1800 - 1901   Fiche 2 of 3


(HO72.   Corr.   1823 - 1835. Reel No 1541/42.  Includes Returns of Deaths of Convicts in NSW 1829/34).


1858. Jun 19

4105   3007 1 Chittenden William  Bendigo.  Died 1854.  A.  19th June 1858.    This Day by Act of Court. Administration of all and singular the  goods and  chattels, credits and  effects of William Chittenden deceased was granted to Charles Heather Long of  Sydney, Gentleman Intestate died in the year1854.   Goods sworn at fifty pounds. Administration dated the same day as granted.

1859. Apr 9

4401 - 3008. 1 Crittenden Robert   Bolwarra    Died 9.4.59.  P. Left to his Dear Wife Elizabeth three Three Hundred and Fifty Pounds.    To his sons George and Thomas One Hundred Pounds each on their 21st Birthdays.    To his daughters Fanny, Eliza Ann and Elizabeth the sum of Fifty Pounds each.   Estate sworn at One Hundred Pounds

1872. Oct 8

9710    3014 1  Chittenden Thomas  Tarcutta.  8.10.1872   P.3014 - 9710. This is the last Will and Testament of Thomas Chittenton of Tarcutta in the Colony of NSW.   I  give devise   ?   bequest all my property   ?   and Personal whatsoever and where ever including all moneys which are now or may here- -after be or become payable to me or my representatives from any Friendly Society or Association or otherwise howsoever to my son Thomas Chittenton  absolutely and I appoint Richard  Butler assign and his heirs executors administrators Butler of Tarcutta aforesaid  Gentleman Sole Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand this tenth day of September AD  Executor of my Will   in this 1872.  Thomas Chittenton.   Signed by Thomas Hodges   Mate in the presence of the Testator and by his direction as the last Will of  the Testator in the presence of us present at the same time and we in the presence of the Testator at his request and in the presence of each other have hereinto subscribed our names as witnesses.   John Justice. Philip  Justice 8th November 1872. This day upon Petition   Probate of the last will and Testament of ThomasChittenton  Deceased.   Was granted to Richard Butler the Sole Executor in the said Will named Testator died the 5th day of October 1872.   Goods sworn at One Hundred Pounds.  Probated dated the same day as granted.

1887.Jan 12

15037 3.3031  Chittenden George  Hobby's Yards   Carcoar   Died 12.1.87   A   "Chittenden George late of Hobby's Yards in the  District  of Carcoar, in the Colony of New South  Wales, deceased  intestate 28.7.1887.   By Order  of  the Court acturs ? with power to  sell any of the Estate and effects if the above exceeds deceased    ?   to Margaret Chittenden of Hobby's Yards aforesaid the Widow of the Deceased.   Intestate died 12 Jan AD 1887.  Goods under Four Hundred  and eighty nine pounds".

1887.Aug 8

15378  3 . 3031.   Chittenden Margaret Albury Died 12.8.87      P  "Chittenden Margaret late of Albury Widow deceased.  This is  the last Will and Testament of Mrs Margaret Chittenden of Albury in the County of New South Wales, Widow, I direct that all my just debts and funeral and testamentary expenses be paid by my Executor hereinafter names with all convenient speed after my  decease and subject thereto I give and devise all the real and personal estate of  which I shall be possessed or to which I shall be entitled at the time of my decease to my friend Thomas Hodges Mate of Albury aforesaid merchant and  in pursuance of ever power   ?   enabling me in that behalf I direct and appoint No 13 of Section No 23 in the town of Albury aforesaid withh the Buildings there-on and appertenances thereto shall go remain and be to and for the sole and absolute use and benefit of the said Thomas Hodges Mate, his heirs and assigns for ever and I appoint the said Thomas Hodges Mate Sole Executorof  this my Will in witness whereof I have hereunder set my hand this         20.8.1879. Signed by the said Margaret Chittenden, by making her mark, as and for the    Last Will and Testament, Etc.  Fleming & Bradley,Solicitors Albury 22.9.1887 By Act of Court Probate of the above last Will and Testament of  Margaret Chittendon or Chittenden   Granted to Thomas Hodges Mate.  Testatrix died  12.8.1887.   Estate sworn at Two Hundred and  Ninety Two Pounds".   

1890. May 23

20149  3. 3036   Crittenden Thomas James. Croki, Manning River.Died 23rd May 1890.  Left his Estate of One Hundred and Seventy   Two Pounds to his Father James. 19th June 1890.

1892. Oct 27

4135    4.3042 Crittenden Edward       Poplar Farm.  Inverell.    Died 27.10.92    P (72?) Left his Estate to his wife Mary provided she remained his Widow.    But if in the event of her marrying again will be left to his two sons Henry and  Denis equal shares as tenants in common Estate sworn at Seven Hundred and   fifty nine pounds.   12th January 1893.

1899 Apr 14

Fiche 2 of 3   1919 - 1928 100088   Chittenden Edith Annie.   Hobby's Yards       Died 14.4.99

1936. Jan 3

Fiche 3 of 4   1929 - 1938   210740   Chittenden Jane Beatrice   Orange  Died 3.1.36  P Tombstone  Age 63 years. Records from Hobby's Yard, New Cemetary. Near Blayney.


Chattenden Jane Adeline. Born 1879. Tombstone Records from Hobby’s Yard, New Cemetary, Near Blayney.     Records of Reverand R.J. Willson ?.

1943. Nov 27

Fiche 3 of 4   1939 - 1946   288461   Chittenden James Edward      Bathurst  27.11.43.   Age 75.        P  Tombstone Records from Hobby’s Yard, New Cemetary, Near Blayney   Husband of Louie C. “Chittenden James E.   Family Home ‘Kenfields’Bathurst/Orange. Mixed Farming Property.      Bred draught horses.   Won prizes in the Royal Easter Show.    Extract from ‘A Rich Inheritance’ published by The William Roberts & Kezia Brown Family Association”.

1946. Sep 46  

320399      Chittenden Louie May         Bathurst             Died 10.9.46  P

1947. Dec 12

Harriet Chittenden present at Death.

1952. Sep 26 

Fiche 1 of 2      1953  399509   Chittenden Arthur James        Mortdale              Died 26.9.52     P

1956. Sep 12

Fiche 1 of 2      1956  454361   Chittenden Arthur Francis      Sylvania & Petersham Died 12.9.56.   P

1972. Aug 25

Fiche 1 of 2      1973.747076    Chittenden Dorothy Libina     Abbotsford         Died 25.8.72.   P  No Notice in SMH.

1977. Sep 30

Fiche 1 of 2   1978     856921   Chittenden Arthur Sidney       Waterfall             Died 30.9.77    ELN


Funeral Notice. SMH 2.10.77.   Field of Mars Cemetary.       Ryde

1978. Dec 31 

Fiche 1 of 2   1979  875202       Chittenden Nancy                Waterfall              Died 31.12.78  ELNNo Notice in SMH

1980. Apr 7 

900262                                         Chittendon William    Iram     Long Jetty           Died 7.4.80      P 15.7

1981. Apr 24

921007   Chittenden Daisy   Cronulla  Died 24.5.81     P 6.8. Death  Notice SMH   27.5.81.   Gosport St, Cronulla, Formerly of Mortdale. Wife of Arthur  (Dec). Mother of Dot, Mill, Glad, Ern.    Mother in law of Harold, Les and Pat   .Motor Funerals Ltd. Caringbah. Lawn Cemetary.          Woronora

1987. Aug 21

470386  Chittenden Eva Mary Jane  Northmead       21.8.87. P.