Immigrant Records




1901 Census of Canada:  (Extraction of those giving a place of birth outside of CanadaProvince of Ontario; Lincoln and Niagara Census District


1901  NAC (Ottawa) Reel T-6479. District 85: Sub Dist. GO4; Page 7:-          Chittenden Anna       age 78


1901  NAC (Manitoba) Reel T6439. Dist 012. Winnipeg City Sub Dist E15,  Page 14


Chittenden William 

age 39

Chittenden Margaret 

age 14 

Chittenden Gracie M

age 12

 Chittenden Lilian 

age   5.


Historical Atlas of Ontario (List of Emigrants extracted) National Library of Canada


Chittenden C. S. 


Wentworth Co

Ref F5498 W4 P3, page 33.  

Native of United States

Chittenden George 


Brant County

Ref F 5498 B78 P3, page XV111 ?

Native of England