Chittendens in Australia




CHITENDEN/CHITTERDEN   (A.K.A). Kerry Thomas   (30).  44W.   Atlas.   1810.     Ticket of Leave:  33/560  Convict Marriage Banns.Master Index:   1826 - 1841.Page 55.   Banns 1837.              Reel 733.4/2346-7. NCE. 230/90. P.30.1834.   Ent No 341.   Vol 126


1816. July 29


Born.        West Farliegh.   4th Oct 1792.    M 131401.   Father; Thomas - Dorothy Catharine nee     Tap. H.M.   IGI; S.  30 Mar 1984. A - Z   Batch File No M131401.   Serial Sheet 0717.

Where Convicted:   Kent.   Gaol and Delivery.    When:   17th July 1815. Term: Life.      Native Place:  Kent.  Calling:    Labourer.   Age:  23.     Height:   Five feet ten and a half inches  Complexion:   Fair/Pale.     Hair:  Light Brown   Eyes:   Hazel.   Ticket of Leave:   No. 1618.      Records:   C.P.   39 331.  AO.   Deported from UK in 1815 on the ship 'Atlas 3'   Sailed from Portsmouth.22nd January 1816.Arrived Sydney.22nd July 1816.    Ship's Master. Walter Meriton.  Documentation.  Bound.   4/4005.  Page 175.   Photo Copy COD 142.    Reel.    393.      Fiche.   636.Musters and Papers. 2/8243.    Reel.    2417.   Page 35.   Convict Transportation Records -  Ships.   Reel     No. 1.   87 - 93.     H/O.   11/2.   1810 - 1817.  165.10. 


1816 July 29

Colonial Secretary’s Records - Chittenden Thomas

On List of Convicts disembarked from  the Atlas and forward to Parramatta for distribution.   Reel 6005.   4/3495.   Page 62. 


1818  Mar 16

 Colonial Secretary’s Records  -  Treliving E.

Devon Assizes  -  Term Seven Years.    Servant age 23.Convict sentenced by D Wentworth .   Convicted March 1820.  Sentence One Year.   3343/3345.   L.Well P27. 




Colonial Secretary’s Records  -   Chittenden Thomas.                                                             Petition for mitigation of Sentence.Fiche 3184.   4/1854.   Page. 46.



1819  Aug 2

CRUTTENDEN John   Gaol and Deliver     Age     47.      2 Aug 1819.   Life.         265    'Asia'   532 Tons.   James Morrice   Master.  W B Carlyle Surgeon/Supt' 3 Sept 1820   Arr Sydney 28 Dec 1820   A O Fiche   643    1820/21 Penenden/Pennalden - Kent     Farm Labourer.   34.   5' 7.5   Sallow.  Hair L.Brown  Eyes Hazel     48 1308    Ticket of Leave    30/731.    Reel    1046.    48 1308   917.    Suspended for  ?   months. for receiving  Col Sec Letter 32/135.   Allowed to remain in the  District of Maitland.  31 March 1830.   No 32/1042.





   A O 5089.   C 'Asia'   Captain Irvine.   Liverpool.   Seven Years.  Government Servitude A O Fiche No 793.   3 of 4.   123 - 79   Register of Convicts Application to Marry.   Cruttenden.  47.    'Asia'   1820     Life.   Ticket of Leave.  30/731   Convict Marriage Bans  1834  Page 11         Anne Fox   33    'Caroline' 1833   From Ireland    Master  M Donald A O Fiche 682   1832 - 33   4/4017   579-33   40 



1820 Mar 23

Colonial Secretary’s Records  -  Tilliving Elizabeth.                                                                  per   'Lord Wellington'      Master Lewis Hill.    Surgeon E T Bromle   From United Kingdom via Ireland.     Arrived Sydney 20 January 1820



1820 - 21

BOUND INDENTS  A O Fiche 643.  4/4007  A 2 1062   Wellington     Seven Years General Servitude  On List of Prisoners to be sent to Newcastle, per 'Lady Nelson'   NOTE.   Listed as Tillevan.   Reel.   6007.   4/3501.   Page 311



1822  Jan 7

& 9. Colonial Secretary’s Records  - Chittenden Thomas. - Tilliving Elizabeth.                          Permission to Marry at St John's C of E, Parramatta   NOTE - Listed as Chittington.  Reel. 6008. 4/3504A.Page. 253.



1822 Jan 7

Colonial Secretary’s Records  -   Chittenden Thomas.                                                                  Banns to be published at Parramatta  by Samuel Marsden. Chaplain.    Col Sec Letter Book. A O 4/3504A




GENERAL MUSTER                                                                                                       Chittington Thomas.  Ticket of Leave. Atlas 3. Life.  Fencer. Liv’pl   AO                         3791Chittenden James   1822   Muster  A O 21062  Liverpool No mention in Musters prior to 1822.



1823 - 1825

HO 72. Correspondence.   Reel  Numbers:  1541 - 1542. Includes Returns of Deaths of Convicts in NSW 1829 - 1834.




CRITTENDEN, John. Per “Asia”.  1820                                                                                     On list of assigned servants mustered in the employ of William Howe of Minto:   1824.   Reel 6062.   4/1781 p. 393a.



1824 Nov 2

 Servant to William Howe.   Petition to have his wife Elizabeth and   children sent out at Government expense.   Fiche 3285: 4/1112 1A pp 77-8.



1825 Jan 4

CRITTENDEN, MACKILLOP & Co of Calcutta.   Re Bill of Exchange drawn by Frederick Goulburn on the Governor General of India and associated matters respecting the recovery of the cost of returning the Indians brought to the Colony by William Brown 14/3/1821 Reel 6063.   4/1785.   Pages 12 - 20c.



1825 Jan 12

Colonial Secretary’ Records  - Chittenden Thomas.                                                        Convicted  of receiving.   Sentence commuted to Transportation for five years.



1825 Mar 17

Sydney Government Gazette.  Page 4.          Chittenden Thomas        Sydney          Letter at G.P.O.



1825 Mar 31

Colonial Secretary’s Records  - Chittenden Thomas.                                                                   To be Transported for 14 years - on Return of Prisoners triedbefore the  the Supreme Court of NSW.    Fiche 3298.   X 727.   Page 8.



1825 May 28

Colonial Secretary’s Records  - Chittenden Thomas.                                                                  On Return of Prisoners convicted and sentence Supreme Court of NSW.  Fiche 3298. X730. Page 5.



1825 Jun 7

Sydney Government Gazette.  Page 3. Chittonton Thomas      Sydney Convicted of receiving stolen goods.



1825 Jun 7

Colonial Secretary’s Records  - Chittenden Thomas.                                                                  On List of convicts  Transported to   Port Macquarie,per 'Elizabeth Henrietta'   Reel.   6019.   4/3864.   Page 520-1



1825 Jun 7

CHITTENDEN Elizabeth                                                                                                           Permitted to proceed to Port Macquarie per “Elizabeth Henrietta”. Reel 6019.   4/3864.   Page 245.



1825 Aug 29

CRITTENDEN John. Per “Asia” 1820.                                                                                        Convict servant to Mr Coulson.   To be victualled from the stores for six months.  Reel 6015.  4/3515.  Page 248.



1825 Dec 29

Colonial Secretary’s Records  - Chittenden Thomas.                                                           Prisoner whose Colonial Sentence was   reduced by Governor Brisbane prior to his resignation.    Reel.   6019.   4/3865.   Page 22-3.




BOUND INDENTURES  A O Fiche 628/9  Anne Fox   Could Read - Catholic   From County Down   Charged Dublin   17.4.1832   Height 4.11 and half  Complexion  Fair.   Hair  Brown to   Grey   Eyes   Hazel Seven years.   Bond.     Rev.   Jno   L'boad   Reel 725   4/2225 3   Liverpool   17th February 1834    Maitland




Chuttenden Thomas:   Granted 500 acres of primary land at Prossers Plains. Tasmania.18.5.1825.   Granted  500 additional acres 24.9.1828.   Extract from "Bound  for Australia". David T Hawkins.   Roll No: 2424.   JAG 3747.   Page 345   Woolwich.   George Clay ?.




Colonial Secretary’s Records  -   Tilliving Elizabeth  Permitted to proceed to Port Macquarie, per 'Elizabeth Henrietta   Reel.   6019.   4/3864.   Page 245.



1826 - 31

Colonial Secretary’s Correspondence -Chrittendon John   ‘Asia’   Letter 27/4361   Shf 4/1931 Jan 13.4.   Application to Marry   AO Fiche   782 4/4508   1833 - 1837.  Chittendon John   ‘Asia 1'   John Wood.   Age 47.   Life.   Ticket of Leave.  Jan 16.4.   Fox Anne   ‘Carolina’   Age 33.   Bond 7 Years.Feb 14.     Both Stated Single  - Allowed.



1826 Nov 18

Sydney Government Gazette.  Page 3.

  Crittenden John    Sydney POLICE REPORT:- John Chittenden was charged with absenting himself from his Master’s service on Tuesday  evening last and with not making his appearance till 1 last night when he came home in a state of drunkeness.   Sentenced seven days to the treadmill and then to be returned to his Master. 



1826 Jan 19

17th May  ‘Boum Russell’   Cork   Irish x 33.  M&P 2/8266 Page 129.  Reel 2423. AO Reel 702.



1826 Dec 27 

Sydney Government Gazette.   Page 3. (Tasmanian News).  Cruttenden Thomas Charges Robert Searle with stealing.  Robert Searle was tried for stealing a brooch in the house of Thomas Cruttenden at Pittwater.   It appeared that the man went with Bushrangers to the house of Mr Robert Bethune and was confined by them as a prisoner.   The only evidence against him was that he gave the brooch to an old woman who sold it to one Jacob Billet.   Mr Chuttenden stated the brooch was taken from his person by force by one of the bushrangers not in the presence of the prisoner.   He was acquited.   Criminal Court Tue Dec 5.




NOTORIOUS STRUMPETS AND DANGEROUS CONVICT WOMEN IN VAN DIEMANS LAND 1803 - 1829 AUTHOR - PHILLIP TARDIFF                                                               Page 1058.   Entry No 1182 - CHITTENDEN, ELIZABETH: Police Number:        95.    Convicted @ Surrey Assizes   Conviction Date & Sentence:  17th July 1826.   Life (Death recorded Transported for Uttering a forged Bank of England note.     Gaol Report:   Bad.   Single  Stated this Offence:   Uttering a forged Ten Pound  Bank of England note. Ship’s Surgeon’s Comments:   Orderly.   10th May 1827:   Admitted on the sick list:“This woman had been selected to act as Matron of the Prison, and now began to exhibit symptoms of mental aberration.     The first incoherent idea was, that she had  been poisened by some of the Prisoners, and that she was shortly to die: and she had expressed the greatest fear lest that her clothes or any other property which        belongs  to her, should be made away with by the Prisoners.   I talked with her some time upon many subjects,and she was evidently incoherent upon many points.   I received her into Hospital where it is      my intention to keep her until the voyage be ended, as her messmates are generally Bad Characters,      and perhaps may have aided in producing her complaints by frequently annoying her.   About 8 PM  was sent for from the Hospital, the woman Chittenden very refractory, noisy and incoherent, wishing to turn out all but one, whom she considered a Friend.   I endeavoured to quiet her mind, and she soon got more composed and went to bed.    17th - Spent a very bad night, talked aloud all night disturbing all hands.   Face flushed, eyes heavy and watery, pulse, and heat of surface both natural.   From these and other symptoms I was of opionion that there was a congestion of Blood about her head, and it was not without great persuasion, that she allowed me to take away about sixteen ounces of Blood from per arm… PM Bowels freely opened    and she appears better from the Bleeding but is still incoherent - 18th  - Spent a restless night, mental disease very considerable.   Low diet, rest etc prescribed.   This plan was continued until the 22nd when    she first shewed symptoms of returning sense.   Bowels opened.   23rd Spent a good night, slept sound, is very sensible today:   all her former Ideas of Poison, and stealing have Vanished… this woman from      this date gradually recovered”’   DESCRIPTION;   Native Place;   New Church (Kent).   Trade:   Cook and housemaid   Literacy:    Can read and write.    Height:   5ft 3 ¼  in. Age:   30 (1827)       Hair:   Brown.    Eyes:   Brown.    COLONIAL EXPERIENCES:-  

1829: 5th February.   Absconded from Mr Dowsett, Hobart Town.   (Hobart Town Gazette.

14th Feb 1829)   1829: 3rd September.   Applied to marry Richard Stockdale (No 633), per Princess Charlotte.

1830: 26th May.   Applied to marry Matthew Wheelton (No 497). Per Competitor.   Approved  (married at Hobart Town 20th July 1830).   

1835:  Muster:   Wife of Matthew Wheelton.   

1837: 6th September.   Conditional Pardon recommended (approved 31st January 1840).  No offence recorded since her arrival in the Colony and her conduct certified very  favourably by a Police Magistrate and other Gentlemen.  

1839: 9th March.   Free Pardon recommended (approved 20th November 1840). 




 This was the first of the Persian’s two voyages as a convict transport.   A ship of 399 tons, she had   been built at Quebec in 1826.   Her Master was Robert Plunkett and her surgeon-superintendent, James  Patton.    The Persian sailed from London on 14th April and arrived at Hobart Town on 5th August 1827.   All of her 60 convict passengers survived the voyage.   Patton took great pride in the voyage’s successful completion, particularly, in the non-appearance of scurvy and the strict adherence to his instructions regarding the ‘Prevention of Prostitution betwee the Prisoners and the Ship’s Crew… a fact that perhaps will hardly be credited’ .  During the voyage a minor rebellion amongst the woman, with the connivance of some of the crew, was prevented.   Patton noted, by the prompt action of the Chief Officer (see Mary Page. No 1209).



1834 - 1837

Chittenden Kerry Thomas/Margaret Welsh Margaret Welsh    Age 23     Ship ‘Lady Rowena   Arrived  17.5.1826   PJ 100,   4/4011    397    660   Parramatta Factory    1828 Census    WO 929




CHECK M. Welsh. Age 23. Ship; 'Lady Rowena' 1827. Convict. 7 Years. Parramatta Factory. 1828 Census. W O 929




Colonial Secretary’s Records  - Chittenden Thomas.                                                                   Census.  Chittenden  Thomas.    C1088.   Atlas 3.  Port Macquarie.




Re Thomas Chittenden - Letter written  by Elizabeth Chittenden - stating she  wants her husband assigned to her. He a convict sentence Life - is now  employed at HM Dockyards, Sydney as a Watchman.   They have two children.   Petitions and Memorials;     A O 4/3504 Page 272.



1833 Jan 4

CHITTENDON John  (47) ‘Asia 1'  - John Wood.   Life.



1834 - 37

Chittenden Kerry Thomas/Margaret Welsh    Margaret Welsh   Age 23.   Ship ‘Lady Rowena’   Arrived 17.5.1826.PJ 100.   4/4011   397   660.   Parramatta Factory 1828 Census WO 929.




Convict Marriage Banns.                                                                                                    Cruttenden John.    54W   “Asia” 1820  -  Anne Fox.  Not Approved   Reel 728.   4/2270 2.  Page 18 Maitland   CMB 1840.  




Welsh   Margaret.(26)   Ship:  ‘Elizabeth 5’.  1836.  Bond Master: John Austin Surgeon Supt’: England 12th October 1836.  Standing  No of Convicts 438-36.   Index No 51.  Age 25.    Education Roman Catholic.  Tipperary.   Housemaid - All Work.  Height - 5’2’5.     Ruddy and Freckled.  Brown Hair.   Hazel Eyes.   Scar left Eyebrow.  Burn mark right hand side of neck.   Criminal Court,London 9th April 1836.   Robbing Master Fourteen Years.   One previous conviction.   One Month.   Index 51.  Standing No 438 -536 - 51.   5 Years - Port Macquarie.   No 925.   C 1088.  Convict Marriage Banns 1826 - 1842.   Page 348.




Chittenden George.   Carpenter & Joiner.   Protestant.   27 Years of Age   Native Place:   County of Kent.   Wife: Sarah.     25 Years of Age.  Family:   George 4 years.   Eliza Infant.   En? C Marsden.  Mannery Plains   Ship: ‘ Westminster’.   Date of Arrival.   26th June 1838.   Volume 12.   Assisted Immigrants   AO Reel   1296   4/4780 P 52   4/4836 P 353.



1839 Sep 1

Queensland Shipping - Bounty Passengers.Immigrants per  ‘Cornwall'.   Arriving NSW.   1st September 1839.   A O Reel 1301.   Index of Assisted Immigrants




Chitterdon - William, Mary and family Crittenden - Benerden - James,  7 Years  Farm Labourer  C of E Father:William-Farm Labourer:    Elizabeth  6 Years    House Servant Father: Wickens Stephen  Saine County (Currive) Ann 13, Mary 10 and Elizabeth 4.   William 19th June 1839 (fl). Stephen 13 months  Note: Chittenden not listed in Queensland Muster Rolls 10.12.1859  1.1.1901.




Crittenden Ann (17)   “Cornwall  1 September 1839  GravesendReel 4/4841 Page 356  4/4780 Page 298.         




Immigration Department   Assisted Immigrants in Wards in Sydney  1828 - 1842. AO Reel 1301.                                                                                                                                            Ship:   'Cornwall'.   Embarked UK.   29 July 1839.Arrived Sydney.   1 Sept 1839.   Archives Ref: 4/4841.  Vol 17. Chittenden William       Brought out by Government.   Native of Missrruington (looks like).   Son of John Chittenden, Labourer. Elizabeth his wife of same place.   State of bodily health, strength  and usefulness   Very Good.  Religion:  Protestant.    Farm Labourer.   Age 31.




Chitterton Mary  Native of Lympne.   County of Kent.  Daughter of James Dunster, Labourer,  and Harriet his wife of same place.    Religion:  Protestant. Farm Servant.     Age  22.   Health:   Very Good.    Family:   Margaret 3.   15th June Last.     Henry 1.   18th August last.




(Chittenden -Family History and Posterity of Abraham Marsh Wilde  and Louisa Chittenden. Joyce Wilde.   1968.  Page 199. 929 - 273.  W644WA.               "Abraham Marsh Wilde  (Born 1857)  was the son of  Isaac Wilde and Elizabeth Marsh of Bedford Leigh, Lancashire, England.  He married Louisa Chittenden (Born 1860) of Providence, Utah.   She was born at Camden, NSW,   Australia to  Mary Dunster (Born 1818) and William  Chittenden.   Her parents were born at Lympne, Kent  UK.   Four years after their marriage they emigrated to Australia and settled on farm land  near Sydney.  They were the parents of fourteen children.        Later they were baptised members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Louisa's  parents and some of their children emigrated to Utah and settled near Providence.)      Chittenden   Mary Dunster. ‘Heroines of Mormondum' Salt Lake City.   Juvenile Instructor Office.1884.P 96. (Noble Women's Lives Series 2.).  LDS Book Area.289 309.   H 432.




 Extracts from Information @ Family History Centre, Greenwich:-“Chittenden William.   Farm Labourer.   Brought out by Government. Protestant.   31 years of age.   Date of birth 29th July 1808.   Native Place: Barming, Kent, UK.   Father. John.  Mother. Elizabeth Jordan   Wife: Mary.Farm Servant.   Brought out by Government.   Protestant 22 years of age.  Date of birth. 26th Dec 1818. Native Place. Sion, Jersey Channel IslandsStrabane.   Father: Dunster James. Mother Langford Harriet.  Family: Henry 1 year. Mary Ann 3 years(15th June).Ship: Cornwall  Arrived Sydney: 1st Sept 1839.     ‘This family farmed at Camden amd heard the Gospel.   Elders: Eldridge and Graham converted them.   They migrated to Provo, Utah and some of them died  there.   Some of the children born later in Camden remained here as they  had married out of the church.   A Mr William Andrews who arrived with them on the same ship introduced William Chittenden to two missionaries in Sydney in 1853 and this is where he first heard the Gospel.’”               




Camden - Farm and Village Life in Early NSW - Alan Atkinson. Extract Page 17:-   “Macquarie made his third tour in 1820.   At the central yards he now found a government overseer, and a brick cottage big enough to hold his family and servants.   He named the place Calder, after a lordly kinsman of his wife’s.  He also visited the yards to the west, as Low’s Hill, which he renamed Brownlow Hill.  As ex-Governor he made his last expedition in 1822, farewell visit.   By this time the driving sense of curiousity had left him he went inspect improvements and was pleased but not surprised with what the people had to show him.  The Cowpastures was reduced to some-thing like order at last”




Extract Page 82:   Map 5   Camden, showing tradesmen and midwives at the end of the 1850s.




William @ Mary arrived Sydney 1 September 1839   Children born at Camden Emily  1849.   Elizabeth  1851.   Rachel  1856.   Caroline   1858   Loisa 1860




Research   Camden Bench Books  New South Wales State Archives 1847/54:  4/5526,  4/5527,  4/5528.  1663/65:   4/5529,  4/3431. Cawder Bench Books: 4/3431 63/65, 4/6629 63/65.  Electoral Rolls     Microfilm State Library of New South Wales Record of Tenants-Camden Park A4203, A4209,  A4215, A4216 Mitchell Library.  Camden Censuses     1849 - 1860.   1861




Camden Farm & Village Life in Early NSW. SBN O 19 554951 1  SAG B4 570/1/17  Records of TheChurch of England    SAG M2/10/PAM27 Poor Law Immigration to Australia December 1989.County of Kent:   Rolvenden   171.   Sandhurst   171.   Benenden 83




Chittenden James   Native of Bannerden, Kent.   Son of  William Chittenden.   Farm Labourer.     Very good health.  Religion;  Church of England.   Age 37. Can read and write a little.




Extracts from Information @ Family History Centre, Greenwich:-‘Also on Cornwall.   Crittenden


James (7 years)  Farm Labourer   CofE   37 years of age   Benerden   Father: William FarmLabourer.  Wife Elizabeth (6 years)  House Servant   36 Years of Age.   Father  Wickens Stephen   Saine  County (Currive)? Family:   Ann13 Years  Mary 10 Years   Elizabeth 4 Years   Stephen 13 Months’




Chittenden Elizabeth   Native of Beneden, Kent.   Daughter  of Stephen Dickens of Tenterden.       House Servant.    Religion:   Church of England   Age 36.   Very Good Health.     Family:   Ann  13.  Mary   10.    William    9.  Elizabeth   4.    Stephen   13 Months.



1839. Sep 1

Crittenden Ann (17)   Cornwall      Gravesend    Reel 4/4841   Page 356   4/4780   Page 298




Cruttenden Thomas.   Shoemaker   Protestant Age  21 Baptised 14 Jun 1818 Brede.   Father   Thomas Labourer Mother Hannah  Wife   Allice  Protestant     22 years of age   Baptised 26 Jan 1817   Brede. Whitton   Labourer    Mother Anne.Ship  AmeliaThompson   From  27 Sep 1839 Vol 13 4/4784 P 193 R 4/837 P




Ship:  Bussorah Merchant   Registered London   530 Tons From Plymouth   Arrived Sydney. 6th April 1841. Vol 39  4/4787 P 228 - 2134. R4/4863 P 370.




Crittendon Robert   28 years of age  3 March  Hallington Sussex   Agricultural Labourer.  Could Read.   Brought out by Alex Cambell   Father: William.   Mother:  Elizabeth Turner   Wife:   Elizabeth   24 years of age   28th April    Bexhill Sussex  Could Read. Family: George 3 yrs 7 Dec  Robert 1 year 1 Jan




Crittendon Samuel   35 years of age   Hastings   Sussex   Agricultural Labourer Brought out by Alex Cambell     Father   William       Mother   Isabella Turner.  Wife: Eliza   32 years of age       Hastings  Sussex.   Reads.     Father   Knight Peter Weller     (Dec’d Sailor)   Mother   Knight Jane Churchill.




Crittendon Thomas   32 years of age   27th August   Hallington Sussex. Reads.  Brought out by Alex Cambell.   Father   William.   Wife:   Eliza  32 years of age   25th March   Hallingto Sussex.  Mother Mary Ann Briggs       Widow.   Family: Fanny Elizabeth 10, Harriet 8, Robert 6, Charles 4,  Edwin 1year, 6m.




Crittendon Charles.    Crittendon Edward     Crittendon Eliza ???



1844 Nov 8

Chittenden William       Botany Unclaimed Letter




Ship   "AGENORIA".   1849.   Reel  2135 - 2459. Sailed from Plymouth 7.2. 1849. 4/4786 Page 351.  4/4907 Reel 2135 2459.                                                                             .




342. Chittenden George. {30} Baptised 17.1.1819  Father - John.    Mother - Charlotte (Deceased December 1847 East Ashford 5.005)  Hinxhill   28.2.1819    Farm Labourer      C 131581.7315.




349.   Chittenden Margaret {22} Baptised  4.7.1827      Inteswell.   Kent  C 006323.  2244.     Could read and write.  Farm Servant




Chittenden James   {27} D of B 19.5.1822. Father - John   Mother - Charlotte Hinxhill.   Kent.     Farm Labourer      8003031/1.




Chittenden Jesse  {23}   D of B 21.2.1826  Father - John Mother - Charlotte ?     Hinxhill.Kent       Farm Labourer  8003031/2.   Religion - All Church of England.




Chittingdon Thomas D           George












     From                                 Reel No

1852.Apr 13

  ‘Elizabeth Jane’ 

Mr Chittenden


Wide Bay              SMH

1853.May 29


Chitterden/Chitteston  George  


Melbourne             SMH


‘City of Sydney

Mr Chittenden 


Melbourne                                     400



Crittenden Fanny


George/Prudence                       11805



Thomas Chittenden


d at Wagga-Wagga  79 yrs. 7207  003


"British Commodore"

Chittenden Alice {20}


Sydneyfrom  London UK.              Ref 2486.   9/6289.   4/4799.   P68.  2140.









1874. Aug 21

 'ST VINCENT'  from Plymouth, UK.   74/123.   John Chittenden  (21)   Smith.

1876. May15

‘BENAN’  From UK   272  Walter Chittenden  28 years of age   Labourer Eliza Chittenden  (30)   William   (9)     Louisa   (3)     Rosina   ?.