First Presbyterian Church of Durham



The church was organized, 8th Nov 1792 Jairus Chittenden One of the original members. Extracted from The History of Greene County, by J.B. Beers




Presbyterian Church 1798 - 1853

Page 156

1802 Aug 15th

Baptisms: Curtis, son of Leveritt Chittenden



David. Flavel, John and Lydia, children of Jairus Chittenden, Jr

Page 159

1810 May 3rd

Kata, wife of Joel Chittenden. Henrietta, Deborah, Eliza, Lucy



Miranda, Mabel, Fanny, Kata, Juliana, Rebeckah, Almeda, children of Joel Chittenden

Page 160

1810 Jan 7th

Emeline, the infant of Levi Chittenden, in February

Page 161

1811 May 26th

Grandfather of Joel Chittenden down street. Pierce Roscoe, a son of Joel Chittenden

Page 165

1821 Sep 30th

Rebecca Mehitabel, daughter of Leverett Chittenden

Page 166

1822 Jul 27th

Edwin (died), Harvey Orville, Judson Hall, children of Harvey Chittenden and 23rd Jan 1825, his daughter Louisa

Page 170


Harvey Chittenden, a church Clerk, in 1857

Page 171

1806 or could be 1792

Jarius Chittenden, one of the Signers of the Covenant. Bottom of page 171, January 13th 1793, they were received upon their Certificates

Page 172


#6 Rebekah, wife of Jarius Chittenden

Page 173

1802 May 24th

Pharez Chittenden

Page 174

1803 Oct 9th

Jairus Chittenden, Jr.

Page 176


Jarius Chittenden, died Mar 9th 1828, Rebekah his wife died Dec 30th 1818

Page 177


Phares Chittenden, died May 4th 1862, 81 years

Page 179


Jarius Chittenden, Jr. dismissed

Page 180


Leverett Chittenden, Excommunicated, restored 3rd Jan 1841, died 9th Jan 1841, Ruth his wife died 1st Jul 1849, 77 yrs

Page 181


Joel Chittenden, died Feb 1849, his wife Kata, died Mar 1850

Page 184


Alanson Chittenden, ordained as minister, 7th Jul 1816

Page 185

20th Jul 1817

Sally Chittenden, died 11th Aug 1878, 83 yrs

Page 186


Leverett Chittenden, Deranged suicide, 15th Oct 1868

Page 187


Curtis Chittenden, removed by letter



Harvey Chittenden, died Jan 13th 1867, 76 yrs. Daniel Chittenden, removed by letter, Apr 8th 1827. Almira D Chittenden, died Apr 24th 1827

Page 189

4th Sep 1832

Rebecca A Chittenden, dismissed

Page 190


Juliana Chittenden, died 7th Feb 1863,55 yrs

Page 191


Sarah, wife of Harvey Chittenden

Page 192


Loisa R. Chittenden

Page 196

Feb 11th 1835

Hervey Chittenden, released from office, when he has installed as Elder, Dec 29th 1840

Page 197

Jun 17th 1847

Hervey Chittenden, released Mar 9th 1857

Page 197

30th Oct 1840

Hervey Chittenden, resigned, May 1847


Mar 9th 1857

Hervey Chittenden onlist of Register of Elders

Page 204

Feb 27th 1818

confessions were present at church meeting, signed by Lucy M Chittenden



Deborah Chittenden and others, all of whom had attended the call the command of their parents, and all of whom confessed penitence and promised to refrain from attending ball

Page 205

13th Dec 1819

Leverett Chittenden, suspended for six months

Page 206

12th Oct 1823

Curtis B Chittenden, dismissed to the Church of Christ in the town of Victory, Cayuga Co., NY.



Arland H Chittenden on profession of own faith




The Second Presbyterian Church in Durham, in the village of West Durham. Town of Durham, Green Co., NY

Page 220

5th May 1843

Loretta Cordelia, daughter of Leverett and Merinda Chittenden

Page 222

5th Sep 1858

Arland H Chittenden, was baptized on profession of own faith

Page 225


Sabbath Day, Oct 12th 1823, after divine service the Church voted to give Armena Chittenden a letter of recommendation to the Church of Christ in Victory

Page 232


Congregational Church of Merideth, members by profession, 5th Sep 1858. Arland H Chittenden and Edwin T Hubbard

Page 237

3rd Jul 1859

Nancy Chittenden, dismissal, to Parma Center, NY

Page 238

Sep 6th 1862

Sarah E Chittenden dismissal, to Presbytarian Church, Newark, NY



Arland E Chittenden. Elizabeth Chittenden, dismissal to Windham, NY


May 6th 1866

Horace H Chittenden, died 14th May 1886, 38 yrs

Page 239

May 6th 1866

Miss Harriet A Chittenden, died 10th Mar 1869, 19 yrs



Sarah A Chittenden, dismissal, to Parma Center, NY

Page 241

2nd May 1875

Miss A Elizabeth Chittenden. 4th Jan 1880 Mrs Julia Chittenden


7th Jan 1883

Eliah A Moses married Libbie Chittenden

Page 242

6th Mar 1887

Miss Hattie A Chittenden, dismissal, to Minden, Nebraska




Presbytarian Church Baptisms

Page 246

9th Oct 1803

David, Flavel, John, Lydia on 15th Nov 1807, Almira. Children of Jarius Chittenden, Jr

Page 247

20th Sep 1807

Mathew Hull and David, children of Leverett Chittenden & Ruth his wife, and Anne Tucker Mrs Antonette Chittenden, parent of Orville Hervey, Horice Kirtland, Harriet Aranda and Sarah Adelia

Page 248

2nd Jul 1858

same parent, Ancy Elizabeth and Frances Louisa same page 248, 7th Mar 1880, Hattie Ardell. Father: Horace H Chittenden


1843 May 5th

Loretta Cordelia, child of Leverett & Merinda Chittenden




Presbyterian in the town of Greenville, Greene Co., NY - Marriages

Page 263

15th Apr 1789

Curtis Baldwin & Polle Chittenden

Page 265

15th Apr 1793

David Baldwin & Julia Chittenden, both of Durham

Page 267

22nd Jan 1797

Joseph Chittenden of Milton and Olive Hooker of Newry




First Methodist Episcopal Church, Baltimore Town (1799-1829) Maryland


1825 Mar 26th

Nathaniel Chittenden married to Harriett Smith by the Rev. Alfred Griffith




First Presbytarian Church. Adams TWP, Jefferson Co



L. B. Chittenden m Mary Bosworth




Methodist Episcopal Church, East Baltimore Station, Deaths & Removals 1830-1839



Harriett Chittenden removed




Methodist Records of Baltimore City, Maryland Vol 11, Baltimore City Station

Class Lists, Deaths and Removals, 1830=1839



Harriett Chittenden, member of Massachusetts, 1831