (Edna Alice Chittenden, George Lewis).  Born 15th Mar 1941 in Wellington, New Zealand.   Warrick married Jocelyn Ann Horton,daughter of Cyril Reginald Horton & Irena Louisa, on 3rd Feb 1968,at Wellington.   Jocelyn was born 6th May 1943, in the Lister Maternity Home, Gisborne, New Zealand.     Children: 

4.  M  i.  Richard David Greenwood, born 8th Feb 1970, in Wellington.  

5.  F  ii.  Anna Louise Greenwood, born 8th Feb 1972 in Wellington.