1863 Dec 18th Cassius C. Chittenden, aged 18, enlisted as a recruit in Company E, at Worcestor, discharged 1865 Jun 28th. He would have participated in the following battles, as a member of the 8th VT. During those years: Opequont (Winchester) Sep 19th 1864: Fishers Hill, Sep 22nd 1864: Night engagement near Woodstock, also Sep 22nd 1864: Cedar Creek, Oct 19th 1864:  Newton Nov 12th 1864.


Chittenden A. W. Sgt co K 143rd inf died 5.8.1863, bur Hampton Nat Cem, Virginia “


Alanson H born 9.18.1835 Prattswille, en sgt co H 56th inf 9.17.1861 3 r, North Branch, sin son Mathias & Lucinda Chase, cler re en prom to 2nd Lt to Captain - ob “


Albert born 8.28.1842 Prattsville en sgt co K 143rd in 8.15.1862 3 yr, North Branch, sin son Matthias and Lucinda Chase, carpenter died of disease of Fort Monroe 5.11.1863 - ob. “


Alonzo 18 Ohio sin farmer 2 militia 12.63


“ Charles B 26 enrolled at Hudson 1st Lt co g 128 inf dis 8.20.1863  for promotion to captain and asst qm of U.S. volunteers - mor 61-34-


Chittenden Charles B 14 b Tompkins, son Charles B 48 and Rebecca 48 - 6 ch en 64th Inf 8.1862 pri in 8 mon dis with the band = Ithaca 1865


“ Edward S pri 54 Inf 1890 in St Paul Minn


“ George 29 en 8.14.1862 at Jordan, pri Co G 122 Inf out 6.23.1865 at Washington 11-14- Chittenden, George 33, Onondaga, Lab wife Maria 28, 3 ch Fred A 8, Cora 6, Sarah 4 b Onondaga - Onondaga en 122 reg 8 62 marked outelbridge 1865 Elbridge


“ Henry C 32 enrolled 9.3.1863 Sacketts Harbor, captin co G 20th Cav, 3 yr muster revoked and dis 1.14.1864 by order Secretary of War: prior service 35th Inf - agr


“ Henry C en ensign co a 35th Inf 5.1861 Watertown, single lawyer pro to Captain died in Virginia after close of war - ob. 19-15 “ Isaac 49 b Vt mar 2 lab 28 Reg 5.8.61 pvt in 17th monlysander’


“ James 21 en 7.26.1862 Palmyra pri co A 111th Inf wounded 7.2.1863 at Gettysburg, absent wounded 10.29. 8164 no further record


“ James age 21 Enlisted 26 Jul 1862 at Palmyra 111th Inf Wounded in Action 2 Jul 1863 at Gettysburg, PA: tranferred to Co C 29 Oct 1864 while absent


“ John H 25 en Stockport pricog 128th Inf 1.4.1864 dis for dis 8.16.1864 at New Orleans


“ Leroy C 15 en 8.1862 Binghamton, sgt Co D, 109th Inf, prom Sgt major, out 6.4.1865 Delaney House, DC -agr


“ Leroy Cook born 5.26.1837 Greene, en as Sgt, Co D, 109th Inf 8.9.1862.  Binghamton, single, son Adijah Dewey and Miranda Lyon, blacksmith, prom to Sgt Major @ battles of Cold Harbour, North Ann River, mine before Petersburg, Weldon RR Poplar, Grove Church, hatches run, dis 6.10.1864 - Whitneys Point ob


“ Oswald L, 26, en 8.30.1862 Durham, Cpl, Coy C, 156 Reg tran 145th Co, 2nd Batt. VRC 5.20.1864


“ Richard H, en Co a 11 Art or 71 Inf in 1890 in Lyon Co, Minn


“ Richard pri en Atlantic City, NJ. 1890


“ Thomas C Jr enrolled Watertown, appointed major 11.20.1861, 94th Inf, appointed revoked 3.17.1862 out 3.18.1862 not commissioned


“ W. Gus 20 enrolled 8.9.1862 Binghamton, Sgt, Co D, 109th Inf: 1st Lt, out 6.4.1865 DelaneyHouse DC - agr


“ W. Gus born 3.4.1842 Greene, enlisted as Sgt, Co. D, 109th Inf 8.9.1862, Binghamton, single, son of Adijah Dewey and Miranda Lyon, blacksmith, promoted 1st Lt at the wilderness, Spotsylvnia, Cold Harbour, before Petersburg, Weldon Rr and Hatchers run, dis 6.101865. lived Whitneys Point - ob


“ William F born Sep 5th 1835: Yorkshire, New York: enlisted Co D, 154th Inf, died 2 Jun 1923, Lansing, Michigan.


“ William L, enlisted Coy D, 184th Reg - no 1890 in Cadillac, Michigan


“ Jarius Victory married Mary Elliott Waterloo, 26th Dec 1822 by Rev. Lane, gnp. Greene Co: “Capt. Jairus Chittenden, from Durham, born 17th Oct 1745 at Guilford, Conn. Died 1828 at Durham, where he settled in 1787 (from Beer’s History of Greene County) The son of Joseph and Mary Kimberley Chittenden, grandson of John and Hannah Fletcher Chittenden, great grandson of William and Jean Sceaffe? Chittenden. Served as private in Capt. Daniel Hand’s Company: Col. Talcott’s Conn. State Regt. In the New York Expedition of 1776. Enlisted 22nd Mar 1776. Also served as a Minute Man. Married Rebekah Hull, born 1750, died 1781. Their children were Leverett, Hervy, born 26th Mar 1790 and others”.


John Thompson Chittenden, born 1819, Cayuga Co, NY. Served in Civil War, m Eleanor Rollins 1845 and died Livingstone Co., KY 1888. His father was born in England. Mother in NY. per 1850 Boone County, KY Federal Census.


W.W.1.: Lt Robert Chittenden. 89th Div. 340 Field Artillery. His son, also Bob Chittenden, was shot down over Germany in W.W.11 and became a German prisoner in a Stalag Luft. He was liberated by Patton and as soon as he reached American lines, he was operated on for an emergency appendectomy. Lived somewhere in the MidWest. Could be Indiana.


William D. Chittenden. Roster of the Men & Women Who Served in the Army or Naval Services (including the Marine Corps) of the United States or its Allies from the State of North Dakota in the World War 1917-1918. Vol 1.  Inst Call No. D570.85 N9 A5 1918v 1. Page No: 543. Id: 137117.