General Records


Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints





No           Name          




       Baptized   Emmigrated      

15. Jane Harriett Carter

William & Mary

19 Aug 1840 


25.4.1896             12.7.1904

36  Eliza Ethel Griffin 

William & Mary 

17 May 1842 


6/11/1896               ?

9    Anna Mariah Alward

William & Mary

17 Aug 1846


11.2.1896               6.9.1907

10  Alice Andrews   

William & Mary

1.Nov 1854 


11.2.1896               1.9.1895


Tom Foster.   Shauna as traced Grandmother and a brother to Maple Creek, Saskatchewan where I grew up, more info to come.   This info you may already have but if not here it is.   Hyrum died at 1167 Cement Street, in Silverton, Colorado on 27 Jun 1948.   He had only been there for 5 weeks and it is believed that he was visiting his son Glen.   His residence was 535 Jefferson Street, blackfoot, Bingham County, Idaho.   He was born in Hundaroo, Australia on 28 Aug 1865 and been in the U.S. for 74 years..   Died at age 83.   Records show his father as William Chittenden and his mother’s maiden name as Harris.   This info was obtained from cemetery in Silverton.


Shauna.   I have found quite a bit of circumstantial evidence that Hyrum is son of William and Mary.   Both William and Mary are buried in the Provo City Cemetery in Provo, Utah, USA.   William died 29 Mar 1878. Mary died 2 Jul 1886.   I have found a Mrs Chittenden and son, Hyrom and daughter Veni in the 1880 Utah Census.   By 1880 William was dead so it stands to reason that Mary would be living with her youngest son. By the way, does the name Veni ring a bell with you?.   What could it be short for?.   I don’t know if you’ve received Hyrum’s obituary “Died at home of his son, Glen, 1167 Cement Street.   Usual residence was 525 Jefferson St, in Pocatello.   Services were held at Maguire Mortuary in Silverton under auspices of Church of Christ, of which he was a member.   He was shipped to Blackfoot, Idaho (his wife, Rozina was buried in Blackfoot) body was accompanied by sons Glen and Hyrum Jr., and daughter Myrtle Fife (I believe this woman’s name is Mabel) of Silverton.   Survivors were 4 sons: Hyrum Jr, and Glenn in Silverton, Roy in British Columbia, Bert (Could this son be named William?) in Pocatello, Idaho: and 5 daughters, Myrtle Fife, in Silverton, Louise Fanster (Foster) in British Columbia, Mary Chittenden and Alice Caculd in Salt Lake City, Ella Hill in Pocatello, Idaho.   Also a sister (not named) (Louise who married Abraham Wilde) in Alberta, Canada.”   Hyrum also spent time in Canada.   From the 1906 Canadian Census his family is listed as such:-  HIRAM.  Head.  Orozina.  Wife  Louisa.  Daughter, Hiram.  Son, Glen.   Son, Roy.   Son, Mary.  Daughter,   Mary.   Daughter,  Alice.   It says they all came to Canada in 1904.