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George Peters Chittenden, A. B. Yale, Vice President of the United Fruit Company 1925-32. Manager of the Costa Rica Division Fruit Company from 1932, born 29 Jul 1879, married 7 May 1916 Jessie Lydis, daughter of Leonidas Carranza of Costa Rica and has issue: (1) George Peters b. 10 Feb 1919. (2) Thomas Gerald b. 16 Sep 1821. (3) William b. 1 Aug 1828. Lineage: The direct ancestor of this family, William Chittenden, was a native of Mardem, in Kent, where he was baptized Mar 1594. He was the son of Robert Chittenden of Marden, and sailed for New Haven Conn., in May 1630. Soon after, he removed to Guilford, and founded the church there. He became a magistrate and lieunt. In the Colonial Militia. By his wife, Joanna (who died in 1665)m daughter of Jacob Sheaffe. William Chittenden had issue, a son Thomas Chittenden, who married Joanna, daughter of John Jordan, and dying 1683, keft issue, two sons. (1) William, of whom presently,and (2) Josiah b. 1677, who married Hannah, daughter of John Sherman. Speaker of the Connecticut Assembly 1711-12, and was ancestor of Simon Baldwin Chittenden, merchant of New York, Member of Congress 1874-81, and of William Lawrence Chittenden of Chittenden’s Ranch, Texas. The eldest son William Chittenden, b. 1666, died 1738, was father, by his first wife, Hannah, of Ebenezer Chittenden b. 1699, who married Mary Johnson, and dying 1756, left a son, Thomas Chittenden, first Governor of Vermont, b. 1730, married Elizabeth Meigs, and died 1797, leaving a son, Truman Chittenden b. 1770, married Lucy Jones, and died 1840, having had a son, Giles Chittenden, married Betsey Hollenback, and was father of Lucius Eugene Chittenden. Member of the Senate of Vermont, Register U. S. Treasury and Acting Secretary of the Treasury, b. 1824, married Mary Gates, daughter of Dr. Horace Hatch, and died 1902, leaving a son, Horace Hatch Chittenden, A. B. Yale, LL.D. Columbia, Attorney of New York, b. 1855, married Bertha Boradul, daughter of George Absolom Peters, and died 1909, leaving issue (1) Gerald (St. Paul’s School, Concord Massachusetts) b. 1882. (2) George Peters, of whom above. Residence – Port Limon, Costa Rica. Clubs: Racquet & Tennis (New York), Tavern (Boston).

Notes by Julia Henderson. Descendant of Mehitable Chittenden:

(1) Thomas Chittenden, was born about 1595, a linen weaver from Wapping, in county Kent, England. He came from London in the “Increase” in 1635, aged 51, with wife Rebecca, aged 40, and children Isaac and Henry. They settled in Scituate, Mass, where his descendants are found. He died in 1668, his will was of 7 Oct and inventory 9 Oct of that year. (2) Isaac Chittenden, born about 1625, came with his father from England and in April 1646 married Martha Vinal, of Scituate. They were the parents of eight children. Isaac was rep 1658, and often after, and was killed 20 May 1676, when Indians assaulted the town. (3) Stephen Chittenden was born 5 Nov 1654 in Scituate. On 6 Nov 1679 he married Mehitable Buck, daughter if Isaac and Frances (Marsh) Buck. Their daughter, Mehitable Chittenden, born 8 Jun 1686, who married Zachariah Damon, is our link to the Chittenden family. Children of Thomas Chittenden and Rebecca ______ : Isaac Chittenden b. abt 1625 at Hawkhurst, Kent, Eng, married Martha Vinal, 12 Apr 1646 in Scituate, Plymouth, Mass. Isaac died 20 May 1676. Henry Chittenden b. abt 1629 at Hawkhurst, Kent, Eng. (Source: Family rec of Mary D. Warren Boddy subm to LDS Archive records). Children of Isaac Chittenden and Martha Vinal (all born in Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts). Rececca Chittenden (twin) b. 25 Feb 1647. Mary Chittenden b. 17 Aug 1648. Israel Chittenden b. 10 Oct 1651, married Deborah Baker 25 Apr 1678 in Scituate. Stephen Chittenden b. 5 Nov 1654, married Mehitable Buck 6 Nov 1679 in Scituate. Mehitable was born abt1657, in Scituate, daughter of Isaac Buck and Frances Marsh, died before 1695. Benjamin Chittenden b. abt 1656, died 26 Mar 1676. Elizabeth Chittenden b. 9 Sep 1658. Isaac Chittenden b. 30 Sep 1663. (Source: N. E. Gen Dic Vol 1 p 381: Middlesex Co., Mass Vol 1 p 108: N. E. Marr prior to 1700 p 151. The Early Planters of Scituate (Vinal Biog) p 374-79, LDS Anc File. Anc File shows Isaac Chittenden was of Wapping, Kent. Name is spelled Chittingden on sailing record. Children of Stephen Chittenden and Mehitable Buck (all born in Scituate, Plymouth Co., Massachusetts). Rebeckah Chittenden christened 9 Jul 1682. Thomas Chittenden christened 14 Nov 1683, married Elizabeth Woodworth in Oct 1707. Mehitable Chittenden b. 8 Jun 1686, married Zachariah (Zachary) Damon 6 Dec 1711 in Scituate.


Connecticut Genealogy, Page 168

This Surname is derived from the corrupt British and Welsh words chy, meaning “house” and tane, “lower” and din or dun “hill”. The name is quite common in England and the spelling, which has been greatly varied, is almost always Chittenden at the present time. Only two families of the name were early immigrants to America. Thomas Chittenden, a linen weaver, came with his son Isaac from Wapping in County Kent, and settled in Scituate, Massachusetts, where his descendants are still found. It is not known whether he was related to William Chittenden, mentioned below.

(1) William Chittenden, immigrant ancestor, came to New England in May 1639 with a company of twenty-five, and in the autumn of the same year settled at Guilford, Connecticut. He came from the parish of Cranbrook, county Kent, about 35 miles southeast of London. He was baptized there in March 1594, son of Robert Chittenden. He was one of six persons to purchase land at Guilford from the Indians and one of the four in authority over the settlement. He was lieutenant of the militia and he had been a soldier in the English army in the Netherlands, and reached the rank of major. He was magistrate of the plantation and deputy to the general court until his death. His land in Guilford remains in the family and was owned at last accounts of Hon. Simon B. Chittenden of Brooklyn, New York, who made it his summer home. William Chittenden died in February 1660-61, aged about sixty-seven. He married in England, Joanna, daughter of Dr. Edmund and Joanna Sheafe of Cranbrook. She married (2) in 1665 Abraham Cruttenden, of Guilford, and died in Guilford 16 Aug 1668. Children: Thomas, mentioned below, Elizabeth married Thomas Wright, Nathaniel, married Sarah ______ , John married Hannah Fletcher, Mary married John Leete, Hannah b. 15 Nov 1649, died 1650, Joseph (twin) born 14 Apr 1652,died 22 Jun 1652, Hannah (twin) died 13 Sep 1674, Deborah b. 12 Dec 1653, died 16 Sep 1674, Joanna.

(2) Thomas Chittenden, son of William Chittenden, was born probably in England and died in Oct 1683. He inherited the homestead, where he resided. He married Joanna, daughter of John and Anna Jordan of Guilford. Children: Samuel b. 20 Sep 1664, William b. 5 Oct 1666, mentioned below, Joanna b. 13 Dec 1668, died 13 Jan 1672, Abigail b. 15 Dec 1670, Thomas b. 12 Jan 1674, died 1722, Mehitable b. 1675, Josiah b. 1677, married Hannah Sherman.

(3) William Chittenden, son of Thomas, was born 5 Oct 1666, died at Guilford 11 Aug 1738. He married (1) Hannah ______ who died 31 Jan 1703, (2) Elizabeth ______. Children of first wife: Ebenezer b. 31 Aug 1699, mentioned below, Hannah b. Jan 1703, married Josiah Bishop, William b. 1706, married Rachel White, Rebecca b. 1708, died 6 Mar 1712, Jared b. 1710, died 18 Mar 1712, Thankful, married Caleb Benton.

(4) Ebenezer Chittenden, son of William above, was born 31 Aug 1699. He married Mary, daughter of Samuel and Mary (Sage) Johnson, and sister of Dr. Samuel Johnson of Stratford. She was born 8 Mar 1699 and died 31 Aug 1770. He resided at East Guilford and died there 8 Aug 1756. Children: Elizabeth b. 7 Feb 1725, died 14 Feb 1725, Ebenezer b. 11 Sep 1726, married Hannah Meigs, Elishaba b. 16 Jan 1728, married Silvanus Evarts, Governor Thomas b. 6 Jan 1730, mentioned below, Timothy b. 15 Nov 1732, married Rebecca Skinner, Abigail b. 4 Sep 1734, married Nathaniel Dudley, Bethuel b. 10 Dec 1736, died 15 Jul 1737, Mary b. 4 Jul 1738, died 8 Sep 1738, Bethuel b. 24 Oct 1730, married Deborah Strong, Mary b. 25 May 1742, married Abel Buell

(5) Governor Thomas Chittenden, son of Ebenezer, above, was born in Guilford 6 Jan 1730. He was educated there in the common schools. He removed from his native place to Salisbury, Litchfield Co., Connecticut, when he came of age and was one of the first settlers and became one of the leading citizens there, holding various civil and military offices. In 1773 he moved to what were known as the New Hampshire grants in Vermont and purchased a large tract of land on Onion river, then a wilderness, afterwards the town of Williston. During the revolution he had to abandon his home on account of its exposed situation. He was a leader in the movement to establish a separate and independent government for Vermont, and in 1778 was chosen first governor of the state, continuing in the office with the exception of one year, until he died.


Connecticut Genealogy. Page 1151

(1) Robert Chittenden was of Marden, near Cranbrook, Co., Kent, England.

(2) William Chittenden, son of Robert, has his baptism recorded at Marden in 1594. He was the immigrant of the family and sailed in William Leete’s Guilford Company from East Guilford, Co., Sussex, adjoining Rye, on the British channel, near Co., Kent, to New Haven, Connecticut, with wife Joan, daughter of Dr. Jacob Sheaffe, of Cranbrook, Kent, and sister of the Rev. Henry Whitfield, first minister of Guilford, Connecticut, the founder of the church, 1 Jun 1639. He had been at one time a soldier in the Netherlands and had reached the rank of Major, he was made lieutenant of the force of the New Haven colony and was magistrate, representative at twenty-seven sessions of the general assembly 1641 – 61, died 1 Feb 1661.

(3) John Chittenden, son of William and Joan, died in Apr 1716. He married Hannah Fletcher.

(4) Joseph Chittenden, son of John and Hannah


Connecticut - Genealogical & Family History of the State

Chittenden:- (11) Nathaniel Chittenden, son of William, (q.v.) lived in Crooked Lane, now State Street, Guilford, Connecticut. He died in June 1691. He married Sarah ---------. Children: Nathaniel, born 10th Aug 1669, mentioned below; Sarah, 2nd Mar 1672-73; Mary, 6th  Feb 1675: Joseph, 6th Sept 1677;  Hannah,15th Mar 1680-81; Deborah, 15th Oct 1682; Cornelius, 1685. (111) Nathaniel (2) son of Nathaniel (1) Chittenden, was born 10th Aug 1669. He married Elizabeth, born 14th Jul 1668. Died 15th Nov 1738, daughter of Thomas and Mary Fletcher Stevens, of Killingworth. Children: Phebe, born 23rd Jan 1691; Timothy, 19th Aug 1694; Elizabeth 7th Mar 1699; Nathaniel, mentioned below. In 1689 he removed to Killingworth. (1V) Nathaniel (3), son of Nathaniel (2) Chittenden, was born 6th Jun 1701. He lived in Killingworth, and died in Havana, August 1762. He married 6th Jan 1725, Lucy Nettleton, who died in Jul 1762. Children: Rebecca, born 28th Sep 1727; Daniel 27th Aug 1729, 21st Jun 1731, mentioned below; Lucy, 25th Apr 1736; Lydia, 21st Jul 1740. (V) Nathaniel (4), son of Nathaniel (3) Chittenden, was born 21st Jun 1731, died in Winthrop, Connecticut, 11th Jan 1820. He married Mehitabel Beebe, born Dec 1733, died 25th Nov 1805. Children: John, born 7th Oct 1757, mentioned below; Mary, 1759; Solomon, 14th Sep 1761; Asahel Jan 1764; Cornelius, 6th Apr 1766; Joseph 1768; Hetty, married George Dee. (V1) John, son of Nathaniel (4) Chittenden, was born 7th Oct 1757. He lived in Westbrook and died there, 10th Jul 1841. He married 26th Feb 1783, Rebecca Merrils, born 20th August 1764, died 13th Apr 1834. Children: Julia born 18th Jul 1784; Daniel 28th Jul 1787; Rebecca 26th Jul 1789; Amelia 26th Jan 1792; Fanny 13th Aug 1794; John 24th May 1797; Alfred 15th Apr 1799; Una 15th Mar 1801; Charles 29th Aug 1803, died 4th Oct 1805; Rev. Charles 27th Sep 1805; Horace 24th Aug 1807. (V11) Alfred, son of John Chittenden, was born 15th Apr 1799. He married 31st Oct 1822, Anna Platts, born 10th Jan 1799. They lived in Westbrook, where he died 22nd Nov 1882. Children: Daniel A, born 16th Sep 1823; Sarah Ann, 22nd Oct 1826; Horace H, born 2nd Apr 1829, mentioned below; Eunice M 1st Jul 1831; Charles Alfred 28th Nov 1835. (V111) Horace H, son of Alfred Chittenden, was born 2nd Apr 1829. He lived in New Haven. He married 23rd Sep 1851, Emily A. Deane, born 10th Mar 1830. Child: Russell H, mentioned below. (1X) Professor Russell Henry Chittenden, son of Horace H. Chittenden, was born in New Haven, 18th Feb 1856. He attended the public schools of his native city and completed his preparation for college in Mr. French’s private school, earning a large part of his tuition by giving instruction to pupils in the lower classes in Greek, Latin and mathematics, and even at that time he manifested a characteristic aptitude for imparting knowledge and inspiring others to work. His preference at that time was for classics, but natural sciences came to have a fascination for him and he planned a course of study to fit himself for the study of medicine. The course he determined upon and pursued has since been adopted substabtially in all medical schools, and it devolved upon him as a life duty to develop the idea in Yale University and set the example for other colleges to follow. Chemistry as applied to physiology was his special study. When he was a student a biological course had been planned at the Sheffield Scientific School, but facilities were lacking for the proper study of the subject . In his senior year, however, an independent physiological chemistry laboratory was provided and while, nominally, it was in charge of a profesor, the practical management of it fell to the student, Russell H. Chittenden, who so keenly appreciated its value and needs. He held the appointment as laboratory assistant. He was graduated from the Sheffield Scientific School of Yale in 1875 with the degree of Ph.B., and his thesis was accorded the honour of publication in the American Journal of Science, and of translation into German for publication in Liebig’s Annalen der Chemie, Leipsic. After graduation he was assistant and instructor, in physiological chemistry in Sheffield until 1882, when he was appointed full professor. He spent the year 1878-79 in Europe, chiefly at Heidelberg University, where he studied under Professor Kuhne. Even at this time his writings on the subject of his research attracted widespread interest among scientists. A series of papers was published in the American Chemical Journal, extending over a period of several years. In the summer of 1882 he accepted the invitation of Professor Kuhne to return to Heidelberg, where a long summer vacation was devoted to a joint investigation into the physiology of digestion. Though constrained to return to his duties at Yale in the fall, this was but the beginning of a long collaboration with Professor Kuhne. Some of their results were published in Munich in the Zeitschrift fur Biologie, and eagerly welcomed by students. Of chemistry and biology as a substantial contribution to the knowledge of the world. His work as a teacher grew to importance as the work of research and the fruits of physiological study in many laboratories was made available. His classes grew large and his instruction essential to all the medical students. He was a member of the governing board before 1898, and since then he has been director and treasure of the Sheffield Scientific School. Six years later was appointed treasurer of the board of trustees. In addition to his duties at Yale he was called upon to lecture at Columbia University New York from 1898 to 1903. Another field of usefulness in which Professor Chittenden rendered distinguished service was on the National Committee of fifty for the investigating party drink problem. He investigated the influence of alcoholic drinks upon the chemical process of digestion and the effects upon secretion, absorption, etc. He received the degree ofPh.d from Yale in 1880; LL.D. in 1903 from the University of Toronto; Sc.D. from the University of Pennsylvania in 1904. Indefatigable in laboratory investigation. Professor Chittenden has displayed equal ability in the presentation of his results in literary form. He became associate editor of the English Journal of Physiology, in 1890 and of The Journal of Experimental Medicine in 1896. He was active in establishing the American Journal of Physiology, of which he is also an associate editor. He is on the staff of the Journal of Biological Chemistry. He published “Studies in Physiological Chemistry” (3 volumes 1885-89) a record of the investigation of himself and pupils, furnishing material which has been utilized in all standard text books since then. He published in 1894 “Digestive Proteolysis,” and in 1901 “Studies in Physiological Chemistry,” Yale Series in 1904 “Physiological Economy in Nutrition,” and in 1907 “Nutrition of Man,”. He has written a multitude of papers for periodicals and learned societies on a wide range of subjects and he has been in constant association with leaders in research and thought in chemistry and physiology. He became a member of National Academy of Science in 1890. He is also a member of the American Physiological Society, of which he has been on the Council since 1887, and was president 1895-1904 of the American Society of Naturalist, of which he was president in 1903; of the Connecticut Academy of Arts and Sciences. And in 1907 he was president of the American Society of Biological Chemists. As an indication of the standing of Professor Chittenden among scientists it is appropriate to repeat the sentence from the address of President Daniel C. Gilman, of John Hopkins University, at the semi-centennial celebration of the Sheffield Scientific School “Nowhere else in this country, not in many European laboratories, has such work been attempted and accomplished as is now in progress on Hillhouse Avenue, unobserved, no doubt, by those who daily pass the laboratory door, but watched with welcoming anticipation wherever physiology and medicine are prosecuted in the modern spirit of research.” In 1908 he was appointed by President Roosevelt a member of the referee board of consulting scientific experts to aid the secretary of agriculture in deciding questions connected with the pure food laws of the country. In politics he is a Republican; in religion a Protestant Episcopal. A lover of nature, he takes delight in outdoor recreation, especially in fishing. His home is at 83 Trumbolt Street. Professor Chittenden married 20th June 1877, Gertrude L. daughter of Charles F. and Hannah Maria (Bradley) Baldwin, who came from County Kent, England. Children: 1. Edith Russell, graduate of Smith College in 1899. 2. Elfred Knight, Ph.B, Yale. 1900: M. F. Yale, 1902. 3. Lilla Millard, born 31st Mar 1885.

(111) Josiah Chittenden, son of Thomas Chittenden (q .v.), was born 1677, and married 8th Jan 1707, Hannah, daughter of John and Elizabeth Sherman, of Woodbury, Connecticut, baptized July 1680. She died 30th Jul 1744, aged sixty four. They lived in the eastern part of the old Chittenden homestead, in Guilford, which had come to him from his father. He died there, 28th Aug 1759. Children born in Guilford: Josiah, 21st May 1710, died 11th Aug 1729; Simeon, 28th Dec 1714, mentioned below; Joanna, 2nd Jan 1716; Mehitabel 28th Jul 1719; Mary, 14th Sep 1721; Abigail, 31st Oct 1723, died 21st Aug 1732.

(1V) Simeon, son of Josiah and Hannah (Sherman) Chittenden, was born in Guilford, 28th Dec 1714, and married 26th Jan 1737, Submit, daughter of John and Mary (Norton Scranton) of Guilford, born 18th Jun 1712. She died 15th Apr 1796. He removed to North Guilford, and acquired a large land property there. He was chosen deacon of the church there, 25th Oct 1760. He served in the revolution, Lexington Alarm, Captain Noah Fowler’s Company, seven days. He died 12th Apr 1789. Children: Mabel, born 5th Nov 1737; Josiah,13th Nov 1739; Simeon, 13th Apr 1742, mentioned below;  Submit, 9th Dec 1744; Mary, 12th Oct 1747; Abel, 2nd Nov 1750; David, 1755.

(V) Simeon (2) son of Simeon (1) and Submit ( Scranton) Chittenden, was born 13th April 1742 and married 15th Dec 1773, Sarah, daughter of Selah and Rachel (Stone) Dudley of Guilford, born 3rd Dec 1746. She died 12th Mar 1841. He lived in North Guilford, where he was a farmer by occupation and noted for his kindness and liberality to the poor. He was killed by a vicious bull, 22nd Sep 1812. Children: born in Guilford: Josiah, 14th Oct 1774, died 23rd Sep 1781; Sally, 9th Jan 1776; David, 23rd Sep 1777; Abel, 31st Aug 1779, mentioned below; Simeon, 1781, died 4th Mar 1782; Lucy, 19th Mar 1783; Ruth, 19th Jan 1785; Rachel, 28th Apr 1787; Simeon, 3rd Jan 1791.

(V1) Abel, son of Simeon (2) and Sarah (Dudley) Chittenden, was born 31st Aug 1779, in Guilford, and married 19th Jun 1804, Anna Hart, daughter of Timothy and Olive (Norton) Baldwin, born 8th Feb 1784. She died 4th Jun 1845. He lived in Guilford on the lot occupied by the first William, and died there 5th Dec 1816. Children born in Guilford: Henry Baldwin 9th Nov 1805, died 27th Jun 1806; Olive Norton, 21st Apr 1807; Sarah Dudley, 21st Dec 1809; Anna Hart, 14th Apr 1812; Simeon Baldwin, 29th Mar 1814, mentioned below; Henry Abel, 29th Apr 1816.

(V11) Simeon Baldwin, son of Abel & Anna Hart (Baldwin) Chittenden, was born in Guilford, 29th Mar 1814, and married (first), 10th May 1837, Mary Elizabeth, daughter of Sherman Hartwell, of Warren, Connecticut, born 29th Sep 1818; died 3rd Sep 1852. He married (second) 11th Oct 1854, Cornelia Baldwin widow of Rev. Walter Colton, of Philadelphia, chaplain in the Navy, and daughter of Oren and Mary R. Baldwin Colton, of Philadelphia, born 13th Feb 1817. Mr Chittenden was for the greater part of his life a merchant and carried on a successful and extensive business first in New Haven, and after 1842 in New York. Until his retirement in 1874, his firm was second to none in financial standing and business enterprise. In the fall of that year he was elected member of Congress from the State of New York, and continued in that office by successive re-election until 1881. He was a ready and forcible speaker. Interested especially in financial matters; on that account he exerted a wide influence in the direction of public affairs. Children: Mary H, 18th Aug 1840; Simeon B, 6th Jun 1845. Mentioned below; Charles S. 11th Aug 1850.

(V111) Simeon B. son of Simeon Baldwin and Mary Elizabeth (Hartwell) Chittenden, was born 6th Jun 1845, in Brook


Chittenden Family. William Chittenden

Chittenden Family. Guilford, Connecticut, and his Descendants, compiled by Alvan Talcott, A.M, M.D, 1882. 263 pages


Massachusetts and Maine 1798 Direct Tax

Thos Chittenden - Chittenden Thos Marblehead 7. Auguss Clapp Guard Chittenden Gideon Clapp Leonard 12. Augustus Clapp Guardn - Chittenden Gideon 12. Augustus Clapp Guardn - Chittenden Gideon - Scituate 12. Isaac Chittenden - Chittenden Isaac 14. Isaac Chittenden - Chittenden Isaac - Princeton 14. Austin Pollyan Chittenden Beniato - Sheffield 20. Chittenden Beriah - Sheffield 20.


Missouri: Official Records, US War Department

Chittenden…….. Member of a ‘gang” with 10 or 12 others near Versailles, Missouri who stole horses. Around 1 April 1862. Ref: The War of Rebellion: A Compilation of the Official Records of the Union and the Confederate Armies. 130 Vol: Washington DC, 1880-1902. Chittenden H. C. Born in Henry County, Missouri on 23 Oct 1840, where he later farmed. In 1862 he enlisted in Confederate Colonel Lewis’ Regiment. He was at the battle of Prairie Grove where he was taken prisoner. After his parole, he returned home having served 6 months a POW. The 1883 history lists him as a farmer. Ref: History of Henry County, 1883.


New England Genealogy Dictionary. Page 381-82

Henry Chittenden. Scituate 1651, son of Thomas, born in England, had Joseph b. 1657, beside Susanna, Elizabeth and Ruth. Died 1713 leaving daughter Elizabeth executrix of his will, in which he devise. To Nathaniel, son of Joseph b. 1694, the lands at Cohasset and mentioned other grandchildren, Mary Morton, Ruth Stetson and Alithea, perhaps sister of Nathaniel.

Isaac Chittenden. Scituate, elder brother of Henry, came to NE with his father, married Apr 1646 Mary, eldest daughter of widow Ann Vinal. Had Sarah, Rebecca twins b. 25 Feb 1647, Mary b. 17 Aug 1648, Israel b. 10 Oct 1651, Stephen b. 5 Nov 1654, Elizabeth b. 9 Sep 1655 and Isaac b. 30 Sep 1663, beside Benjamin, without date of birth, but known to have come before the last, perhaps even earlier, for he was married though without issue when he fell, as a soldier under Capt. Pierce, 26 Mar 1676 in that hard Rehoboth fight, when Canonchet took wild compensation for the cruelty of our N.E. Powers to his father, Miantonomi, the saddest example of judicial blindness in our first generation. Isaac was representative 1658 and often after, and was killed 20 May 1676 following the loss of his son, when the Indians assaulted the town. Sarah married in 1666 Capt Anthony Collamore. (Her name was actually Martha not Mary).

Israel Chittenden. Scituate, son of the preceding, married 1678 Deborah, daughter of Rev. Nicholas Baker, had Nicholas b. 1678, Isaac b. 1681, and Israel b. 1690, in which year he was lieutenant in the sad expedition of Phipps, when Sylvester, Captain John Stetson, ensign of his company, were lost.

John Chittenden. Guilford, youngest son of William, married 12 Dec 1665, Hannah daughter of John Fletcher, had John b. 19 Oct 1666, Elizabeth b. 26 Jan 1669, Joseph b. 26 Mar 1672, Gideon b. 23 Sep 1678, died young, Abel b. 14 May 1681 and Lydia b. 30 Mar 1684. He died Apr 1717.

Nathaniel Chittenden. Guilford, brother of the preceding, by wife Sarah had Nathaniel b. 1 Aug 1669, Sarah b. 2 Mar 1672. Mary b. 16 Feb 1675, Joseph b. 6 Sep 1677 or 1680, Deborah b. 15 Oct 1682, died at 2 yrs, and Cornelius b.1685. He died June 1690.

Stephen Chittenden. Scituate, son of Isaac, married 1679 Mehitable, daughter of Isaac Buck, had Thomas b. 1683 and perhaps other children

Thomas Chittenden. Scituate, a linen-weaver from some part of Co. Kent, it is said, came from London in the Increase 1635, age 51, with wife Rebecca, 40, and those children before mentioned, Isaac, 14 and Henry 6. United with his wife 12 Feb 1637 to Lothrop’s church had grant of home lot 1638 on Kent Street. He died 1668 and his will was of 7 Oct, inventory 9 Nov of that year.

Thomas Chittenden. Guilford, eldest son of William, married Joanna Jordan, perhaps daughter of John, had Samuel b, 20 Sep 1664, died unmarried at 30 years, William b. 5 Oct 1666, Joanna b. 13 Dec 1668, died young, Abigail b. 5 Dec 1670, Thomas b. 12 Jan 1673, Mehitable b. 1675 and Josiah b. 1678, died Oct 1683. William and Josiah had progeny, and one, I know not which, was grandfather of Thomas, the first Governor of the State of Vermont, whose son Martin, Dartmouth College 1789, was also Governor and died 1840.

William Chittenden. Guilford, came from E. Guilford, in Co. Sussex, adjoin Rye, on the British Channel near the border of Kent, with wife Joan, daughter of Dr. Jacob Sheaffe of Cranbrook, in Kent, and sister of our Jacob Sheaffe and of the wife of Rev. Henry Whitfield, with which they came to Boston 1638. He soon went to New Haven, was of the founders of the church at Guilford, 1 Jun 1639, and trustee of the land purchase from the Indians for the first settlement. He had been a soldier in the Netherlands, and reached the rank of major, here was made lieutenant of the force of New Haven Colony and a magistrate for the rest of his days, representative at 27 sessions between 1643 and 1661. died 1 Feb of 1661. His children were Thomas, Nathaniel, John, Joanna, Elizabeth and Mary, all born before the record of town begins. Hannah b. 19 Nov 1649, died next year, Joseph and Hannah, twins, b. 14 Apr 1652, of which the son died in a few weeks and the daughter unmarried died at age 22, and Deborah b. 16 Dec 1653. His widow married 1 May 1665 Abraham Cruttenden, and died 16 Aug 1668. Elizabeth married 16 Jun 1657, Thomas Wright, Jr. of Weathersfield, or possibly a different Thomas Wrigth, Mary married 4 Oct 1670 John Leete, eldest son of the Governor.


New Hampshire, Cheshire County, Alstead - Volume “Alstead Through the Years: 1763-1990”

Chapter ‘Revolution and Secession’ Pages 27-28:- But the tide of change swept swiftly up the Connecticut River, catching Nathaniel Prentice on the wrong side. Vermont moved to join the Continental Congress, meeting in Philadelphia, and sent its representatives to the body in August 1781. The Congress, encompassing both New York and New Hampshire, balked at the notion of admitting a new state whose territory was disputed by two of its members. George Washington himself advised Vermont’s Thomas Chittenden to relinquish all claims to towns east of the Connecticut River, and to the western towns claimed by New York. The Vermont legislature voted to concede on 22nd Feb 1782, and the matter of statehood for Alstead and her sister towns was at last resolved.


New York/Massachusetts - Second Presbyterian Church in West Durham

15 Feb 1818. Lords Day after Divine Service the Church voted to give Thankful, wife of Adney Clark a Letter of Recommendation to any Gospel Church where God in his Providence may cast her Lot as she is about to Remove to a distance and to Give up our watch and Care whenever she shall be united with such a church. Sabbath Day 12 Oct 1823. After Divine Service the Church voted to give Armena Chittenden a letter of Recommendation to the Church of Christ in Victory. At the same time voted to give Betsey the Wife of Giles Ingraham a letter to the Church in Durham. 8 Nov 1823. The Church voted to give Nathaniel K. Doty a letter of Recommendation and Dismission to the Church of Christ in Atica. 1 Jan 1824. The Church voted to give Hepsibah Clark a Letter of Recommendation and dismission to the Church of Christ in Windsor. 5 May 1843. Baptism. Loretta Cordelia, daughter of Leverett & Merinda Chittenden.


New York. Stockport, Columbia County, Chittenden Falls, Capt. Franklin Ellis 1878

“One mile north from Stockport is the romantic hamlet of Chittenden’s Falls. An excellent water-power of thirty-feet head is here afforded by Kinderhook Creek, which was first improved by George Chittenden, formerly one of the proprietors of the Balance of Hudson. Mr Chittenden was a practical paper-maker, and was interested in the first mill in the county, at Stuyvesant Falls, in 1801. In 1809 he put up the second mill in the county, on the west side of the falls, which took his name. Here he manufactured printing, bank-note, and wrapping paper, using machinery which was devised by him, and which, though crude, compared with the present machinery, yet produced paper of superior quality. The mill has been several times enlarged, and is at present supplied with an eighty-four-inch machine and seven engines. It has not been operated the past few years. George was the first town supervisor of the town of Stockport, NY and he belonged to St. John the Evangelist Episcopal Church in Stockport (one of the founding members). On the opposite side of the stream is J. W. Rossman’s paper-mill, in a substantial brick structure, forty-six by one hundred and fifty seven feet. It has been operated in its present condition since 1862, and as a paper-mill since 1846. Before that time the site was occupied by bleaching and white lead works. The mill has a sixty-two-inch and a sixty-eight-inch machine, with four thirty-six-inch engines, and is capable of producing fourteen hundred reams of light wrapping-paper per day. Twenty-five hands are employed. Mr Rossman also controls an excellent water-power on Kinderhook creek, below this point. Cut nails were also manufactured by George Chittenden, and an excellent grist-mill was formerly at this place. Here is also a University-meeting house, which is at present unused.”


Ohio 1812 Taxpayers

Henry Chittenden. Springfield. Portage County. Ohio.


Ohio Marriages Restored Hamilton County

On March 24th 1884 a great tragedy struck Cincinnati. A riot started that evening in the downtown areas and resulted in the burning of the Hamilton County Courthouse. This fire destroyed many of the records that had been kept previously in the courthouse, one of which was marriage license applications and returns.

Heritage Books Inc. 1994 Page 74: 1874 Mar 28th Chittendon William to Brasher, Jemmie

Heritage Books Inc. 1997 Page 45: 1866 Sep 23rd Chittenden James M to Patmore, Eliza J

Heritage Books Inc. 1998 Page 60: 1850 Chittenden, Seth to Hurlbut Harriet.


Vermont, Shelburne Township

“Shelburne is finely watered by La Platt River, a pond covering 600 acres, and by the waters of Lake Champlain. Shelburne Bay sets into the town, about four miles from the north-west, and affords the town a good harbour, and a depot of the interior trade on the beautiful Champlain. A small settlement was made in this town previous to the revolutionary war. The earliest settlers were two Germans, by the name of Logan and Pottier, who commenced upon two points of land, extending into lake Champlain, which still bear the names ‘Pottier’s Point’ and ‘Logan’s Point.’ The first settlers were employed principally in getting out lumber for the Canada market, and tradition says that Pottier and Logan were murdered for their money, near the north end of Lake Champlain, by a party of soldiers sent out from Montreal to protect them from the Indians, on their return after having sold a raft of lumber. The principal religious denominations are Episcopalians ad Methodist. The Methodist Church is the most numerous, and has a neat chapel built in 1831…. There was a small Episcopal parish here under the charge of the Rev. Bethuel Chittenden, soon after the town was settled.”


Vermont, Williston Township

“This is an excellent farming town, of a rich soil, with an uneven surface, but not mountainous. It is very productive of all varieties common to a northern climate… Williston is watered by Winooskie River and some small streams, but its water power is small. Thomas Chittenden was the father of this town. He came here in 1774. He was a member of the convention, which in 1777, declared Vermont an independent state, and was active in procuring its admission into the Union. When the Vermont Constitution was established in 1778, Mr Chittenden was selected as a candidate for governor, to which office he was annually elected, with the exception of one year, till his death in 1797. He was sixty-seven years of age.”


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