George Chittenden of Kent.  Circa 1828.  

George Chittenden married Margaret Cobb (born Stouting, Kent, UK 1827) at Brabourne, Kent 1848 Dec 9th.   They sailed to Australia, leaving Plymouth 1849 Feb 7th. And arrived Sydney 1849 May 25th.   On arrival were first going to Goulburn Plains but George was sent to Newcastle to work for the Aust Agriculture Co., and in Newcastle their first child Ellen was born.   George and Margaret settled in the Hunter area and had 7 children:-   1851 Aug 7th Ellen, baptized 1851 Nov 9th at the Wesleyan Church, Maitland.   1856, Mary M. registered Newcastle.   1859, Emily J. registered Newcastle.   1861, Elizabeth A, registered Newcastle.   1863, Thomas J. registered Maitland, died 1864.   1865, Harriet, registered Maitland.   1869, James E. registered Maitland


George Chittenden married Sarah Kingsnorth @ Bethersden, Kent.  Arrived  New South Wales  26th Jun 1838    Son, Daniel Chittenden went to New Zealand, married Eliza Laney @ Nelson. Three Chittenden daughters married three Storey sons


Grandfather was George L Chittenden married Beatrice Burrell who came from the West Coast of the South Island. Children:-   Jim, Allan, Ivan, (Robins father), Eric, (my father), Edna and Della (Eric and Della still alive).


C0386/149, Register of Emigrant Labourers Applying for a Free Passage to South Australia:-  No 300:   Application made to SA Company.    Date of Entry  27.4.1836.

Name:         Chas Robt Chittenden.           Trade or Calling:         Boat Builder Ass.      Residence: Deal, Kent, UK.     Single  Aged 15 years.

                    Engaged as Emigrant Labourer by the SA Company and sailed in the “Emma”, 21st April 1836.          Embarkation No: 117.


                    Chittenden John.   Arrived Adelaide, SA., 1874?


Ship “Benan          Arrived Adelaide, SA, 15th May 1876: Chittenden Walter & Eliza, with Louisa, Rosina and William  Death            5 Jun 1920       Chittenden Walter Samuel  Age 72    GGH


1960s          ?          Mike Chittenden taught at Boisdale Consolidated School, Victoria            

1998                        Michael Chittenden, Head Master of the Primary School of Primary Grammar School.                   

Immigrant Index 1844-1859.   Vessel “Agenoria” 1849.   Reel:  2135. 2459 

Chittenden George, Age 30.   & Wife.   Chittenden James,      Age 27. & Brother.           Chittenden Jessie,   Age 23,   & Brother           Chittenden Margaret, Age 22, & Husband


Immigrant Index 1860-1979.   Vessel “British Commodore  1873.  Reel:  2140. 2486.   Chittenden Alice     Age 20.