“A Brief Military History”




Perhaps the most remarkable thing about the Salisbury contingent in the American forces was the number of commissioned officers it contained, serving either in the Connecticut Regiments or with the Green Mountain Boys – remarkable because it shows that Salisbury, even then could produce men of the best type, qualified to command and to share in the conduct of important affairs. One person of special notice was Captain Timothy Chittenden. Dated 5th December 1774, Salisbury, Connecticut: Voted that Captain Timothy Chittenden be a committee man in addition to the committee chosen on the 22nd day of August last to receive in subscriptions for the poor of the Town of Boston. In the company of Lieut-Col Whiting, in the same regiment, served Corporals Isaac Bird and Jonathan Chipman, and Privates Nathaniel Buell, Timothy Chittenden and Lot Norton. This trio of Privates were of the same age, 22 years and died within several years of each other, nearly sixty years later, after most honorable and useful careers.