Abraham Chittenden: Kirbys of New England:  Daniel Johnson of Guilford, Ct., b 4th Oct 1715;  d 18th Jan 1746, son of Isaac Johnson and Phoebe Bristol.  No children. V. Mercy Burgis, b 26th Sep 1719; d 24th Feb 1801; m 15th Mar 1749, Abraham Chittenden of Guilford, Ct., b 16th Feb 1723; d 19th Jul 1810, son of Gideon Chittenden and Abigail Bishop.   They had four children.


Albert Charles Chittenden: b 1849 Nov 8th.   His wife Emily Elizabeth nee Wise, b 1855 Mar 24th. Children:  1973 Oct 10th.  Charles Calib1874 Nov 26th.  Harriet Elizabeth.   1877 Mar 7th.  Albert Edward.   1879 Apr 20th.  William Henry.   1881 Jun 5th.  George Thomas.   1883 Apr 5th.  Mary Ann.   1886 Jan 14th.  John Mead.   (2) 1891 Jun 21st.  Frederick Charles.   1893 May 13th. Alice Mabel.   1894 Nov 6th. Herbert.   1896 Jul 26th. Stuart Lincoln. 1898 Jan 10th.  Cecillia Maud.    (3) 1918 Sep 10th.   Charles Frederick   (3) 1953 Oct 14th. Graeme John.   1956 Aug 9th. Mervyn.     All the above Chittendens reside in South Africa.


Albert Cornelius Chittenden: b 1812, d 13th Mar 1878 Boulder City, CO, cause: Bright’s disease. m 9th Jul 1835. Notes: [from Talcott] “Helped organize the first Wesleyan Church in Westbrook, Conn [where his eight children were born.   He removed to Ripon, Wis, in 1859, and joined the Congregational Church.  He d in Boulder City, Colorado, 13th Mar 1878, 66 years old . He had been an “evangelist”, a vehement opponent of slavery, masonry, etc. and was a farmer with considerable property on Horse Hill, in Westbrook, Conn”. Patience Lavinia Jones b 23rd Jan 1819, Middlesex Co., CT.   Notes:  Father was Asa Jones b 28th Mar 1796 in East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT, mother Lucy Case.   Paternal grandfather probably Capt. Diodate Jones m Mary Smith b abt 1867, d 4th Mar 1813, East Haddam, Middlesex Co., CT., on 1st Jul 1789 in East Haddam.     Children:  Capt Richard Handy Chittenden b 17th May 1836, Westbrook, Middlesex Co., CT., d Brooklyn, Kings Co., NY.  Notes:  Married Lucy Lee Bruce b 5th May 1841, Litchfield, CT., 19th Nov 1861. Children:  Jonathan Brace Chittenden b 13th May 1864.   Richard Percy Chittenden b Jun 1866.   Notes from Talcott:  “Finished course of law study at New Haven and Heidelberg, Germany.   Served in the civil war in 71st N.Y. Infantry, and in 1st Wisconsin Cavalry, in which last was Captain.   Was a Republican campaign speaker in English and German in three presidential canvasses.   Published an exposition of Goethe’s ‘Faust,’ also several essays, speeches and poems….Is in the successful practice of law in Brooklyn, N.Y.”    Albert Jerome Chittenden b 1838, Westbook, Middlesex Co., CT.   Married Eliza Partridge.   Children:  Albert L,  Frances [female],  George,  Robert L b 1878.  Fred Jerome b 1881, who married Ruth Hackett.   Children:  Carlton Lyman b 22nd May 1910, Massachusetts, d 15th Oct 1983, Los Gates, CA.  Francis Jerome.  Barbara. Mildred. Fred. Jr.   Carleton Lyman married Ann Schuster.   Child:  Georgeanne who m Gene DeSomert.


Alfred Chittenden: Loomis Joseph, Descendants:  Lydia Lucretia, b 30th Oct 1828; m Alfred Chittenden 23rd Mar 1851; b 3rd Aug 1827, son of David and Phoebe [Johnson] Chittenden, of Colchester, Conn.   She died 14th Jul 1853, and he married (2) Emily M. Root, 16th Apr 1854.   Child:  Lucretia J, b 1852.


Anna Chittenden: Foote Family:  3486 Ebenezer, b 27th Nov 1776.   Twice married (1) Rhoda Francis, dau of Capt. John Francis of Wethersfield, Conn. 16 May 1797.  She died 27th Apr 1833, aged 54.  (2) Anna Chittenden, widow of Abel Chittenden of Guilford, Conn.   Her maiden name was Baldwin.   She died 4th Jun 1845, aged 61.   Children by his first wife 12.


Arthur Leverett Chittenden married 1903 Sep 4th Anna Laura Gilmore, in Denver, Colorado.   Children: 1904 Oct 13th. Leverett, died 1971 Feb 23rd.   1907 Dec 27th.  Arthur Howe, died 1954 Sep 11th.   1909 Oct 19th. Thomas Judson married 1945 Mary Jane Conway: died and buried 1986 in Minnesota.   1914 Jun 20th.  Virginia Belle, died 2001.   All, except Thomas, buried in Valley Brook Cemetery, 4 miles south of Overbrook, Osage Co., KS.   1909 living in Iowa.   1912 Aug, living in Long Beach, California.   1912 Nov, living in Lawrence, KS.   1914 family living in Topeka, KS., parents remained there until their death.   Ida E. Chittenden, sister of Arthur Leverett, died between 25th Oct 1937 and 29th Jan 1938, buried with her brother in Valley Brook.


Asahel Chittenden and his wife Harriet Treat – Family Bible (Published Hartford CT 1837): Marriages. 1824/9 Mar 25th. Asahel & Harriet Treat. 1861 Sep 18th. Richard L, son of Asahel, & Ella Howard of Elyria.   1867 Feb 14th. Charlotte & George A. Woodward.   1871 Jan 18th.  Henry T & Helen Catherine Mithoff.   1876 Jan 18th.  Sarah B & Robert Lovell.   1892 Jul 27th.  Henry Treat & Hennrietta Bebedick Bassell @ Leeburg, VA.   1899 Jul 12th.  Campbell M & Alice Fitch Cols, OH.     Births:  1800 May.  A. Chittenden.   1810 Jul 7th.  H.H. Treat.   (2nd Gen)  1830 Jul 10th  Richard L.   1833 Jan 1st.  Sterne.   1836 Dec 18th.  Henry T.   1838 Feb 20th.  John C.   1840 Oct 8th.  Harriet E.   1842/4 Oct 29th.  Charlotte.   1847 Feb 20th.  Sarah R.   (3rd Gen)   1871 Sep 16th.  Edith, dau of Henry & Helen.   1874 Apr 6th. Campbell Mithoff Chittenden son of H & H.   1882 Jun 1st.  Helen dau of H & H.   1893 Jul 28th.  Henry Treat Chittenden, son of H & H.      Deaths:  1840 Oct 20th.  Harriet E Chittenden – 12 days.   1866 Jun 10th ?? John Campbell Chittenden.   1887 Jul 8th.  Sterne, aged 54 @ Paradise, PA.   1872 Jun 26th.  Harriet H, aged 62 “Blessed in the Light of the Lord is the death of his saints”.   1880 Jan 5th.  Asahel Chittenden @ 66 East Broad Street (Cols, OH).   1871 Nov 29th.  Edith dau of H & H.   1889 Mar 12th. At 12.30 noon.  Helen K aged 37.   1909 May 30th.  Henry T.   1913 Jun 10th.  Edward Campbell Chittenden.   1916 Mar 22nd. Campbell Mithoff Chittenden.


Clara Elizabeth Chittenden: Soule/Sowle/Sou Family:   4 Charles Watson Soule, b 22nd Sep 1859, Urbana, Ohio; m Clara Elizabeth Chittenden 29th Nov 1882, Warsaw, Ill, b 9th Mar 1861, Warsaw,Ill., dau of William Ward and Helen M [Aldrich] Chittenden of the old  Guilford, Conn., family and of English derivation.     1.  Adella Chittenden Soule b 24th Jan 1884, Cincinnati, Ohio, m Barzilla W. Weller 14th Oct 1903, son of Jacob and Worth Weller.   2.  Eloise Chittenden Soule b 14th Apr 1894, Cincinnati, Ohio.


Cornelius Chittenden: b 8th Apr 1766, d 24th Dec 1858, m 29th Dec 1791, 1st Church of Killingworth, Killingworth, Middlesex Co., CT   He served in the Revolution during 1781 - 83.   From “Connecticut Historical Society Collection”   Lists and Returns of Connecticut men in the Revolution, Vol. 12, p.281 - Cornelius Chittenden enlisted at Killingworth 12th May 1781.   From Steiner’s (?) History of Guilford, p. 431 (?0  In 1781 the Connecticut line was reforming and the Guilford men were put in the 2nd Regiment.   As Killingworth was only 10 miles away, its men were probably included.   At final reorganization of Jan, 1783, the Guilford men were still in the 2nd Regiment.   P.446  They served at Trowbridge (?), in Jersey, at Ft. George, New Haven, Leete’s (?) Island.   From “Early Connecticut marriages” vol VI, Cornelius Chittenden, and Rachel Porter.   Listed in Killingworth in 1810 census.   Talcott says, “enlisted in the Revolutionary Army at the age of 15, served three years under Baron Steuben, was Acquainted with Washington, and claimed the honour of having made Washington laugh on review day, in a conversation about his cousin.   He commenced life without means, and gained a good farm property.   He and his wife held connection with the Congregational Church til they preached too strong upon future punishment, when he left them and joined the Methodist Church.   He left them when they held slavery too light an evil, and helped organize the First Wesleyan Methodist Church in Westbrook, which was sustained by him through severe struggles in the Anti-slavery contest.   He often said the nation must suffer for the crime of slavery.


Curtis Monroe Chittenden b abt 1874, Madrid, Iowa, died abt Jul 1937, Des Moines, Iowa. Buried Pine Hill cemetery, Des Moines.   He was the son of Frank J. Chittenden and Edith J. Moore, married Lottie Florence Green b abt 1874, Boone Co, Iowa, died abt  1962, Des Moines. Iowa.  Buried Pine Hill Cemetery.   She was the daughter of Mr. Green and Mary (Green).   Children of Curtis Chittenden and Lottie Green:   i  Anna Chittenden b abt 1895, died ? married Guy Johnson b ?, died ?.   ii  Dollie Chittenden b abt 1897 married John Moore.   iii  Lillian Chittenden b abt Dec 1899 married Clifford Samuels.   iv  Frank M. Chittenden b abt 1906, Des Moines, Iowa, died 20 Mar 1996, Indianola, Iowa, buried Linn Grove Cemetery, Norwalk, WV.married Grace Helen b unknown, died 14 Mar 1996, Indianola, Iowa, buried Linn Grove Cemetery.   v  Curtis (Bud) Chittenden b abt 1908 married Mildred (Chittenden). vi  Florence Cora Chittenden b 14 Mar 1911, Des Moines, Iowa, died 22 Apr 1956, Des Moines, Iowa, married (1) Charles Elmer Clair 22 Sep 1928, Adel, Iowa, Dallas Co: married (2) Edwin J. Nelson after 1944.   vii Arthur W. Chittenden b abt 1912, Des Moines, Iowa, died 11 Oct 1956, Ilwaco, WA, (Veteran of WW11, married (1) Doris (Chittenden) married (2) Prudence (Chittenden) .   viii Mildred Chittenden, no dates.  Mildred was only 12 years old when she passed away.  No dates.


Daniel Chittenden: Daniel and Grace Chittenden:   Daniel Chittenden, son of Nathaniel and Lucy [Nettleton] b 27th Aug 1729, m Killingworth, CT, Grace Watrous.   Child:  Wise Chittenden, b 17th Apr 1775: m Huldah Buell.


Daniel Barrett Chittenden b abt 1827, Kentucky, died adt 1850.   He was the son of Lyman Chittenden and Eunice Hany, married Ann Eliza Mason 22 Aug 1847, Brown Co. Indiana.   Ann Eliza Mason b abt 1832, Kentucky Indiana, died ?.


Edward A. Chittenden: North John of Farmington, Connecticut:  Children born at Champlain, by first wife;  iAbijah b 5th Dec 1847; d 11th Dec 1884; m Sarah Jane Edwards of Plattsburg, N.Y. 13th Nov 1880. no children.   ii, Achsa Ann b 27th Nov 1849; m Edward A. Chittenden of St. Albans, N.Y. 7th Jun 1871: grandson of Gov. Thomas Chittenden of Vermont:  Resides [1919]  St. Albans.  No children.


Erastus Chittenden: Erastus and Nancy Chittenden:   Erastus Chittenden, son of Stephen and Lucy [Bardsley] b Mar 1784, CT,d Sep 1820, m 1805 CT, Nancy Bissell, b Goshen, CT.   Children:   1.  Sarah Bissell b 18th Jun 1806 m Jared Pratt [of Plattsburg, NY].   2.   William Erastus b 6tj Jul 1808, Goshen, CT. 


Erastus Chittenden: Hinsdale Genealogy:   561.  Rev. Charles James Hinsdale 7 [Epaphras 6 Barnabas 5 Daniel 4 Barnabas 3 Barnabas 2  Robert 1]  son of Epaphras Hinsdale and his first wife, Elizabeth Bowen, b 12th Feb 1796, New York City, d 17th Oct 1871, aged 75.   He first married Catherine Banks Crane 17th Apr 1823, dau of David D. Crane of Newark, N.J. and widow of Erastus Chittenden.   She was b 1st Nov 1792, died 26th Apr 1865.   She was m 26th Aug 1817, to her first husband Erastus Chittenden b 25th Sep 1785, d 17th Nov 1817 at Savannah, Ga.  No children.


Frances L. Chittenden: born about 1821, Adams, Jefferson Co., NY. married circa 1845 Robert McGregor.  Children:  1846 Nov 16th.  Anna M.   1848 May 12th. Susan Gertrude.   1850 April.  William C & Helen A. @ Henderson, NY.   1850 US Census for Henderson, NY:   William J. Chittenden, age 15, Occ: Clerk. Residing with McGregor family.   The family moved to Albion, MI before 1860, moved to San Mateo, CA.   Last known address, 1895, St. Matthew’s School, San Mateo.


Frank J. Chittenden b 3 Apr 1852, Greenfield, Hancock Co. Indiana, died 7 Mar 1934, Madrid, Douglas Twp, Iowa. He was the son of Daniel Barrett Chittenden and Ann Eliza Mason, married Edith J. Moore 30 Oct 1873, Knox Co. Illinois.   Children of Frank Chittenden and Edith Moore:   i Lilly Chittenden, married Basil Pierce.   ii Clara Chittenden, married Frank Clarke.   iii  Curtis Monroe Chittenden b abt 1874, Madrid, Iowa, died abt Jul 1937, Des Moines, Iowa, married Lottie Florence Green.   iv  William F. Chittenden b abt 1887, Des Moines, Iowa, died 27 Mar 1962, Waterloo, Iowa.


Gideon Chittenden: Gideon and Abigail Chittenden:   Gideon Chittenden, son of Joseph and Mary [Kimberly] b 3rd Feb 1698, Old Guilford, CT, d after 1781, Milford, CT. m 21st Mar 1721 Abigail Bishop, dau of Samuel and Abigail [Wetmore] b 19th Apr 1701.   Children:   1.   Abraham b 16th Feb 1723.   2.   Millicent b 5th Apr 1725, d 6th Dec 1814, N. Bristol, CT: m 6th Apr 1749, John Hopson, Guilford, CT, b 6th Apr 1727, d 2nd Aug 1786.   3.  Abigail b 17th Mar 1727.   4.  Prudence b 14th Oct 1729.   5.   Giles b 8th Dec 1731.   6.   Miles b 15th Jun 1734.   7.   Stephen b 9th May 1739.   8.   Catharine b 9th May 1747.


Giles Chittenden: Giles and Temperance Chittenden:   Giles Chittenden, son of Gideon and Abigail [Bishop] b 8th Dec 1731, d abt 1812, New Milford, CT, m Temperance Bishop, dau of Ebenezer and Mehitable [Chittenden] b 1st Mar 1732.   Children:   1.  Loraine, m Daniel Camp.   2.   Temperance, bap Jun [Jul] 1766.   3.  Giles b 21st Nov 1800, New Milford, CT, bap Jun[Jul] 1766.


Giles Chittenden: 1 Giles (2) Chittenden (Thomas 1) was born 30th Jul 1768 in Salisbury, Conn, USA, died 28th Feb

He married Mary Hawley 5th Apr 1790, Arlington, Bennington Co., Vermont, dau of Andrew Hawley and Ann Hard.   Notes for Giles Chittenden:  Burial at the Old Cemetery, Williston, Chittenden Co., Vermont.   Notes for Mary Hawley:  Burial at the Old Cemetery, Williston, Chittenden Co., Vermont   Children of Giles Chittenden and Mary Hawley are: 2.  i. Elizabeth Ann (3) Chittenden born 5th May 1791 in Williston, Chittenden Co, Vermont; died 5th Jan 1808 in Williston.  Buried at the Old Cemetery, Williston.   +  2.  ii.  Florilla Chittenden born 14th Dec 1792 in Williston, died 8th Jan 1878.   4.  iii.  Mary Chittenden, born 7th Aug 1794 in Williston, died 24th Dec 1820 in Williston.   5.  iv. Eli Chittenden born 26th Jan 1797 in Williston.   He married (1) Charlotte Moore 4rd Feb 1822.   (2) Marian F. Faris 31st Oct 1867 in Plattsburgh, Clinton Co., New York.   Notes for Charlotte Moore:  Burial in Lakeview Cemetery, Burlington, Chittenden Co. Vermont.   6.  vHarvey Chittenden, born 25th Dec 1798 in Williston.   7.  viMinerva Chittenden, born 21st Jan 1801 in Williston. Died 10th Sep 1848 in Detroit, Wayne Co., Michigan, married Hiram Burnham.   8.   vii.  Lucy Marilla Chittenden, born 12th Jan 1803 in Williston, died 16th Dec 1879.   She married (1) John Mitchell.  (2) Anslem Bray.   9.   viii  Emily Chittenden, born 2nd Aug 1805 in Williston, died 7th Oct 1805 in Williston.   Buried  the Old Cemetery, Williston, Chittenden Co.   10.  ix.  Noah Chittenden, born 4th Jan 1808 in Williston, died 3rd Dec 1864.   He married Sarah Miller.   + 11.  x.  Nelson Harvey Chittenden, born 17th Jul 1810 in Williston, died 9th Jan 1895 on Niles, Alameda Co., California.   12.  xi.  Orson Hawley Chittenden, born 22nd Jan 1812 in Williston, Chittenden Co, Vermont, died 28th Sep 1825 in Williston.     Generation No. 2.   3.  Florilla (3), Chittenden (Giles 2, Thomas 1) born 14th Dec 1792 in Williston, Chittenden Co.., died 8th Jan 1978.   Married Isaac Tichenor Hyde.   Children of Florilla Chittenden and Isaac Hyde: +  13i  Mary  C (4) Hyde.   Nelson Harvey (3) Chittenden (Giles 2, Thomas 1) born 17th Jul 1810 in Williston, died 9th Jan 1895 in Niles, Alameda Co, California.   Married Caroline Elizabeth Reed 20th Oct 1837 in Williston, daughter of Elijah Reed and Polly Morton.   Children of Nelson Chittenden and Caroline Reed:  14.  i.  Giles Eli (4) Chittenden, born 27th Jan 1839 in Flint, Genesee Co, Michigan.   15.  ii.  Henry Reed Chittenden, born 23rd Jan 1842 in Flint, Genesee Co.   16.  iiiGeorge Nelson Chittenden, born 8th Jul 1846 in Flint.   17.  iv.  Charlotte Elizabeth Chittenden, born 17th Sep 1854

in Flint.     Generation No 3:  13.  Mary Chittenden, (4) Hyde (Florilla (3) Chittenden, Giles (2), Thomas (I))   Married Sylvester Deming.   Children of Mary Hyde and Sylvester Deming are:   18.   i.  Martin Hyde (5) Deming.  19.  ii. Sylvester Deming.


Giles Chittenden: Giles and Samantha Chittenden:   Giles Chittenden, son of Giles and Lavinia [Todd] b 1800[01] New Milford. CT d 5th May 1885, Homer, NY.   1st m 8th Jun 1836 Samantha McWhorter, dau of Dr. John and Catherine [Young] of Cincinnatus, NY. b 28th Jul 1811, d 9th Nov 1839.   2nd m 23rd Dec 1840 Mary Ann McWhorter [sister of 1st spouse] b 6th Aug 1817, d 21st Jun 1846, Homer, NY.   3rd m Mrs Olvia Penney Munson, d Mar 1893, age 83 yrs.   Children: [by Samantha McWhorter].   1. Lavinia S Chittenden.   [by Mary Ann McWhorter]   1.   Son who died.   2.   Catherine.


Grace Chittenden: Holmes Genealogy:   He? Married Grace Chittenden 10th Nov 1791 in Salisbury.   Grace was b 23rd Mar 1766, Killingworth, Conn, died 1834, York, N.Y. dau of Daniel & Grace [Watrous] Chittenden


Henry Newton Chittenden: b 1840, Westbrook, Middlesex Co., CT.   Adelaide Lavinia Chittenden b 7th Apr 1843, Westbrook, Middlesex Co, CT. d 1925.    Alson Cornelius Chittenden b 29th Jul 1845, Westbrook, Middlesex Co, CT. d Marshall, MN.  Married Agnes Hill b 7th Jan 1849,Leith, Scotland 5th Jan 1872.   Children:  Rodney A.b 22nd Nov 1873.  Walter R. b 6th May 1880.   Notes from Talcott book 1882:  ‘Is engaged in a prosperous mercantile business in Marshall, Minn.’   Caroline (prop Dency) Chittenden b 1849, Westbrook, Middlesex Co, CT, d Brooklyn, Kings Co., N.Y.  Married Dr. Joseph M Turner.   Children:  Albert Turner b 1877.   Florence Turner b 1879.   Herbert Turner b ?   All born Brooklyn, Kings County NY

Ezra P. Chittenden b 1851, Westbrook, Middles Co., CT.    Emma Rhodella Chittenden b 1853 Westbrook, Middlesex Co., CT.     Albert’s Family:  Cornelius Chittenden b 6th Apr 1766, d 24th Dec 1858, m 29th Dec 1791. 1st Church of Killingworth, Middlesex, Co., CT.   Albert Chittenden’s father was Cornelius, who served the Revolution during 1781 - 1783.   From “Connecticut Historical Society Collection”  Lists and Returns of Connecticut men in the Revolution, Vol. 12 p. 281. - Cornelius Chittenden enlisted at Killingworth 12th May 1781.   From Steiner’s  “History of Guilford, p. 431.  In 1781 the Connecticut line was reforming and the Guilford men were put in the 2nd Regiment.   As Killingworth was only 10 miles away, its men were probably included.  At final reorganization of Jan 1783, the Guilford men were still in the 2nd Regiment.   P.446.  They served at Trowbridge, in Jersey, at Ft George, New Haven, Leetes Island.  From “Early Connecticut Marriages” Vol. VI, Cornelius Chittenden, and Rachel Porter.   Listed in Killingworth in 1810 census.   Talcott says, “enlisted in the Revolotionary Army at the age of 15, served three years under Baron Steuben, was acquainted with Washington, and claimed the honor of having made Washington laugh on review day, in a conversation about his cousin.   He commenced life without means, and gained a good farm property.   He and his wife held connection with the Congregational Church till they preached too strong upon future punishment, when he left them and joined the Methodist Church.   He left them when they held slavery too light an evil, and helped to organize the First Wesleyan Methodist Church in Westbrook, which was sustained by him through severe struggles in the Anti-slavery contest.   He often said the nation must suffer for the crime of slavery.   He had 10 sons and 7 daughters?.   Three daughters, named Polly, Mehitabel, and Susan, died in childhood at nearly the same time, and were buried in the same grave.”.    Rachel Porter b 5th Jun 1770, Tolland Co., CT. d 5th Nov 1848, Westbrook, Middlesex Co., CT. married 29th Dec 1791 and had 6 children, of whom Albert C. Chittenden was youngest.


Isaac Chittenden: 1. 1625-1676 married Martha Vinal.   2.  Sarah Chittenden, 1645/46-1703 married Anthony Collamore, 1640-1693.   3.  Peter Collamore married Abigail David.   4.  Isaac Collamore married Thankful Curtis.   3.  Elizabeth Collamore married Timothy Symmes.   4. Timothy Symmes married Mary Cleves.   3.  Mary Collamore 1667- married Robert Stetson 1670-1760.   4.  Jemimah Stetson 1694/95- married Daniel Damon.   4.  Anthony Stetson 1693-1747 maried Anna Smith.   4.  Gideon Stetson married Lydie Pitcher.   //  1.  Elijah Stetson 1686/87 - 1775 married Ruth Chittenden


James McCarthy Chittenden: born 1813, died 1890, wife: Mary Wise, born 1814, died 1871 married St Leonards Episcopal Church, Upper Deal, Co. Kent 1834.   Children:  William Ashby, born 1834 - lost at sea on ship “Madagascar” 1853.   Charlotte, born 1835, died 1836.   Mary Frances Curling, born 1837, married John Tucker, in New Zealand.   Elizabeth Ann Charlotte, born 1839, married Henry Clayson in New Zealand He drowned at Timaru, N.Z., 1860.   She then married William Avery Wood.   They drowned 11 Jan 1866 on voyage from London to Melbourne, Australia.   Steamship “London” foundered in the Bay of Biscay off the coast of Spain.   Charles Thomas, born 1841, died at the Admiralty 1899, married Sarah Sinclair Jeffery in Deal.   James John, born 1843, died 1860 in Calcutta, India.   Emma Jane, born 1845, married Henry Wilkins in Deal.   Susanna Sarah, born 1847, died 1848.   Henry Wise, born 1849, died 1849.   Henry Wise II, born 1850, married Mary Hanna Castle in Deal.   Annie Harriet, born 1852, died 1879, married James George Westlake in London.   Ellen Ashby, born 1855, died 1856.   Alfred William, born 1857, died 1944, married Amy Elliot 1879 in Texas.   Edward Walter, born 1861, married Caroline Pilcher in Folkstone.   Children: Alfred William Chittenden, born 1857 at Deal, Co. Kent, died 1944 in San Antonio, Texas, married Amy Elliot, born 1859, Ashford, Co. Kent, died 1950 in San Antonio, Texas.   Children:  Annie Jessie Marion, born 1880, died 1979.   Henry Ernest, born 1882, died 1939.   Walter Morris, born 1885, died 1886.   Bert Walter,born 1887. Died 1956.   Alfred, born 1889, died 1959.   Amy Winifred Emma, born 1891, died 1893.   Arthur James, born 1893, died 1983.   Fredrick Stanley, born 1896, died 1972.   Nellie Ethel Norris, born1898, died 1997.   Leslie Douglas, born 1900, died 1982.   Edwin Bert, born 1912, died 1993.    Carolyn Chittenden Lilie daughter of Leslie Douglas.


Jared Chittenden: Douglas Genealogy: Asena 6 Douglas [Joshua 5, John 4, Thomas 3, Robert 2, William 1]  born in Montville, N.Y. 19th Sep 1783; m 29th Jul 1894 Jared Chittenden of Westmoreland [his second wife] whither her parents had removed from Montville about 1795.  She died at Central Square, 30th Dec 1851.  Mr Chittenden was born 3rd May 1756 at Guilford, Conn.   He served under Washington in the Revolution; enlisted in 1775 and served until Nov 1783.   He died  2nd Apr 1828 at the old homestead near Clark’s Mills, N.Y.


Jared Chittenden: (1) m Rowena Barnes 19th May 1825, b 27th Nov 1806  died in North Guilford, CT.  Children:-  Angeline Chittenden b 18th Nov 1826, died 21st Oct 1856.   Lucy Ann Chittenden b 24th Oct 1828, died 1844.   Rhoda Barnes Chittenden b 21st Apr 1831.   Eliza Matilda Chittenden b 18th Dec 1833, died 21st Sep 1843.   May Elizabeth Chittenden b 24th Oct 1840.   Levi Odell Chittenden b 28th Sep 1844.   (2) Elmer Dwight Lane b 27th Sep 1857, North Guilford, CT married Mary Eunecia Chittenden.   Child;- Flora Jennette Lane.   (3)  Jared Chittenden m Hannah Brockett b 25th Mar 1774 in North Haven, CT.


Jeannette Chittenden: The Cooley Genealogy.   James Cooley m, 1823, Jeannette Chittenden; she was the eldest daughter of Abraham and Deborah (Fowler) Chittenden of Guilford, Conn.   After the death of James Cooley, she m (2) Jun 1837, at Carthage, Ill., Jonathan Ely (Union College 1821) of South Hadley, Mass.  He d Jun 1847, Cincinnati, Ohio, and she m (3) Nov 1860 Robert Neil of Columbus, Ohio.   Jeanette Chittenden Cooley-Ely-Neil died 12th Jul 1899, aged 93, at Urbana.   There were no Cooley children.


John Chittenden: John and Hanna Chittenden:   John Chittenden, son of William and Joanna [Sheaffe] born 1643, Guilford, CT, died Apr 1717, Guilford, CT. m 12th Dec 1665, Guilford, CT Hannah Fletcher, dau of John [of Milford, CT]   Children:  1.  John, b 19th Oct 1666.   2.  Elizabeth, b 26th Jan 1669.   3.  Joseph, b 26th Mar 1672.   4.  Gideon, b 23rd Sep 1678, d 1679.   5.  Abel, b 14th May 1681.   6.  Lydia, b 30th Mar 1684.


Jonathan Chittenden: Thomas Stanton and His Descendants:   761.  Nathan 6 Stanton [Daniel 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3,  6 Joseph 2] b 1797; d in Newport, R.I.; m Eliza A dau of Jonathan and Tryphena [Howd] Chittenden of Killingworth, Conn.   She was b 26th Jan 1798..   Jonathan Chittenden’s ancestry is as follows:  Daniel 5, Nathaniel 4, Nathaniel 3, Nathaniel 2, and William 1, who came to America in 1639 and was one of the original settlers of Guilford, Conn.     760 Stephen 6 Stanton [Daniel 5, Daniel 4, Daniel 3, 6 Joseph 2] b about 1795: m Nancy Chittenden, b 1st Jan 1796 dau of Jonathan and Tryphena [Howd] Chittenden of Killingworth, Conn. They lived in Newport, R.I..     1  Abigail 6 b 18th May 1785; m John Budlong; no children.   758  II Thomas 6, b 21st Jan 1789; m Hannah Burdick.   759 III  Abel 6, b 28th Mar 1791: m Abby, dau of Amos Kenyon.  IV Daniels 6, b; died single.   760 V Stephens 6, b ?; m Nancy  Chittenden.  


Joseph Chittenden: Joseph and Mary Chittenden:   Joseph Chittenden, son of John and Hannah (Fletcher) b 26th Mar 1672, d 11th Sep 1727, Guilford, CT, m 26th Aug 1692, Mary Kimberly, dau of Nathaniel and Mary of New Haven, CT, born Apr 1671, d 14th Jan 1742.   Children:  1.  Deborah b 28th Jan 1692, Old Guilford, CT.   2.  Patience b 19th Jan 1696, Old Guilford, CT.   3.  Gideon b 3rd Feb 1698, Old Guilford, CT.   4.  Daniel b 15th Mar 1699, Old Guilford, CT.   5.   Joseph b 25th Jan 1702, Old Guilford, CT.   6.  Thankful b 27th Jan 1704, Old Guilford, CT.


Lanzo Chittenden: (1) Lanzo Chittenden b NY.   (2) Truman Spencer Chittenden b 27th Sep 1884 NY.   (3) Morris Orlando Chittenden b 27th Feb 1862, Park Ridge, IL.   &   Gertrude May Goodier b 5th Jan 1876, Burlingame, KS.  (4) Ruth Isabelle Chittenden b 28th Jul 1913, Chicago, IL.


Leverett Safford Chittenden: b 14 Nov 1833 m Almira Melvina Howe in Little Rock, IL.   Children:  1856 Aug 29th.  Edna Virginia died 1944 Dec 22nd.   1859 Mar 12th.  Ida Lizzie died after 1900.   1861 Jun 17th.  Stephen.   1864 Jun 29th May Belle.   1868 Aug 23rd. Albert.   1872 Apr 18th.   Arthur Leverett died 20 Jul 1957, KS: buried Valleybrook Cem, Overbrook, KS; m Anna Gilmore, b 31 Jan 1876.   During married life, lived in Topeka, KS.   1.  Leverett Chittenden, b 13 Oct 1904, died 23 Feb 1871, buried Valleybook Cem, Overbrook, KS.   2.  Arthur Howe Chittenden, b 27 Dec 1907 died 11 Sep 1954, buried Valleybrook Cem, Overbrook, KS.   3.  Thomas Judson Chittenden, b 19 Oct 1909 died 1986, m Mary Jane Conway.   4.  Virginia Belle Chittenden, b 20 Jun 1914.   1900 Census Illinois, Almira was widowed and living with Fred, Arthur and Ida in Naperville, Il.   Edna was living in La Grange, IL


Luther Chittenden (1765 – 1816) was the son of Betheul (1729 – 1806) and Deborah (Strong) Chittenden. Bethuel migrated from Guilford, New Haven, CT, to Salisbury, Litchfield, CT, and afterwards to Tinmouth, Rutland, VT, and to Shelburne, Chittenden, VT, where he died suddenly.   He was ordained Priest in the Protestant Episcopal Church by Bishop Seabury at New London, in 1794.   Luther Chittenden married Diana ???.   Two known children: Hiram (circa 1800 – 1808) and Harry (1806 – 1871).   Harry Chittenden married Lucretia Sutton, 8th Feb 1829, in either Chittenden Co., Vt, or in St. Lawrence Co., NY.   He later married Clarrisa G. Allen (1856) and then Mahala H. Symonds (1858).     1.  (1) Harry Chittenden b 22nd Feb 1806 in Shelburne, Chittenden Co., Vt. Died 4th Jun 1871 in Potsdam, St Lawrence, NY. married Lucretia Sutton b 30th Mar 1809 in Shelburne, Chittenden Co., Vt. Married 8th Feb 1829 in Shelburne, Chittenden Co., Vt. Died 23rd Jun 1854 in Louisville, St. Lawrence, NY.     2.  Sally Chittenden b 9th May 1830 in New York married Edward Jordan (b Abt 1823 in England) 22nd Feb 1849 in Louisville, St. Lawrence, NY..     2.  Ellen Chittenden b 22nd Aug 1832 in New York married John Richards.     2.  Hiram Chittenden b 3rd Aug 1834 in New York died 31st Jul 1836 in New York.     2.  Ruth E. Chittenden b 30th Jul 1837 in New York married William W. Bailey (b Abt 1836 in New York) 25th Feb 1857 in Louisville, St. Lawrence, NY.     2.  Harriet Chittenden b 5th Feb 1841 and died 10th Feb 1841 in New York.     2.  Henry H. Chittenden b 5th Feb 1841 in New York married Amanda ??? (b Abt 1849 in New York) Abt 1870 in Potsdam, St Lawrence, NY.     2.  Diana L. Chittenden b 12th Aug 1847 in Louisville, St. Lawrence, NY died 24th Oct 1873 in St. Lawrence Co., NY.  m John Wallace Blair (b 1st Mar 1845 in Canada or New York) 1869 in Potsdam, St. Lawrence, NY.  d 4th Apr 1911 in Boulder, Boulder, Colorado.   Buried 6th Apr 1911 Riverside Cemetery, Gibbon, Buffalo, Nebraska.   Second Wife of (1) Harry Chittenden: Clarrissa G. Allen, born Abt 1816 married 20th May 1856 in St Lawrence Co., New York, died 9th May 1857.   Third Wife of (1) Harry Chittenden: Mahala H. Symonds b Abt 1820 in New York married 3rd Jan 1858 in St. Lawrence Co., NY.     2.  Hannah Mahala “May” Chittenden b 6th Oct 1860 in St. Lawrence Co., NY. married Ira Daniel Butler (b 10th Jun 1859 in Postdam, St. Lawrence, NY) 27th Nov 1881 in St Lawrence Co., NY.     2.  Frankie Viola Chittenden b 22nd May 1863 in St. Lawrence Co., New York.


Lydia Chittenden: Spelman Genealogy:   132 Samuel 5Robinson [Content 4 Robinson, Amy  3 Spelman, Richard  2, Richard 1] Was born in Guilford, Conn.,  16th Sept 1795, d  7th Apr 1866, Hartford, Conn; m (1) Lydia Chittenden 23rd Sept 1819, Guilford, b 7th Dec 1794, d 13th Dec 1824, Madison, Conn, age 30, dau of Abraham and Lydia [Baldwin] Chittenden: m (2) Mrs Ann [Curtiss] Baldwin, 12th Sept 1827; b 1806, Durham, Conn, d 9th Oct 1830, dau 0f John and Ruth  [Parmelee] Curtiss of Durham, and widow of George Baldwin.   Mr Robinson was a graduate of Yale College in 1817.   He was a teacher in Madison, Conn., in Guilford, Conn., and in Brooklyn, N.Y., for many years [N.E. Hist’l and Gen’l Reg’r].   He represented the town of Madison, Conn., in the State Assembly and was Judge of Probate there.

Spelman Genealogy:   129  i Sarah Robinson b 3rd Jun 1787; m Isaac Benton. 130 ii Henry Robinson b 20th Dec 1788; m (1)  Wealthy F. Brown; m (2) Mrs Mary C. [Gay] Judd.  131  iii Elizabeth Robinson, b 12th Mar 1791; m Colonel John B. Chittenden.


Lyman Chittenden born 26 Apr 1779 in Columbia, Hillsdale, New York, died 14 Aug 1843 on Hancock Co. Indiana. He was the son of Moses Chittenden and Hannah Ingraham, married Eunice Hany, before 1798.   Eunice Hany born abt 1771 in Massachusetts, died 13 Oct 1851 in Knox Co. Illinois, Buried Van Guider Cemetery, Know Co. Illinois. Children of Lyman Chittenden and Eunice Hany:   i  John Hany Chittenden b 15 Sep 1798, Ontario Co. New York, died ?, Occupation: Chair & Cabinet Maker, Farmer,  married Mary Atlanta Mitchell 1 Nov 1818 in ?, b 12 Jul 1801, Westerley, Washington, Rhode Island, died 23 Oct 1871. buried Union Cemetery, Switzerland Co. Indiana.  ii  Eder  Barnum Chittenden b abt 1803, New York, died ?, occupation: Judge. married Paulina Bates 29 May 1823, Gallatin Co. Kentucky, b abt 1804, Kentucky, died ?.    iii  George Washington Chittenden b abt 1809, New York, died ?, married Anna Van Guilder 21 Oct 1830 b abt 1811, Ohio, died ?.   iv  Charles Giles Chittenden b 8 Sep 1810, New York, died 18 Sep 1855, Hancock Co. Indiana, Buried Park Cemetery Center Twp, Hancock Co, occupation Wagon Maker, married Margaret Read 29 Nov 1846, Hancock Co. Indiana, b abt 1820, Ohio, died ?.   v  Lyman Ingram Chittenden b abt 1812, New York, died ?, married Nancy Castator 16 Sep 1830, Shelby Co. Indiana b abt 1812, Kentucky, died ?.   vi  Eunice Adelia Chittenden b 12 May 1814, Batavia, New York, died 29 Apr 1901, Milo, Iowa, buried Longton, Kansas, married George Washington Churchman in ?, b 3 Sep 1810, Lancaster, Pennsylvania, died Dec 1878, Longton, Kansas, occupation Farmer.   vii  Nancy Jane Chittenden b abt 1815, New York, died ?.   viii  William Riley Chittenden b abt 1818, Virginia, died ?. occupation Carpenter, married Elmira Jane Robinson 12 May 1844, Hancock Co. Indiana, b Jul 1823, Virginia, died 16 Feb 1890, Indianola, Warren Co. Iowa.   ix  Mary Ann Chittenden b abt 1819, died ? married Cyrus Cooper 31 Mar 1839, Hancock Co, Indiana, b ?. died ?.   x  Allen Joseph Chittenden b 22 Jun 1823, Kentucky, died ?, occupation Wagon Maker, married Hannah Brooks 14 May 1844, Hancock Co. Indiana b abt 1825, died ?.   xi  Daniel Barrett Chittenden b abt 1827, Kentucky, died aft 1850, married Ann Eliza Mason 22 Aug 1847, Brown Co. Indiana.   Ann Eliza Mason b abt 1832, Kentucky, Indian, died ?.    Daniel Barrett Chittenden was listed in the Illinois Census 1850 as a physician – under George and Eunice (his sister) Churchman.   They were in Iroquois Co. District N 21st.


Lyman J. Chittenden: 1. Lyman J Chittenden, born 1805 in New York, and died in Resident of Portland, Oregon in 1880.   He    married Nancy Castator, 16th Sept 1830 in Shelby Co., Indiana, daughter of Peter Castator and Susannah ??? She was born 1812 in Kentucky.   Notes:  1860  Chittenden Lyman, Cumberland Co., IL Crooked Creek Pre 1880 Chittenden Lyman, Multnomah Co., OR. 253 Morrison Pct E Of 5th S.   On the 1850 Shelby Co., Indiana census, Susannah Castator, Nancy’s mother was living with them.   She was listed as age 74, born Pennsylvania.     Children of Lyman Chittenden and Nancy Castatori.  Arthur A. 3 Chittenden, b 1832, Kentucky: m. Nancy Hinman, 5th Feb 1848, Ohio Co, Indiana.   ii.  Charles G Chittenden, b. 1834, Kentucky: m. (1( Margaret Read, 29th Nov 1846, Hancock Co., Indiana: m. (2) Cheity Payne, 14th Sep 1858, Jasper Co., Illinois.  iii.  Edward B Chittenden, b. 1836, Kentucky.   iv.  Lydia Ann Chittenden, b. 1838, Kentucky.   v.   William Jefferson Chittenden, b. 13th Feb 1841, Shelbyville, Indiana: d. Jasper Co., Indiana: m. Sarah J. McCray, 1870: b. Henry Co., Indiana.   vi.   John W. Chittenden, b. 1842, Kentucky.   vii.   George P. Chittenden, b. 1844, Kentucky.   viii.  Adrian A. Chittenden, b. 1847, Kentucky.   ix.   Lyman D. Chittenden, b. 1851, Shelby Co., Indiana


Mary Chittenden: Leete John:  (VI) John (2) son of Governor William Leete b 1639, said to have been the first white child born in Guilford, d 25th Nov 1692; m 4th Oct 1670 Mary Chittenden b 1647, dau of William and Joanna [Sheaffe] Chittenden; d 9th Mar 1712.   Children:  Ann b 5th Aug 1671.  John b 4th Jan 1674.  Joshua b 7th Jul 1676.  Sarah b 16th Dec 1677.  Pelatiah b ?Mehitable b 10th Dec 1673.  Benjamin b 26th Dec 1686.  Daniel b 23rd Sept 1689.


Mary Chittenden: Dudley Genealogy:  40.  Jared 4 Dudley (Capt. William 3, Joseph 2, William 1)  a farmer of Guilford, b 17th Nov 1727: d 14th Jun 1811: m 25th Dec 1754 Mary Chittenden, dau of Daniel Chittenden. She died 18th Nov 1821, aged 92.   56.  i  Selah 5 b 10th May 1745.  ii  Sarah b 3rd Dec 1746; d 12th Mar 1841 m 15th Dec 1773 Simeon Chittenden son of Simeon and Submit [Scranton] Chittenden of Guilford.  Simeon was b 13th Apr 1742 and was killed by a bull 22nd Sep 1812, age 70.  Children:  1.  Josiah 6, b 14 Oct 1774 d 23 Sep 1781.  Sally b 9th Jan 1776 d 24 Oct 1843, unm.   3. David b 23 Sep 1777 m Lucy Fowler.   4. Abel b 31 Aug 1779 m Anna H. Baldwin.  5.  Simeon b 1781, d 4th Mar 1782.  6.  Lucy b 19th Mar 1783 m Daniel Fowler.   7.  Ruth b 19th Jan 1785 d 15th Jan 1786.   8. Rachel b 28th Apr 1787 m John Fowler.   9.  Simeon b 3rd Jan 1791 m Jerusha Fyler.    Nabby Dudley b 12 May 1768 m Daniel Chittenden   viii  Mabel b 22 Nov 1751 d 11th Feb 1795 m 16th Jan 1777 Benj Chittenden, son of Samuel  Children:  1.  Samuel 6, b 12th Nov 1777; m (1) Lucinda Collins.   2.  Joel b 13th Nov 1785 m Sally Carter. ix Hannah b 23 Apr 1754 d 7th Aug 1810 m 15th Jan 1788 Abraham Cruttenden, he died 28th Nov 1837.   92.  William Miles 6, Dudley (Medad 5, Medad 4, William 3, Joseph 2, William 1) b 27 Sep 1804; a Justice at North Guilford, Conn. In 1839; m 1st Nov 1835 Mary Chittenden, b 27th Sep 1804 dau of David Chittenden. No children.     ii  Henry Chittenden b 9th May 1836: m 16th Oct 1861 Anna E Parmelee.   He died 17th Jan 1863 in the Army.   iii  Elizabeth Russell b 25th Jun 1838; m 3rd Jan 1876 John William Norton of Guilford.   iv  James Ambrose b 21st Aug 1840 m 13th Oct 1870 Emelyn M. Griswold.  v George Chittenden b 1st Sep 1842.   vi William Russell b 1st Mar 1849, a Prof at Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y.     91. Samuel William 6 Dudley (Ambrose 5, Medad 4) was a Deacon, Justice, Representative, Senator, etc; die 11th Dec 1881.   He m 2nd Jan 1833 Lucy Ann Chittenden dau of David Chittenden.   He lived in North Guilford, Conn Emma Rhodella b 1853 Westbrook, Middlesex Co., CT.


Moses Chittenden born 29 Sep 1748, died May 1802 in Green River, New York.   He was the son of Joseph Jr. Chittenden and Patience Stone.   He married Hannah Ingraham 19 Jan 1765.   Hannah Ingraham born 26 Aug 1750 in Woodbury, Litchfield Co, Connecticut, baptism 2 Sep 1750 at Washington, Conn, died Unknown.   She was the daughter of Junia Ingraham and Hannah Durkee.   Moses Chittenden: Military service, Revolutionary War – 17th Regiment of Albany Co. Militia (N.Y.).   Children:  i. Benjamin Chittenden b 25 Jun 1769, died Unknown, married Phanna Loper b Unknown, died unknown.   ii  Nathan Chittenden b 7 May 1771, married Lois Dibble b abt 1775.  iii Hannah Chittenden b 26 Apr 1773, married Ithiel Platt b abt 1770.   iv  Molly Chittenden b 22 Feb 1775, married Platt Dibble.    v  Ruany Chittenden b 11 May 1777,  married Ebenezer Platt.   vi  Lyman Chittenden b 26 Apr 1779 in Columbia, Hillsdale, New York, died 14 Aug 1843 in Hancock Co. Indiana, married Eunice Hany before 1798?. vii Moses Chittenden b 17 Jul 1781, died unknown, married Sylvia Beach b abt 1785, died ?. viii Abner Chittenden b 26 Nov 1783 in Green River, Colombia Co. New York, died ?, asp, married Hannah Andrews b 1785, died ?.  ix Rhoda Chittenden b 24 Jan 1786, married Joseph Gladding.   x  Junia (Josiah) Chittenden b 30 Apr 1788.  Lived in Steventown NY,  had a large family.   xi  Betty (Betsey) Chittenden b 26 Oct 1792, married Orren Harmon.   xii  Herman (Heman) Chittenden b 3 Jul 1795.


Nathaniel Chittenden: Nathaniel and Sarah Chittenden:   Nathaniel Chittenden, son of William and Joanne (Sheaffe), born ? died Jun 1691, Guilford, CT., m Sarah [_____]. Born ?, died ?.   Children:   1.  Nathaniel Chittenden, b 10th Aug 1669: m Elizabeth Stevens, b 1668, d 1738.   2. Sarah, b 2nd Mar 1672: m James Patterson.   3.  Mary, b 1675: m May 1699, Thomas Boreman.   4.  Joseph,b 6 Sep 1677: m 28th Mar 1708, Mehitable Price.   5. Hannah, b 15th Mar 1680.   6.  Deborah, b 15th Oct 1682, died 1684.   7.  Cornelius, b 1685, d 13th Feb 1774: m 30th Jan 1734, Margaret Abigail Rutty.


Nathaniel Chittenden: Nathaniel and Elizabeth Chittenden:   Nathaniel Chittenden, son of Nathaniel and Sarah [____] b 10th Aug 1669, Connecticut, died ?. 1st May 1690, Elizabeth Stevens, dau of Thomas and Mary [Fletcher] b 14 Jul 1668, died 15th Nov 1738, CT [aged 70 yrs].   2nd m Mary Fletcher.   Children:  1.  Phebe b 23rd Jan 1691, CT: m 16th Mar 1724, William Kelsey, Killingworth, CT.   2.   Nathaniel b 6th Jun 1701, d Aug 1762: m 6th Jan 1725, Lucy Nettleton.   3.  Timothy b 19th Aug 1694, d 2nd Nov 1767: m 14th Feb 1722, Dorothea Stevens, Killingworth, CT.   4.  Elizabeth b 17th Mar 1699, CT: m 2nd Jun 1719, Robert Hurd, Killingworth, CT.


Nathaniel Chittenden: Nathaniel and Lucy Chittenden:   Nathaniel Chittenden, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth [Stevens] b 6th Jun 1701, d Aug 1762, m 6th Jan 1725 Killingworth, CT, Lucy Nettleton.   Children:  1.  Daniel Chittenden b 27th Aug 1739.


Reuben Chittenden: Born 1758 who moved to Brattleboro VT, then moved to Otsego NY, married Sarah Johnson. Son Robert born 1789 married Miranda Peck. Son Leroy born 1841 married Mary McClelland. Son Alton D. born 1871 married Sadie B. Schadt in 1893. Daughter Imelda Alice born 1894 in Aspinwall, PA.


Stephen Chittenden: Stephen and Lucy Chittenden:   Stephen Chittenden, son of Gideon and Abigail [Bishop] b 9th May 1739 d Kent, CT, m 26th Sep 1765, Lucy Bardsley [widow, ofNew Milford, CT]   Her 2nd m. 1808 Asabel Stone d 1812.   Children:   1.   Miles b 28th Mar 1767.   2.  Stephen b 1768.   3.  Lucy b CT.   4.   Ruth b CT.   5.   William.   6.   Nathaniel.   7.   Dolly.   8.   Erastus b Mar 1784.  


S. B Chittenden: Of the Syrian Protestant College & Beyrout – Ottoman Empire.   John Lee and his Descendants.   Mrs Timothy Chittenden. 120.


Thomas Chittenden: Was born in 1584 in Hawkhurst, Kent.   His wife was named Rebecca, who was born about 1595 in Kent and died in Scituate.   He was a linen weaver.   He and his family sailed from Wapping on the ship “Increase” in 1635.   On Feb 1, 1638/39 he was declared freeman.   In 1646 he was one of the Conihassett Partners.   He died before Oct 7, 1668 when his will was probated.   Their children were:-  1. Isaac Chittenden c1621 - 1676 + Mary Vinal c1625- 2. Henry Chittenden c 1625 - 1713.   Isaac Chittenden was born about 1621 in Hawkhurst, Kent, and came with his father on the “Increase”.   He married Mary Vinal or perhaps Martha Vinal on Apr 15, 1646, in Scituate.   She was born about 1625 in Biddenden, Kent, the daughter of Stephen and Ann Vinal, and died in Scituate.   He died fighting Indians in Scituate on May 20, 1676 during King Philip’s War.   Their children were:-   1.  Rebecca Chittenden (twin) 1645/46.   2. Sarah Chittenden (twin) 1645/46 - 1703 + Anthony Collamor Abt 1643 - 1693.   3.  Mary Chittenden 1648.   4.  Israel Chittenden 1651.   5.  Stephen Chittenden 1654.   6.  Elizabeth Chittenden 1658.   7.  Isaac Chittenden  1663.   8.  Benjamin Chittenden aft 1663.


Thomas Chittenden: Thomas and Joanna Chittenden:   Thomas Chittenden, son of William and Joanna (Sheaffe) born England, died Oct 1683 m Joanna Jordan, dau of John, born ?, died ?.   Children:  1.  Samuel b 20th Sep 1664, d unm. At age 30 yrs.   2.   William b 5th Oct 1666.   3.   Joanna b 13th Dec 1668.   4.  Abigail b 5th Dec 1670.   5.  Thomas b 12th Jan 1673.  6.  Mehitable b 1675.   7.  Josiah b 1678.


Thomas Chittenden: Son of Ebenezer 4, William 3, Thomas 3, William 2, and Mary (Johnson) Chittenden was born 6 Jan 1729/30 Guilford, Ct and died 25 Aug 1797 Wiliston, Vt.  Thomas married 4 Oct 1749 Salisbury, Ct to Elizabeth Meigs.   She was the daughter of Janna Vincent and Elizabeth (Dudley) Meigs.  She was born 17 Oct 1731 Guilford and died 14 Oct 1817 Williston.   Children born in Salisbury, Ct:  1. Mabel b. 7 Oct 1750 m. Thomas Barney.   2. Noah b. 26 Sep 1753 died 9 Jan 1835 in Jericho Center Cem. M 7 Mar 1782 Sally Fassett. i. Hannah b. 24 Aug 1795.   3. Hannah b. 13 Jul 1756 m. Issac Clark.   4. Mary b. 18 Sep 1758 m. Jonas Galusha.   5. Elizabeth b. 17 Feb 1761 m. James Hill.   6. Beulah b. 23 May 1763 m. 1. Elijah Galusha. m. 2. Matthew Lyon.   7. Martin b. 12 Mar 1766 died 5 Sep 1840 Williston m Anna Bentley.   8. Giles b. 30 Jul 1768 m. Polly Hawley.   9. Truman b. 10 Sep 1770 died 1 Feb 1858 Williston m. Lucy Jones.:i.  Anson died 27 Jun 1855 Williston.   ii.  Elijah G d. 30 Apr 1840.   iii.  Lucy Maria d. 23 Jul 1824 at age 24.   10. Electra b. 27 Jul 1773 m. Jacob Spofford son of Jonathan.


Timothy Chittenden: Timothy and Dorothea Chittenden:   Timothy Chittenden, son of Nathaniel and Elizabeth [Stevens] b 19th Aug 1694, CT, d 2nd Nov 1767 [aged 73 yrs] m 14th Feb 1722, Killingworth, CT Dorothea Stevens,dau of John and Abigail [Cole] b 8th Oct 1697.   Children:  1.  Elizabeth Chittenden b 22nd Nov 1722, CT: m 28th Dec 1744, John Wright, Killingworth, CT.   2.  Dinah b. b 28th Jan 1724: m 3rd Nov 1752, Samuel Teal.   3.  Phebe b 28th Jan 1725: CT, d 25th Feb 1747, CT: m 12th Jan 1744, Benjamin Jones, Saybrook, CT.   4.  Timothy b CT: m 18th Nov 1756, Abigail Ward.   5.  Reuben b 28th  Oct 1755, CT, d 28th Oct 1755.   6.  Dorothea b 17th Jul 1813, CT, d 17th Jul 1813.   7.   Prudence b Jul 1738, CT: m Eliakim Stevens.


Timothy Chittenden: Lee John and His Descendants:  81.  I. Robert Walker b 30th Sep 1787, d 13th Feb 1820.   82.  II.  Love b 24th Jul 1789, d 5th Dec 1793.   83.   III.  William Graham b 31st Oct 1791. Graduated at Williams College 1814, d 1st Dec 1815.  A young man of great promise.   84.  IV.  Herman Bushnell b 11th Feb 1795, d 14th Dec 1814.   85.  vElizabeth Odingsell b 22nd Oct 1799; m Deacon Timothy Chittenden 1st Nov 1837; b 28th Dec 1792, son of Timothy Chittenden of Salisbury, Conn.  He was an iron manufacturer at Salisbury


Truman Chittenden: Pardee Genealogy:   1. Clarissa, said to have m ??? Armington of Canada and Ill.   2. Esther, d 23rd Oct 1822, age 24: m Stephen Mann, Jr., who m (2) Lucia Pardee (No. 80, iii).   3.  Lyman.   4.  Ransom.   5. Susan: m Joseph Mann.  Perhaps others.   Josiah was at one time resident of Richmond, Vt., with his brothers Edward and Jabez, and sister Lucy wife of Truman Chittenden [son of Gov. Thomas Chittenden]  (1770 – 1840?)


William Chittenden: Willis Family History:   1.  Rev. Edward Sheaffe, D.D., baptized at Cranbrooke, England, 17th Mar 1559, by his first wife Elizabeth Taylor, m 30th May 1586; had issue:  2.  Edmund m Elizabeth Cotton, dau of Sampson Cotton, London.   2. Margaret m Robert Kitchell (at St. Mary Bredin, Canterbury, 21st Jul 1632 By a second wife, Joanna, he had issue:   2.  Dorothy m Rev. Henry Whitfield [leader of the Guilford Company].   2.  Joanna m William Chittenden [+ one of the Guilford company}]   2.  Jacob, b 4th Aug 1616 m Margaret Webb [+].   Jacob Sheaffe [+ one of the Guilford settles and one of the  ‘seven pillars’ of their church.]   His widow married Rev. Thomas Thatcher of Boston: so he and Robert Kitchel, Rev. Henry Whitfield, their first minister, and William Chittenden, were brothers-in-law as well as co-emigrants.”


William Erastus Chittenden: William E and May Chittenden:   William Erastus Chittenden, son of Erastus and Nancy [Bissell] b 6th Jul 1808, Goshen, CT, d 13th Feb 1880, Cleveland, Ohio.   1st m May Bebee, of Jackson, Michigan.   2nd m Agnes Kraft.   3rd m Sep 1846, Ann Eliza Smith, dau of John and Ann [Chapin], b 14th Sep 1820, died 27th Dec 1907.   Children by May Bebee:   1.   William Frederick.   2.   Twin died.   3.   Twin died.