National Memorial Cemetery, Phoenix, Maricopa Co.,




Fred W. Chittenden

1937 Apr 1st

1987 Mar 5th

US Air Force TSgt Res: Martinez

5 Mar

I.O.O.F. Cemetery, Prescott, Arizona

Clarke Augustine Chittenden

NJ 28 Jan 1865

A. T. 6 Feb 1901

Plot 5-139. Marker

Remarks:  “Sacred to the Memory of / Nunc Placida Compostus pace quiescit

William Riley Chittenden.

Indianola, 1A. 17 Oct 1859

near Prescott, AZ 30 Jul 1943

Plot 10-71

Parents:  William Riley & Elmira Jane (Robinson) Chittenden


Fort Rosecran National Cemetery, Point Loma, San Diego

Albert Oliver Chittenden

1912 Apr 17th

1995 Feb 12th

Res: Salona Beach CA 24 Feb

Dorothy T Chittenden

1912 Aug 8th

1993 May 22nd

Burial 1993 Jun 2nd

Fort Rosecrans Cemetery, Riverside Co

Howard Chittenden

1912 Jan 18th

1990 Dec 18th

US Army Pvt Res: Palm Springs

21 Dec

Michael E Chittenden

1943 May 10th

1994 Oct 15th

US Air Force Sgt Res: San Clemente

26 Oct

Golden Gate National Cemetery, San Mateo

John Strong Chittenden


1 Sep

Inglewood Cemetary, Inglewood

Homer Thomas Chittenden

1833 Feb 16th


Charlotte Belle (Allen) Chittenden

1856 Jul 10th 

1922 Jul 13th

dau of Homer Thomas

National Cemetery.  Los Angeles

Edwin Arthur Chittenden

1900 Nov 24th

1963 Jul 9th

Sgt. US Army

11 Jul

Murvin Lorenzo Chittenden

1900 Sep 13th

1954 Sep 15th

Pvt. Co. M. 415th

20 Sep


Columbia Cemetery, Boulder, County

Albert C. Chittenden

1878 Mar 13th

age 66

C1 - 2NE


Congregational Cemetery, Kent County

Samuel Chittendon, Dr

1825 Oct 1st

age 34

Indian River Cemetery

Fanny Hull (nee Chittenden)

wife of Joseph Hull (IM)

age 71

1866 Apr 24th

Jordan Cemetery, Waterford, New London Co

Annie L. Chittenden


(In John G Monroe lot) b 1866

age 24

Linwood Cemetery, Colchester, New London Co

Frank S Chittenden

1851 Dec 21st

(In Alfred Chittenden lot)

age 1 year 3 months

Alfred Chittenden

1901 May 24th

age 74

buried 3rd Aug 1827







Joel Chittenden


age 57


Hosmer Chittenden


supposed to have been lost at sea with Charles Chittenden and Franklin Chittenden

no ages given

Samuel Chittenden


age 68


Child of Samuel Chittenden


no age given


Widow of Samuel Chittenden

1864 Feb 7th

age 83


Jonathan Chittenden

1869 Nov 4th

age 67







St Andrews Cemetery

Lucy Chittenden

1814 Oct

mother of Stephen

age 66

Stephen Chittenden

1825 May 25th

husband of Lorrain

age 57

Charles A Chittenden

1828 Oct 11th

son of Lorrain & Stephen

age 29

Lorain Chittenden

1844 Mar 31st

wife of Stephen

age 71

Mary C Chittenden

1850 Nov

dau of Harriet

age 3 months

Harriet T Chittenden

1855 Dec 30th

dau of Fred & Emily

age 28

Emily T Chittenden

1856 Aug 6th

wife of Fred

age 49

Frederick Chittenden

1869 Aug 13th

age 65






Souls buried at Montowese Cemetery, Quinnipiac Avenue and Nettleton Avenue, New Haven CT

Lois Chittenden

1894 Nov 19th

age 79







Summer Hill Cemetery, Madison, New Haven Co

Frederick H Chittenden


b 1688 ????






Union Cemetery, Killingworth, Middlesex Co

Mabel Chittenden

1844 Jun 20th

wife of Frederick H

age 27

David Chittenden

1871 Jul 28th

age 71

C Austin Chittenden

1890 Sep 12th

2nd Lt, Co. 1. 1 Regt. H.A., CV


Olive A. Stone

1892 Oct 13th

wife of Henry Chittenden b 1856

age 36

Edgar F. Chittenden


b 1854

age 63






West Cemetery, Madison, New Haven Co

Hannah Chittenden

d [ Feb., crumbled.]

wife of Ebenezer


Henry A Chittenden

1834 Dec 25th

age 20

Hosmer E. Chittenden

1844 (lost at sea)

in 28th year

Samuel Chittenden

1846 Feb 23rd

age 68

Samuel H Chittenden

1864 Oct 17th

son of Henry & Emeline


Julie A. Chittenden

1875 Aug 8th

b 6th Dec 1783 (In Ebenezer Walkley lot)

age 91 yrs 8 m

Emeline Chittenden

1878 Jul 11th

(In Henry Chittenden lot)

age 70

Chapman W. Chittenden

1880 Dec 29th

age 62

Samuel C. Chittenden

1886 Dec 3rd

b 22nd Sep 1811

age 75

John N. Chittenden,

1895 Mar 2nd

b 25th Dec 1827

age 68

William F. Chittenden

1902 Jun 18th

age 77

Charles M Chittenden

1903  b 1838

(On Caut. Samuel B. Gladding monument)

age 65

Samuel H Chittenden

1909 Feb 14th

b 1845 Nov 18th

age 64

Kittie Dalano Chittenden


b 1855 “her children”?

age 74

Edward Elliot Field

1929 Mar 21st

wife Ellen Chittenden b 25th Nov 1859

age 70






Westchester Center Cemetery, Colchester, New London Co

Adelaide A Risley


wife of Loren C Chittenden b 1858

age 73






“New Jefferson Rural Cemetery.  Located off Jefferson Heights Road in Catskill, Greene County… vroman) Armenia E. Chittenden 1802-1878 Curtiss B  Chittenden… 1802-1878   Curtiss B  Chittenden 1802-1841”  ???












National Cemetery, Bushnell, Sumter Co

Ralph Edward Chittenden

1954 Feb 22nd

1994 Sep 13th

US Coast Guard TN

B 1994 Oct 19

Richard E Chittenden

1932 Jan 20th

1992 Jun 5th

US Navy skg 3 Res. Winter Haven

Jun 11







Abraham Lincoln National Cemetery,  Elwood, Will County

Robert A Chittenden

1922 Aug 6th

1999 Dec 18th

US Air Force. 2nd Lt. Res:  Lisle

22 Dec






Maple Hill Cemetery, Westfield, Clark Co., Il., - Lot 4:-

Rev. Lyman S. Chittenden

b 1819 Aug 5th

1892 Jun 13th

Chaplin 67 Reg. Ind Vol. Civil War


wife Hannah Chittenden

b 1819 Feb 27th

1884 Jun 8th



dau Annie  Morgan

b 1841 Jul 31st

1889 Jun 3rd

@ Carthage, Rush Co, Ind

age 49

dau Emeline Shuey

b 1842 Jan 26th

1913 Dec 4th



son George Sylvester Chittenden

b 1855 Dec 31st

d 1931 Jan 28th



wife (1) Laura (Monroney) Chittenden

b 1860

d 1899



2) Loretta “Rettie” (Drake) Chittenden

 b 1858 Nov 3rd 


Westfield Clark Co., Il d 1947 Jul 20th







Otterbein Cemetery, Hutton Twp, Coles Co

Viola Alvena Chittenden

b 1851 Oct 27

d 1866

dau of Lyman S & Hannah

Mar 11th






Rock Island National Cemetery, Moune, Rock Island Co

Albert Henry Chittenden

1897 May 8th

1962 Nov 8th

Chauf 1/CL.2 Aero Sqnd

13 Nov

William D Chittenden


1939 Apr 7th

Burial 1939 Apr 12th













Marion National Cemetery, Grant County

Charles H Chittenden


1913 Dec 20th

Pvt. CO A 88th Indiana Inf

23 Dec






Zion Cemetery, Switzerland  Co

John Wesley Chittenden


1904 Oct 31st

Age: 79y 11m 23d


Mary Catherine Chittenden


1895 Dec 17th














Grandview Cemetery, Fayette

Ada Beryl Chittenden

14th May 1896

19th Feb 1988

Married 1st Oct 1920













Fairview Cemetery, Cherryvale, Montgomery Co

Edna Chittenden



“Stone of Edna E“ & “Howard M”

Book H Lt 7

Howard Chittenden



“Stone of Edna E” & “Howard M”

Book H Lt 7






Greenlawn Cemetery, Pratt, Pra

Charles Chittenden


Aug 18th  1942



Georgie May





Joana M


Dec 21st   1955








Lyndon Cemetery. Osage Co

Ravaurd Chittenden



36th Ill Regiment


Margaret Fell Chittenden



Wife of Ravaurd. Civil War Nurse


Ovid Chittenden


Sep 13th 1889


age 13 yrs, 1 month NE

Jennie Chittenden


Oct 1st 1885


age 4 yrs, 4 months.NE






Valley Brook Cemetery, Osago Co

Anna Laura Chittenden

1876 Jan 31st


nee Gilmore During married life lived in Topeka, KS.

Age 73 NE

Arthur H Chittenden

1906 Dec 27

1954 Sep 11th

Kans Sgt. 262 General Hosp WW11


Arthur L. Chittenden

1872 Apr 18th

1957 Jul 20th


age 85 NE

Ida E Chittenden




age 80 NE

Leverett G Chittenden

1904 Oct 13th

1971 Feb 23rd


age 67 NE

Arthur Howe Chittenden

1907 Dec 27th

1954 Sep 11th


age 47

Thomas Judson Chittenden

1909 Oct 19th


m Mary Jane Conway

age 77

Virginia Belle Chittenden

1914 Jun 20th

2000 Apr 6th

dau of Arthur & Anna Laura Chittenden

married Richard Isles












Cave Hill National Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson County

Noah Chittenden


1864 Dec

Pvt. Co.K 23 Mich Inf -

Civil War







Mary Chittenden


1777 Nov 4th

wife of Captain Isaac


Capt Isaac Chittenden


1782 Nov 3rd



infant Chittenden


1789 Oct 12th

child of Isaac and Phebe




1793 Jul 8th

son of Daniel & Rebeccah, age 24


Nancy Chittenden


1796 May 4th

dau of Isaac & Phebe age 4 yrs


William Chittenden


1796 Aug 11th

drowned, son of Isaac & Phebe


???  Chittenden


1798 Sep 16th

child, male, Dysentery son of Calvin 7 yrs


???  Chittenden


1800 Feb 7th

son of Calvin


Calvin Chittenden


1807 Jun 7th

suddenly, 61 years


Sarah Chittenden


1808 Sep 30th

wid of Calvin , typhus fever, 54 years


Ebenezer Chittenden


1820 Jun 25th

48 years


Samuel Chittenden


1845 Jul 8th

old age, b Chelsea 66y 2m 27d


Sally Chittenden


1848 Jul 22nd

dropsy 75 years


Benjamin Chittenden


1848 Nov 14th

Fever 66 years













Spring Grove Cemetery, Bloomingdale TWP, Vanburen County

Robert B Chittenden





Robert Chittenden





Hope M Chittenden










Summerfield Township, Monroe Co., Michigan

Chitenden Salome B

1886 May 12th

Cause: Cancer.Birthplace: Vermont.  Father:  N. K. Andrews.  Mother:  Unas Andrews.  Both residents of Vermont

age 17 years

Chittenden Hiram Burhan

1900 Jan 31st

Widower, Occ: Farmer.  Born Vermont Father:  Henry Chittenden BP: Vermont.  Mother:  Lida Halick BP: Vermont  Cause of Death:  Fat Deng. of Heart, undertaker: G. I. Gore.  Doctor: D. E. Langley  Will, 9th Nov 1899.  1st Probate:  8th Feb 1900

age 78y 1day



EXEC:  Son-in-Law Charles Wadsworth  Wit:  E.A. Tremain, R.L. Mears both of Petersburg, Morrow Co., MI.



Info: To William  H. Bracketts (Son-in-Law): Ellen L. Brackette:  Mary Ellen Bracketts, Anna W. Wadsworth (granddaughter): Cary Josephine Chittenden:  Louisa Chittenden












Brookside Cemetery

Emma Chittenden





Grace Chittenden





Henry C Chittenden





Nancy Chittenden





Thomas C Chittenden
















Springfield Cemetery, Springfield, Greene Co

J. S. Chittenden


1862 Apr 29th

Possible Civil War













Extracted from Cemetery Books, Polk County






Viles Cemetery, Benton Township

James P. Chittenden

30th Oct 1828

16th Jan 1875

(First name chipped off, [Chi]ttenden dates chipped off.] (Note:  The concrete is chipped and broken at the W end of this vault, and the inscription is missing)

Nancy V. Chittenden

9thAug 1859

8th Jan 1882

(These are large flat vaults made of concrete   The names and dates are in the concrete at the W end).






Schofield Cemetery, Benton Township

Frank Chittenden





Nora E. Chittenden, Mrs





Fay Marie Chittenden

27th Jul 1906

24th Jun 1984



Horace C. Chittenden

29th Jan 1901

no date









Leonard A Chittenden

1928 Jan 7th

1996 Mar 10th

US Air Force. 1st Lt

res:Cedar PK Texas b 18 Mar












Bayside Cemetery, Potsdam, St Lawrence Co

Alonzo J Chittenden




Buried Section J

Sarah L Chittenden



wife of Alonzo

Maiden name unknown






Chapel Cemetery, S. Farmington.  Ontario County

Hewitt H Chittenden


1874 Oct 13th



Clara H. Chittenden


1877 Feb 6th








East Nassau Cemetery, Rensselaer

Electa Cleveland Chittenden


1920 Jun 12

Wife of Jacob Chittenden

Age 92. of Stephentown

N May Chittenden



Hus: G. Floyd Chittenden

b 1878. of Stephentown

G. Floyd Chittenden



Hus. of N Mary Greenman

b 1879. of Stephentown






Evergreen Hill Cemetery, Corfu

Floyd W Chittenden


Hus of Helen M Chittenden

b 1907

Fred A Chittenden


Hus of Mildred R Chittenden

b 1892

Edward Nelson Chittenden


Hus. of Emily J Chittenden

b 1893 of Genesee

Emily J Chittenden


Wife of  Edward Nelson Chittenden

b 1894

Mildred R Chittenden


Hus: Frederick Chittenden Parents:  Henry & Mary Herniman

b 1896

Helen M Chittenden


Wife of Floyd Chittenden

b 1907






Forest Hills Cemetery, Wyoming

Anna R Chittenden

1811 Oct 25th

wife of Abner Chittenden


b 1754






Garfield Cemetery, Rensselaer

Martin Chittenden


Wife  Hattie Bly


b 1857 of Stephenson

Louella G Chittenden


Hus: Howard D Chittenden


b 1914 of Stephentown

Claud H Chittenden


Hus. of  Mary E Rainey


b 1888 of Stephentown

Howard D Chittenden





Alma May Chittenden


Wife of George Roberts.


b 1908 of Stephentown

Elizabeth A Atwater

1985 Oct 14th

Parents:  John H & Hazel H Atwater

b 30 Nov 1928 of Stephentown






Greenwood Cemetery, Brooklyn. Kings Co. Chittenden Plot. No inscriptions






Hampton National

A. W. Chittenden

1863 May 8th

Served as Sgt from New York in the Civil War







Hoosick Rural Cemetery,  Rensselaer

Ada A Chittenden


Wife of Ellis Eldgedge


b 1849






Horizon View Cemetery, Semodack

Carrie Chittenden

1961 Jan 7th









Lee-Oatman Cemetery, South Granville

Robert Chittenden

1822 Jun 17th

son of Robert & Adah


age 3 days

Harriet Chittenden

1822 Sep 25th

dau of Robert & Adah


age 3 yrs 9 months

Warren Chittenden

1825 May 30th

son of Robert & Adah


age 3 months 8 days

Adah Chittenden

1865 Feb 14th

wife of Robert, dau of Joseph and Anna (Eames) Whitney

age 77 yrs 9 months

Robert Chittenden

1866 Mar 15th

Cooper and  Miller


age 80 yrs 3 months

Mary Chapin

1873 Aug 23rd

wife of Samuel,  dau of Robert Chittenden,   Samuel also m another dau of Robert Chittenden, after Mary’s death

age 61 yrs 12 days

George Rodney Chittenden

1878 Jan 26th



age 63 yrs 6 m 7 d's

Flora Chittenden

No date

wife of G. R. Chittenden and dau of Tracy Castle


Harry Chittenden

1907 Sep 4th

son of Nina & Warren


born 22 Jul 1889






Louisville Landing Cemetery, St Lawrence Co, New York

Nelson N Chittenden


Grave #55



Harriett Wilson Chittenden


Grave #56

wife of Nelson N

died 1914.

Edward Chittenden


Grave #57

son of Nelson N

died 1950, age 75.

Lorenzo Chittenden


Grave 58A

son of Nelson N

died 1950, age 72






Mettowee Valley Cemetery, Granville

Martin C Chittenden

1913 – 1954









Mount Hope Cemetery

Ellen M Stevens

nee Chittenden

(also married A Kervin “wife” 1839 – 1916)






Mountain View Cemetery, Ulster Co

Nathaniel Chittenden

1851 Jan 12th

Gone but not forgotton

age 71-5-x 

Anna Chittenden

1873 Dec 6th

dau of James & Anna Kortz, wife of the Rev. A. B Chittenden of Schenectady, NY

b 14 Apr 1800





New Jefferson Rural Cemetery, Catskill

Armenia E. Chittenden

1802 - 1878



Curtiss B Chittenden

1802 - 1878







Riverside Cemetery, Norwood, St Lawrence Co

Harry H Chittenden

1871 Jun 4th

Section F Lot 39

age 65

Mahala H Chittenden

1895 Apr 2nd

wife of Harry H

age 75





Sand Lake Union - Stephentown Association, Rensselaer

Ruany Chittenden

1854 Dec 27th







Smith Road Cemetery,  Town of Durham

Eliza M. Richtmyre

1889 Dec 5th

wife of Roscoe P Chittenden

age 77

Roscoe P Chittenden

no date


age 31

Eliza D Chittenden

1830 Aug 15th



Gertrude A Chittenden

1850 Sep 12th

daughter of  Roscoe P & Eliza M Chittenden

age 3





Stephentown Association,  Rensselaer

Laura S Chittenden



b 1854 of Stephentown

Melvin D Chittenden



age 11 months. of Stephentown

Hannah Chittenden

1838 Feb 2nd


age 25

John C Chittenden

1838 Dec 6th


age 30 of Stephentown

Ruany Chittenden

1854 Dec 27th

Hus: James E Clark Parents:  John & Susan Chittenden

age 36. 6m. of Sand Lake

William H Chittenden

1860 May 6th

Parents: John & Sarah Chittenden

age 24. 24d. of Stephentown

Junia Chittenden

1863 Dec 5th

Wife (1) Mary J.Chittenden  (2) Susannah Cottrell.  Parents: Moses & Hannah Ingram Chittenden

b 30th Apr 1788 of Stephentown

Susan Chittenden

1865 Oct 18th

Hus: John C Chittenden

age 53. 8m. of Stephentown

Mary J Chittenden

1887 May 24th

Hus: Junia Chittenden

age 66 of Stephentown

William W Chittenden


Wife Dedama A. Daboll

of Stephentown

George C Chittenden


Hus. of  Martha C Carr

b 1852 of Stephentown

Raymond Chittenden



b 1912. of Stephentown










Hunterdon County Gravestones.  Readington Reformed Churchyard

Chittenden, Elizabeth A


(see Richard D Cole)  Cole Richard D

died 1874 May 29th, age 36. 5.7 years.

Elizabeth A


wife, Chittenden Fredrick A, (see Horatio H  Chittenden)

died 1891 Jun 10th    age 49 years

Chittenden Horatio H


Wife, Elizabeth Pittenger born 1814 died 1887.Have newer markers that have Horatio died 1863 Dec 29th, age 67. 5.27

born 1796 died 1863

Elizabeth Pittenger



born 1814 Apr 24, died 1887 Dec 18th

Son Frederick A


earlier marker has born 1836 d 1858

died 1858 Nov 10th aged 22. 11.3

Arnadie Webber


(second son)

died 1836 May 6th age 3 m 29 days










Greenlawn Cemetery, Columbus

Harriet H Treat

1866 Jun 26th

wife of AsahelChittenden

age 61

John C Chittenden

1866 Jun 10th

Capt. 95th O.V.I

age 28

Asahel Chittenden

1880 Jan 5th


age 83

Sterne Chittenden

1887 Jul 8th

born 1st Jan 1833






Greenwood Cemetery

Mary Elva Chittenden

1915 Feb 14th

Dau of Justus Chittenden,of Racine and Almira Circle of East Letart, Ohio.

born 26th Mar 1895 in Racine, Ohio,Sutton Twp, Meigs Co.

William Chittenden

1912 May 5th

born Aug 1835, England. Son of William Chittenden & Sarah Goodwin, England.   Info on Death Cert ‘John H Chittenden’.

d , Sutton Twp, Meigs Co

Ida  E Chittenden

1916 May 1st

Vol No. 1943  Cert No:   30836

County. Cuyahoga

Rosanna Chittenden

1932 Jan 18th

Vol No. 6797  Cert No.   00944

County. Cuyahoga

John Campbell Chittenden

1866 Jun 10th


County. Franklin Age 28

Edward C Chittenden

1913 Jun 10th

Vol No. 1098 Cert No.   33523

County. Franklin

Campbell M Chittenden

1916 Mar 22

Vol No. 1890 Cert No.   17663

County. Franklin

Alice Chittenden

1918 Jun 7th

Vol No. 2614 Cert No:   37114

County: Franklin

Charles Chittenden

1917 Nov 30th

Vol No. 2420 Cert No.   70781

County. Geauga

Mary Chittenden

1924 Jan 26th

Vol No. 4354 Cert No:   02410

County. Geauga

Chittenden stillborn

1931 May 31st

Vol No. 0220 Cert No:   01525

County. Lucas

Edith Chittenden

1937 Jan 5th

Vol No. 8358 Cert No:    04801

County. Lucas

Mary E Chittenden

1915 Feb 14th

Vol No. 1577 Cert No:   10327

County. Meigs age 14 y, 2 m

Sidney Chittenden

1917 Au 30th

Vol No. 2352 Cert No:   53855

County. Meigs age 30 y, 8 m

John Chittenden

1923 Apr 22nd

Vol No. 4154 Cert No:   26159

County. Meigs age 22 y,4 m

Justus Chittenden

1937 Aug 7th

Vol No. 6690 CertNo:    50189

County. Meigs

Julia  A Chittenden

1915 Feb 8th

Vol No. 1577 Cert No:  10480

Co. Montgomery

Lydia A  Chittenden

1913 Aug 18th

Vol No. 1161 Cert No:   49323

County. Summit

Mary Chittenden

1918 Sep 16th

Vol No. 2692 Cert No:   56697

County. Summit

William Chittenden


Vol No. 3100 Cert No:   25191

County. Wayne

Charles Chittenden


Vol No. 0712 Cert No:    27474

County. Wayne

Io Jhn Chittenden


Vol No. 0052 Cert No:   77105











Jacksonville Cemetery, Jackson County

Albert Chittendon

1917 Aug 13th


age 74 - 4m - 17days

E America Chittendon

1918 Oct 1st


age 62





River View Cemetery,Portland

William Lyman Chittenden

1914 Feb 5th



Anna Chittenden

1914 Feb 5th



Edith Chittenden

1969 Sep 12th












Fort Bliss National Cemetery, El Paso County

Dorothy Ann Chittenden

1945 Nov 2nd

US Air Force A-2

b 3 Nov






William Chittenden

1878 May 29th

b 29 Jul 1808 Barmington, Kent, Eng, Parents: John Chittenden & Elizabeth Jordan

died Provo, Utah, UT



Wife: Mary Dunster b 26 Dec 1818 Lympne, Kent, Eng.




Parents: James Dunster & Harriet Langford

D 2 Jul 1866 Provo, Utah, UT


Mary Ann

b 15 Jun 1836 Lympne




18 Aug 1838



Jane Harriet

19 Aug 1840



Eliza Esther

17 May 1842



Ann Marie

17 Aug 1844 Stolen at age 14, never found




20 Aug 1846




18 Jun 1849




18 Jul 1851

Camden, NSW


William John

15 Apr 1853




1 Nov 1854




24 Jul 1856




10 May 1858 m ?? Jones

Camden, NSW.



25 May 1860




28 May 61

Gundero, NSW





Provo City Cemetery

Chittenden Mary Dunster

1886 Jul 2nd

b 26th Dec 1818 Lympne, Kent, England

Source: Sexton

Chittenden William

1878 Mar 29th

b 29 Jul 1808 Bennington, Kent, England






Salt Lake City Cemetery

Chittenden Alice Andrews

1932 Dec 8th

b 1854, d Salt Lake City, Utah

Source:  Sexton Records










Hampton National Cemetery, Hampton County

A. W. Chittenden

1863 May 5th

Sgt, Co K, 143 Infantry

Death Civil War










Mountain View Cemetery

Paul Chittenden

1920 Jan 4th

Fa-L: W.  Mother: Zandill Marsh b Iowa b 25 May 1911

@ Tacoma, Wa





Mountain View Cemetery,  Stevens County, Colville

Gladys L. Chittenden

1998 Jul 27th

Birth  1913 Jan 22nd






Tacoma Cemetery

C. B Chittenden

1909 Oct 14th

born 30th Jun 1828 NY d Tacoma Father:  Curtis.   Mother:  Armenia Humphry, Masonic Funeral

buried 17 Oct 1909





Rattlesnake Gutter Cemetery, Leverett

Luther Chittenden

1824 Nov 3rd


age 35

Mary Chittenden

1879 Jul 16th


age 89










Port Madison

Hiram Chittenden


tomb inscribed 1894 - 1971






Oakwood Cemetery, Berlin

Frank Chittenden




Mary Ann Chittenden

1927 Jul 11th



Chittenden - Mrs Sally


No Death/Burial dates

T. G. Mrs T. G. Thomas. Truman