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Male Prisoners:-

Chittenden Charles

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Chittenden Charles

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Chittenden Charles

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Chittenden F A

re George Proctor M/Friends 1851 - 53

Thomas Chittenden, born West Farleigh, Kent, England, 4th Oct 1792. M131401.   Parents:  Thomas & Dorothy Catharine nee Tap Chittenden.   Was convicted in Kent 17th Jul 1815.   Sentenced to Death for sheep stealing  Granted a reprieve and given Life.   Gaol & Delivery    Native Place, Kent. Calling: Labourer.   Age 23.  Height:  Five feet, ten and a half inches.   Complexion:  Fair/Pale.   Hair:  Light Brown.  Eyes:  Hazel.   Deported from England in 1815 on the ship “Atlas 3”.   Sailed from Portsmouth 22nd Jan 1816.  Arrived in Australia 29th Jul 1816.   Permission to marry at St. John’s, C of E, Parramatta 7th Jan 1822 - Elizabeth Tilliving. Chittenden Thomas    Death   1872.   Age  79             Wagga Wagga. NSW            Ref No:  7003 Tilliving Elizabeth     Marriage  1822   Parramatta, NSW.     Ref No:  V18221095 147B   Australian Convict Records:  1820 Mar 23rd  Colonial Secretary Records    Treliving Elizabeth, per “Lord Wellington” from UK via Ireland        .   Arrived Sydney 20th Jan 1820.       Devon Assizes.   Term  Seven Years.  Servant. Age 23.  1820-21.   Bound Indents.   Listed as Tillevan.     On list of prosiners to be sent to Newcastle, NSW, per “Lady Nelson”.   Seven years general servitude         1822 Jan 7th.   Permission to marry at St. John’s, C of E Church, Parramatta.   Elizabeth Tilliving and Thomas Chittenden.   Elizabeth died 27th April 1834,   Age 37.   Note:   Elizabeth Treleaven, baptism 1797, England ???   In 1925 Thomas Chittenden’s sentenced was reduced by Governor Brisbane prior to his resignation

Transportation Records:

(Cinque Ports Herald, Sat. 26th Aug 1826 p. 3 col 4) “The following convicts were on Saturday removed from the Gaol at Maidstone and put on board the “Granada” at Woolwich for transportation, viz:  Sophia Archer, Eliza Archer, Isabelle Smith and Sarah Ludlow for life, and Elizabeth Welch for 7 years”.               (Cinque Ports Herald 30.9.1826.)  “Andromeda” convict ship being complete and having received on board a guard of 30 men of the  9th Foot will go down the river tomorrow to receive male convicts at Woolworth.”    Kentish Gazette 25th Jul 1815 p 3, col 4:  “Kent Summer Assizes.   Before Lord Chief Justice Ellenborough and Sir Simon Le Blanc, knight.   “A Calender of the Prisoners” includes the following:  Thomas Chittenden, 22, and Samuel Hornsblow, 19, for stealing at Higham, one fat wether sheep, the property of Joseph Soloman.” (6 people and their cases were listed) and (at end of list it stated): “Death - reprieved.”   (and on  p4 - back page, of same newspaper):   “The Assizes for this county terminated on Friday last when 8 convicts received sentences of death but were all reprieved before the Judges left Maidstone.   A calender of the whole of the prisoners, with a concluding report of their trials, are given in the preceding pages.”    Kentish Gazette 1st Sep 1815, back page, under “Canterbury”: (ie local news)  “Early on Tuesday morning last, were removed from His Majesty’s Gaol at Maidstone, under a strong guard, and put on board the “Retribution” Hulk, at Sheerness for transportation, the following convicts: viz:  John Walter.   William Sells.   James Petts.  James Legg.   James Gulden.   Thomas Chittenden.   Samuel Hornsblow.   James Williams.   John Ashdown.  Robert Robertson.   William Newstead.   William Church.   William Johnstone.   James Golding.”